Rainbow pancakes


Today we celebrated. We celebrated good friends and being together. I had already tried this recipe with E. and T. so I knew it was a full proof fun breakfast. I got so super excited just making them! lol I’m a little corny huh….but they loved blowing out the candles. It was all so worth it.


The girls (all 3) helped stir in the food coloring. They were pretty proud of themselves for making them- cute. 🙂  I made them with soy milk. The youngest is lactose intolerant so I’m being challenged to make and mold recipes to cater to her. Stretching, but I love it.

Thee oldest two ate 4 pancakes! Gobbling them up!


Sometimes it’s important to celebrate the ‘normal’. Today I’m thankful that:

We have each other.

We are healthy.

We have a roof above our heads.

We have safe water to drink.


What are you thankful for today?


*fyi, I made her recipe. And will now forever be making them, they are on the flatter side of pancakes. But worth it in taste.

The wonder of Mac & Cheese

Obviously there are differences between countries. One fun difference I learned between Poland and America is the wonder of Mac & Cheese.  Weronika has NEVER had it before and Chris has a long time back when he was visiting America. So….when he found out I had a couple diffferent kinds he was super excited to eat some.


Weronika was such a trooper. I was pretty proud of her. I mean come on. Bright florescent noodles made with powder? An adventurous person would try that dish.


I am actually buying a compilation of different mac & cheese for him to try. He’s pretty excited about that.


Can I just say that I LOVE that they’re silly?! It shows a light hearted-ness that I am so attracted to. No wonder we’re friends!

Sad story: Weronika doesn’t like Mac and Cheese.

Happy story: Chris ate her portion.

I know I should one time make actual Macaroni and Cheese- from scratch. It’s only fair. Do you like Mac and Cheese? Which is your favorite or do you have any combinations you like with it?

This ‘nothing’ is certainly something


I found out Weronika reads my blog (and was totally shocked! and really happy 🙂  ) and she told me her opinion about different things I’ve written. It was so wonderful. I LOVED it. But anyways, talking about this blog brought up a familiar conflict in myself.

See, for a while now I’v been experiencing healing and growth from God, the friends around me and my counselor. I love looking back at where I was and then looking at where I am now. However, I feel like this blog doesn’t represent that at all. Should it? How? Is what I’m writing OK? Am I not giving you, the reader, a proper representation of me?

After some thought yesterday, I decided that my content is just fine. (I was talking about this to Weronika, who is an awesome listener) This is my blog after all and the content is purely up to me. If you don’t like my comment you have all freedom to go searching for a blog you really enjoy. No hard feelings.

Also, with all the tough healing I’ve been in the middle of, it’s nice to have a breather and write about lighthearted things. Like food, Emma or whatever. There are days where I’ve had have to search out what fun things are around me- and I’m learning how important it is to have that balance.


Also, this blog is originally, and still mainly, for my family who live far away. (Seattle, Texas, Poland, South Africa, Wales and Germany)

This blog is so you can see the little details and adventures of our lives. So you, family, can be apart of Emma’s life. And her parents too, but I know your real pull to read this blog is her. 🙂


So…I’m still going to write about ‘nothing’ but this time enjoy it. Because that ‘nothing’ is a big something. Not feeling guilty that you, reader, don’t know some of the tough things I’ve been healed from is just OK. If you really want to know more about me and my journey, email me, I’m happy to talk to you about what God’s done in my life.


Anyhoo, just some thoughts I had as I was lying in bed last night. And I must say, I’m pretty proud of myself for remembering what it was.

***Now to drink my coffee and enjoy the rest of our weekend ***

What is your internal struggles about and how do you find resolution?

Girls weekend

Our friends arrived safe and sound and tired. 🙂 The whole 9 hr time difference is brutal. And, right now, as Weronika and her younger daughter take a beauty nap, the boys are out with the two oldest ladies CAMPING! All weekend.

I am so excited to see what they did, what pictures they took and any silly things that must have happened.

Emma was especially excited to go pee in the grass again. Yeah.

Chris is a natural with children. He loves reading A LOT. He is the only other person who gets as excited about vowel combinations, sentence structure and conjugations as Travis. Seriously, they both stayed up together going through dictionaries and thesaurus’ one night in Poland. Whatever cloth they are cut from, it is obviously the same one. 🙂

15424437136.jpgWeronika made the matching headbands. Cute huh. 🙂

Since the boys are gone with our girls (which I miss tons!) we have a girls weekend. A relaxing weekend is in order since they are still trying to get used to our hours. Naps, walks around our home and sitting and talking. Just love it and love her.

So this weekends plans: learning more Polish and getting to know an awesome woman better and better.


And of course we had to walk to our local Starbucks 🙂

Have I mentioned that it’s beautiful and sunny here?! Thanks God. We girls get to walk around in beautiful weather and the boys get to camp comfortably.

(‘camping comfortably’: oxymoron but whatever)


*on a totally differnt note, I made lemon scones yesterday. They turned out OK but I want you to learn from my mistakes.

Lesson: DO NOT make scones from whole wheat flour. No matter how smart and sneaky you might feel- it will turn out tasting A LOT like wheat. Wheat scones…Hmmm….yeah no. Icing can only do so much.

Storm clouds a brewin

15392045975.jpgI love summer storms. Granted, I wish we got huge storms like the mid-west but every once in a while we get the dark clouds and thunder. Makes me excited.  🙂

15392061772.jpg  And here’s Travis getting off the MAX in the rain. 🙂 Awesome


I *heart* ruffles.

Today’s post is thanks to ‘What I wore Wednesdays’. I didn’t get a picture of myself with a red face and sweaty workout clothes this morning. But I will sometime, it’s all apart of my daily wardrobe change.

So this shirt is one of my favorites. It has ruffles. I *heart* ruffles. It has a weird tie in the back (that I forgot to take picts of) that prevents me from wearing it with cardigans. Or maybe I just need to look outside my box.

15369607942.jpg  Like the awkward, ‘Um what do I do with my hands?!’ pose? Yeah, not used to people taking my picture for my clothes. 🙂


It’s in the upper 70’s here today and people are breaking out the tank tops, shorts and flip flops. Personally, I only have workout shorts and my one pair of flip flops are for the poolside. I like wearing dresses and wedges in the summertime.

And here are a pair of my most favorite wedges! *black. So predictably me, but I love black and white paired together….so classic.


They are pretty safe too. I can wear them with anything and in any season. I got them years ago but they are still ‘in style’ and super comfy. I got them at Ross and they still have the stickers in them. I’m lazy with stickers in shoes. Most of my shoes have the stickers still in them.

Funny, but there’s nothing worse than a sticky sticker inside your shoe.


Most of my black shoes have been touched up by sharpie pens. God, thank you for inventing sharpies. They’re pretty cool.

And that’s what I wore. 🙂

bubbles and Seattle

********************first part by emma************************

i proomised to share this post with my mom. me first and her second. 🙂

bubbles are a favorite of mine. my grandma got me a bubble blower and i love it.

15349528639.jpgthey have a big puppy and i was blowing bubbles on him.  he tried eating it but they would pop and i laughed and laughed! dogs are so silly.

15289571769.jpgdad stayed out of range. i’m a pretty crazy bubble blower. good thing you weren’t there or you would have gotten blasted by me and my bubble blower! mom wasn’t so lucky…


Remember that summer list I made? On it was a trip to the beach. I originally was thinking of the Oregon coast (since we’re so close) but as it turns out our first visit to the beach was in Seattle! Even better!

15247386551.jpgIt was a be-utiful day and the water was freeze your butt off cold. But we northwestern-ers don’t let the temps of our coast deter us from exploring. I loved showing her crabs, starfish and see weed.

15247343724.jpgIt was inly a matter of time before her dress got wet, who was I kidding.

15247532076.jpgWe also made a sand castle. Well, technically I made it and Emma handed me the shells. Too soon she will be making it and having ME hand her the shells.

15247557903.jpgFor the record, Seattle is the best city EVER. It’s true.

15349940652.jpgWhat city is your favorite?

4th of July

Yes it’s a little late. We had a little parade we went to in the morning. It was so cute, HOT and the girls had a great time…as you can see. The guys made a Starbucks run for all us girls even! What love! Sure they got their own drinks in the process but I rather see it as a service of love. 🙂

15247181871.jpgEmma makes friends wherever she goes. I am so proud of her. But I also think it’s just something about her that makes other kids like her. Yes, I’m WAY partial. Her friend was super sweet and they had a blast being girly girls. Emma even had time to give me her ‘annoyed’ face. Awwww

15247239629.jpgWe went with great friends who, I can imagine, in 50 yrs we’ll still be hanging out. Here’s Erin and her handsome son. Adorable right?!

15246993124.jpgAnd lastly, Emma is not a hot weather pan. She gets a little prissy. 🙂 This is her, ‘I’m upset, fake-sad posing’ face. And this is my favorite polka dot shirt. 🙂

15247088863.jpgDid any of you go to a parade for the 4th?


We’ve been working on letters and tracing. Specifically the letters E-M-M-A.

15289640677.jpgDoes anyone else have a 3 yr old that isn’t interested in tracing? I’ve been trying to work with her about it but she just wants to draw huge circles on the page and calls it her planet.

15289686302.jpgShe sure had more fun learning how to say the letter ‘E’ in sign language.

15289712710.jpgWhat tools did you use that helped/helps your little one learn?