I’m at the beach right now (women’s retreat) listening to the waves, hanging with tons of ladies and ‘hopefully’ sleeping in. I am most excited about focusing on God and I and some things I’ve allowed to come in between our relationship. One major factor: fundraising for Poland has become a Mt. Everest and I’m looking forward to it being taken down. 

Hope you have a great weekend focusing on those you love. 


(it seems weird to me, but these grow all around our beaches. They seem like such a delicate flower but apparently they can take the cold weather and harsh winds. They’re one of my favorite flowers….)

Spring/Summer Wreath

I have a wreath that I change for each holiday/season. And with Valentines Day finished (and I’m not into St. Patrick’s Day over kill with green) I’ve decided to just do a Spring/Summer Wreath. After looking and looking, and talking with Trav who is just as opinionated as I am about wreaths, I have decided on this one. 

Please ignore the hanging head. But I’m thinking of adding a bit more yellows and brighter colors. Too much black/brown for a cheery wreath but thought it was perfect! Soft, whimsical, and easy to accomplish. (and cheap too-holla)

I can’t wait to show you when it’s done. 🙂

DIY: Coffee Filter Butterflies


This project has probably been around for YEARS….I can remember doing it as a kid and trust me- that was many years ago. 😉

Pretty self explanitory. Just look at the pictures. 


Paint, dry, scrunch and secure with anything you like.


While we were making these I thought how awesome it would be to make a butterfly family hanging from the ceiling! It can also see these as adorable baby mobiles! Just attach to an embroidery hoop. Great baby shower gift- a homemade adorable mobile.

I simply squished the filters, together and secured them with a pipe cleaner wrapping the end with a pencil to make them curly on the end.


I attached the butterflies with embroider string then to an embroider hoop. 



Let’s chat


I’ve felt these past few days have been in a funk. But haven’t really realized it till today. Don’t you hate that?!

*Travis’ 30 birthday is tomorrow and it’s stressing me out. (the planning) I hate admin things. As in I’d rather scrub toilets than do planning/calling/etc.

*I’ve considered canceling my Etsy account because I’m comparing my items to others and mine seem elementary.

* We took back our cats and I’ve had the worst sleep since Emma was born.

*I’ve thought about blogging but had a bad attitude about it. I’ve in fact, began to compare this blog to another. One that is extremely different than mine. I’m sure you’ve heard the popular phrase, ‘Comparison steals joy’ 

That pretty much sums up my whole week, my joy got stolen. I gave it up actually. Have you ever felt that way? Mixed with ‘every day to do lists’ makes for an emotionally tiring week.

A week where I did a lot everyday but now have trouble remembering what I did. 

So why am I talking with you now? Well…

today I had a breakdown and hit a parked cop car.

Just kidding. 😉 Wouldn’t that be the worst?! hehehe

My moment actually came in my home, caused by a headache that threatened to end my life. (yes, I love the dramatics)

I normally get two kinds of headaches. Stress and coffee. Today they decided to team up on me. 

So as I put in Emma’s second movie of the day, and I snuggled in my quilt my mom made (which is the comfiest/warmest quilt ever) I was forced to analyze why I felt horrible. I wanted it to go away so I needed to learn why it was here. Coffee part- easy fix. Stress- not so much. 

Long story short, I realized I was putting too much expectations on myself trying to make Travis’ birthday ‘extra special’. Yes it’s his 30th, and it’s important to celebrate him getting really REALLY old. But I need to remember what he wants. He’s simple. Relational. He could care less if I make a banner with his name in blue polka dots. (which yes, I was actually going to do)

So as I sit here with a coffee in hand sitting next to Emma in the bath, I felt the desire to tell you that if you find yourself relating to this post- you might want to check yourself… before you get a headache or worse. Our bodies will tell us when we’ve gone too far, and it’s usually not fun.

Here is a refreshing reminder I found on Pinterest. Peace out.