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Beach Trip through pictures

A great women’s retreat. Still processing but so happy I went! Great friends and lots of laughs. 🙂

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The poor drivers must have thought I was a crazy lady trying to take a picture of their car. But I love their bumper sticker!

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I’m at the beach right now (women’s retreat) listening to the waves, hanging with tons of ladies and ‘hopefully’ sleeping in. I am most excited about focusing on God and I and some things I’ve allowed to come in between … Continue reading

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Spring/Summer Wreath

I have a wreath that I change for each holiday/season. And with Valentines Day finished (and I’m not into St. Patrick’s Day over kill with green) I’ve decided to just do a Spring/Summer Wreath. After looking and looking, and talking … Continue reading

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DIY: Coffee Filter Butterflies

This project has probably been around for YEARS….I can remember doing it as a kid and trust me- that was many years ago. 😉 Pretty self explanitory. Just look at the pictures.  Paint, dry, scrunch and secure with anything you … Continue reading

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Travis’ 30th Birthday in pictures

I asked Travis what he wanted for his birthday and he said beer and chocolate.  🙂 30!!!! Holy cow! He’s SO old now!     hehehe

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Let’s chat

I’ve felt these past few days have been in a funk. But haven’t really realized it till today. Don’t you hate that?! *Travis’ 30 birthday is tomorrow and it’s stressing me out. (the planning) I hate admin things. As in … Continue reading

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Camera pictures

This last week through my phone camera. My camera has some new features now and I’m so excited to take more pictures this coming week. Have a great week. 

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