Winter Walk in Nowy Targ, Poland


I was slightly embarassed because of how whimpy I felt! It was in the 20’s (F) and windy as we walked and I quickly felt freezing! Our friends were just fine because they do this all the time in this weather.





This is where we’ll be staying while we’ll be here. It’s a typical Polish flat taking the three windows to the left of the arrow. 🙂


Hope you all have a nice day! Getting used to the 9 hr time difference is hard. I woke up at 3am and Emma/Travis @ 4am.

Visiting Poland for New Years!


We’re leaving to visit some friends in Poland for New years and I’m so excited!!

 It all happened really fast and I’ve been freaking out ever since. Lots of details to take care of…and just so you know- I HATE details. there. But when I first found out we were going I couldn’t sleep till 3am I was so excited! So yeah, the good far exceeds the stress. Emma’s even been learning a lot more words to use with our friends. 🙂

But I wanted to give you a heads up. I will do my best to blog on all the things we do, see and taste. And the best part- the people! 

 I’ll leave you with a picture we see a lot. It’s the drive between Nowy Targ (where we’ll be staying with our friends) and Krakow. It’s BEAUTIFUL countryside. 


PAPA! (bye bye!)

Historically correct Disney Princesses

I have a love affair with long flowy dresses. The kind you need to pick up so you can walk…ah yes. Doesn’t really matter with the color, just choose a Disney princess dress. They have practically every color. But are they accurate? Meaning historically accurate?

Well let me show you! I found these illustrations and fell in love with them! Here are just a few of the most popular princesses in historical accurate clothing. You can find more about the author and illustrator here.

Ariel (1890)

Princess Aurora (1485)

Snow White (early 16th Century)

Cinderella (1860)

Jasmine (pre Islamic)

Belle (French court, 1770)

Which one is your favorite? I think mine is Aurora or Cinderella… but I love Jasmines so much too!


We had the awesome opportunity to hang out with friends we usually don’t get to see…mainly because they live in Hawaii. And believe me, I wish I was able to see them a lot more…in Hawaii. 😉

It was the first time Emma was able to hang out and play with my friends two girls. It was so great, but made me feel  OLD! lol


Tea time but of course my dahling.

Pardon me, but could you pass the Grey Poupon? hahahaha, I had to.


I learned tea that is drunk in purple or pink cups actually tastes better.


Emma actually learned and has maintained the skill of eating with her mouth shut. She is super proud of herself and I thank Melissa and her wonderful polite girls for teaching her that. 🙂

DIY: Caterpillar Headband


I’ve had this in my mind for a while now. Just took forever to actually do it. Have any projects like that? Yeah…I have about 5 in my head right now. Anyhoo, this reminds me of the adorable book, the Hungry Hungry Caterpillar. Wouldn’t it be cute to give this away as a present with the actual book?! Or have the child wear a shirt with an apple or fruit on it? 🙂


Hot glued the pom poms to the headband and stuck the eyes on. (Simply sticky diamond dots for scrap booking) And the antennas are wire flower chords. Cute right?!  


Let me know if you make this! I would be happy to see how yours turned out!

Photo shoot: Hanson’s Family

I was asked to take family pictures and jumped at the opportunity.  Travis helped by taking some pictures and we both agreed that when are asked again to take pictures we just need another camera.

Anyhoo, it was a beautiful sunny winter morning here in Portland. Perfect! Hope you enjoy looking at these. 🙂


One of my favorites. Real authentic smiles are hard when you have someone in your face with a camera. I usually say stupid things to make myself sound crazy and that makes them laugh. Here, he’s probably thinking, ‘Hon, who did you ask to take our pictures?! She’s a crazy person!’


You know that saying, ‘Boys will be Boys’? These two boys are whom that statement is for. Creative, Energetic, Imaginative and yes a little rowdy. It was fun seeing Brianne chase after them in her beautiful heels. hehehe  


 Throwing this in to make you smile. Did you have moments like this when you were younger? I think most did in some way. hehehe It always pays to be the oldest.


She had on one of the most adorable pairs of shoes. Which she might find missing from her closet one morning…;)


(For some reason some pictures are coming up blurry on here. Bummer.)




ADORABLE kids huh?! Well, with such good looking parents of course they would have pretty kids! 🙂


A little kissy kiss.


I hope you have a fabulous Monday. 🙂

PS Brianne has an awesome Etsy shopwhere she sells her scarfs (shown above) as well as headbands like the one her daughter is wearing. Check her out!

Christmas Party

Company Christmas Party. Vegas theme. Fabulous time and I thought you might like to see some souvenir pictures. 🙂 Yes, it was that fun.



In the top left Travis knocked me over and spilled my drink. You can see it coming out of my glass. 🙂



There was a live band, cigar room, tons of tables to try your luck, amazing food and, yes…even show girls with feathers walking around. We feel so lucky to be apart of something so amazingly cool and I continually tell Travis that he is not allowed to ever quit this company just because of the Christmas parties.  Completely reasonable, right?!