Home Tour: Living Room


This is the main hub of our home. Snuggling, reading books, movies, late night hot coco’s and hanging with friends. It’s our family room in our living room.


Above, TEAM stands for our names, Emma’s art work that switches out often and our family picture.

Below are handprints I embroidered. Travis, blue. Me, Pink. Emma, Yellow.





I’m slowly killing this palm. It was full and beautiful, but not now.


And that’s it. Our comfy living room. A place we love sharing with friends and family.


Patio Gardening: Stage One, planning process

I am in full denial about it still being winter and am already planning my patio garden as if we need it by next week. I am in the first stage which is planning. I have no plot of land to dream with…but that has not stopped me from thinking about succulent gardens, Emma’s own potted garden, growing vegetables, small table for evening meals as well as a place to sit and read a book.

Here is what I have in mind for the suculent garden.

Doesn’t this look incredibly peaceful?! Perfect for a corner. I can see a possible water feature next to it with a bench where you can get lost in a book?

Here is my idea for our pallet garden-which I’m planting a myriad of colored flowers. 

(and you can believe there will be many DIY posts covering all my projects!)


What things are you looking forward to doing around you to allow for a peaceful space? 



I’m not sure I’ve written about this but I have a deep obsession with trees. Of any kind. But this picture so shows the beauty of a tree during the winter. Travis took it, I edited it. (It was taken with his phone- I know, amazing right?!)

Have a great day seeing the beauty in winter.



I’m loving the friendships God is placing in my life right now.

I’ve heard a lot of people say how they feel disconnected and like nobody will go out of their way to make that extra effort. Yet I also see them sitting in their house not doing anything about it. It’s like we get used to the same patterns in life.

Change it up yo!


There should be friends of all kinds. Not nesesarily one friend for everything. I remember being shocked when I was told this. I had felt this burdon of being the perfect friend. No idea where it came from, but it was there. 

Once I heard that I could have many different kinds of friends I felt free to expand and explore the relationships I had around me.


Find the friends you can cry with.

Find the friends you can laugh and giggle with.

Find the friends you look up to.

Find the friends who are passionate about the same things.

Find the friends who are past your stage in life.

Find the friends that slightly annoy you.

Find the friends you can be spontaneous with.


My very good, not bad at all date with my brother.


I love my brother. He is so many things. Detail oriented, incredibly thoughtful, creature of habit, ambitious, protective and a spoiler. But one major thing I am loving more than most is our friendship. Growing up we were…not so friendly towards each other. The typical brother sister relationship with only 2 years between us.

Now, however, we love hanging out with each other.

While we’re here in town, we had a little date to a familiar coffee shop…. on probably the only sunny day Seattle will have this month.  ZOKA’S.



His usual- Vanilla Latte. He makes it ‘Man’s Drink’. 🙂







So incredibly proud of him and all he’s accomplished! 


Home Tour: Hallway


Is it weird to show off your hallway? Hmmm, well this is what this post is about.

The hallway leading to our bedroom.


I LOVE that the bicycle is a two seater. The wood is drift wood we picked up on the beach from our 4th wedding anniversary to Friday Harbor in Washington.


I really love framing Emma’s art but especially when I see her drag any visitor to her pictures and proudly tell them she painted them. So, I’ll do it forever. 🙂