Autumn Walk


Emma and I went on an Autumn walk today. Not only did she get to pick up leaves but she got to hear me rattle away about changing seasons,acorns, squirrels, cooler weather, scarfs, and most importantly pumpkin desserts.



It was, for me…. a perfect date. We both loved the wind and how it was making the leaves sail in the air. Eventually, we became silent. Both of us lost in our own world, but would every once in a while say, ‘Oh! look at this one!’


I loved seeing the colorful leaves. Emma only wanted to bring green ones home. Um, OK.


Autumn is my favorite season. I’m one of ‘those’. The pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, pumpkin pie, changing trees/bushes/everything, pumpkin bread. And boots!


It’s a season where the world around us looks like it’s on fire, but the temperature cools. Warmth and coolness.

Kinda like hot cocoa with whipping cream on top. An awesome contrast. 


I hope you have a grand Thursday and pray you get a little down time tonight for yourself. 

Drink a spiced something go pick some leaves. 🙂


Being content


Do you think this mean is content with his smile?

God has been talking to me a lot about being content with where I am/ what I have/who I am/etc. A friend gave me a verse a while back and just tonight I looked it up…Phil. 4:12. Above verse. I guess He is not done with the lesson of being content.

PS. Isn’t this the best smile?! I know many women who hide from cameras because she doesn’t like how her picture will turn out. What about this guy?! His energy and happiness is beaming from his HEARTFELT smile. Beautiful.

Do you think this man is content with his smile?!

PPS. I wonder if this is what ‘Beautiful’ (the man in the Bible) looked like. And his brilliant smile after he was healed.

Homemade (edible) Play dough

OK, so after making this I would say this is nothing like Play dough from the store. But fun. It is a great activity to do together that’s fast, you’re sure to have all ingredients and later they’ll play with it forever.


I did not want to do anything today that involved energy. Do you have days like that? Just bum around and do nothing. However, I forced myself to do something that would be fun for Emma. 

So I Googled recipes using corn meal. I have tons.  This is what I found:


Ingredients. Just mix all together and knead. That’s it. (recipe at the bottom)


I added 2 ingredients. Pink sparkles ( like for cupcakes) and seeds. 

Sparkles: This added color without having to use food coloring, which I was considering. This way, when she rolls it out, it has a light pink color but doesn’t stain our beautiful white table.

For texture I added the seeds.


It has the texture and smell of basically a dough. Which it is. It’s edible so if you have a little one who has a hard time not eatinng their play dough, this would be good. 

Ours is so brown because of the wheat flour I used. Yours can be a different color altogether. It made a lot and I already took some and am saving it in a plastic bag.


Enjoy and let me know how yours turned out. 🙂


2 1/2 C flour

1C Cornmeal

1T oil

1C water

Food coloring/sparkle/seeds/vanilla is all up to you.

Just mix together and knead. Store in a lrg. plastic bag. 

Our family tradition

The weekend means Rainbow pancakes.


Just because it was rainy.

Just because she looked so darn cute in her new dress.

Just because I know she loves chocolate.

I made Chocolate Rainbow pancakes.


She always has candles in he pancakes. (and you can’t see it but her pancakes were pink and purple)

It was made from scratch and of whole wheat flour. Couldn’t taste it and I felt smug.

the end.

Colorful Ramblings

***Popcorn thoughts***

I would be so happy to not cook dinner for at least a week. At least.

I am super excited about our book club meeting Wednesday! GIRL TIME!!!

Made Emma’s Christmas list/sent it to family and already seeing how God is providing awesome presents for Emma.  (future post about presents soon)

Cooler weather in our forecast, my scarfs are hanging and ready to be worn. 

I’m reaching out to women I’ve admired from afar. Feels nervous and good all at once.

Missing these creatures:

Basketball Chloe 001.JPG

Made Travis a favorite meal tonight and feel like I got a present with how much it meant to him.

We’ve been watching Star Trek (Netflix) together as a couples/date time at home and think it’s fun. More Planetarium visits in our future.

I hear all my friends talk about their boxes/bags full of local produce and I’m sick of it. God, where’s MY bag?!! waaaa…

Really excited to be visiting my Oma and Opa soon. Should be a relaxing trip.

Making potato soup tomorrow. Nummy.

Needing a haircut. Anyone have a good person they would recommend?

Saying good bye to a close friend tomorrow. It’s never easy, no matter how often we’ve had to do it.

Our friend Kerstin


We have a friend who we’ve known for about 5 years now. She is caring, exciting and just one of those people others are attracted to. She currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa as a missionary. And she just so happens to have been my maid of honor. 🙂  And has a blog full of fabulous pictures!


She also just so happens to be a talented painter! Here is her site. She favors watercolors but also plays around in all areas of painting. There are many beautiful ones- my favorite being ‘A Day at the River’. Buy, buy, buy! It would help and support not only a fabulous impacting woman, but also help her serve and give to the people she’s around.

*Kerstin, we love and support everything you are about and who you are. Continue loving those around you! 

*She did not in any way ask me to advertise for her. In fact, she has no idea I wrote this 🙂 *


I experienced heaven today. I cannot tell you how perfect this was for lunch.


Ingredients: Cucumber, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Onions, Hummus and Pita bread. Top it all off with wonderful Falafel from Costco and you have the perfect lunch. And at your home!

You can find Falaffel in the frozen section in Costco. Don’t have a membership like me? Split the cost and bounty with a friend!

Crazy Easy Peach Cobbler

Just put sugared (canned or fresh) fruit  in a pan. My peaches were too soft to be eaten so I thought this would be perfect. No need to grease the pan.

Just put fruit in…


Add some yellow cake mix on top…


Bake and then enjoy.


Yup, that easy. Enjoy!

Home tour: Our Balcony

***Disclaimer: Pictures may be misleading- took them on one of our few sunny/warm days. It is not normally this sunny)***

Our balcony, I know it’s not a room or anything but I’m trying to act like it’s an extension of our house….until it starts raining. 

Here is our balcony: 


It stretches the entire length of our place. Two doors lead out onto it. We pretty much love it. A lot. 🙂 Th palm above will take refuge in our bedroom when it gets cold/rainy.


When we toured this place I immediately imagined the herb garden I could have and a perfect outdoor sitting area…but lets be realistic. I live in the Pacific Northwest. It would be ridiculous to invest in outdoor furniture in the beginning of September in Portland. Really dumb.

However, I did invest in a little herb garden which we’re enjoying!



I have beautiful, tasty plans for my Ms. Rosemary. They involve a pizza crust.


For my birthday I got those pretty flowers below. I LOVE them but the weather was scorching them so I’ve had to shade them since taking this picture. 

I got the glass grape vine from a friend when they moved. I will always have them…or give them back to her when I visit her. Either way they will be cherished by their owner.


The candle above is a favorite which reminds me, I have candles all around the balcony in mason jars for the evening…feels like a vacation spot when they’re all lit.


Above: Russian Sage. We can’t have lavender (*tear*) because Travis is allergic to bees….and lavender always attracts bees. This beautiful purple plant is a good compromise though.


Emma’s area at the end. Can you tell? lol No plants just tons of sidewalk chalk and bubbles. She also has some fake food and a shopping cart. 


Our rain boots and one of my favorite plants. It loves the rain (hallelujah) and has straight and curly strands. Love the quirky-ness of it. 


If you can’t buy furniture for outside- improvise! 

Well, that sums up our balcony. I think I’m going to go out there and enjoy a snack while there’s a breeze.


Thank you Disney

There are lots of things I hope Emma doesn’t pick up from Disney princess movies. And we’ve had some talks already about bad attitudes/choices the princes/princesses made. However, there are some wonderful things too….and it definitely comes with perks!


She can hand scrub my floors any time.  🙂