My little hypochondriac


I know most kids love band aids. I wonder if they see it as a colorful accessory.


However this little girl loves them to an extreme. And not just band aids, but ‘owies’.She once created an ‘owie’ on her leg and limped the ENTIRE DAY, refusing to walk normally and throwing a serious fit because we refused to hold her each time she needed to go upstairs. Seriously?!

Well today she discovered a little scab on her foot. (teeny tiny scab) and I was prepping for a hard day when she discovered that.

14954185922.jpgBut I decided to document this all like a fun project so we might have a different result than last time.

14954039600.jpgThis was the first time she did everything herself. And she chose the purple one of course. 🙂

14954357136.jpgAnd she did it. She missed the actual scab but oh well. 🙂

14954387974.jpgAnd how could we forget ‘the throw up bag’. She needed it this morning. *sigh


Pancake Animals

I made pancake animals for breakfast a couple days ago and am happy to say a couple turned out OK. 🙂


I am happy to say I can check this off my summer list. Emma is still asking for animals pancakes when I make them so they will be making regular appearances.


Cannon Beach

14899162166.jpgBook club/girl time was this last weekend. It was a great time to relax and SLEEP IN! (one BIG perk for me)

We obviously went to the beach a a couple times, I was able to be alone and reflect on whatever took my fancy. It was so nice.

14899196645.jpgbeach was cold and windy on our first day. Can you tell Joyce loves sunglasses as headbands? 😉

14899691173.jpgWe had a great time.

14899269877.jpgHope you had a great weekend- July is this week! AMAZING how quickly this year is flying by.


Beach time!


A couple ladies and I are heading to the beach this weekend. For some girl time/ creative outlet/ book club. Really looking forward to it!

But can I also say that I think I’m a little twisted and messed up in the fact that I’ll miss doing the hum drum boring things a ‘mom has to do’. Tie-ing shoes, brushing hair, making breakfast for everyone…heck having a schedule! This weekend will be very interesting and needed.


(on a side note: finished reading Pride and Prejudice and it is official- it’s my FAVORITE book of Jane’s. it.)


It’s almost time to leave, and I’m realizing I’ll really miss Trav and Emma more than expected. 🙂 I guess that’s good huh. lol

OK, so plans for the weekend:

We’re eating girly meals (aka no meat snacky foods), staying up way too late, watching super girly movies, creativity will explode everywhere and I’m actually going to try and run while I’m there.

(the items I’ll be making this weekend will be for sale on our REACH POLSKA store and all money will go towards deployment. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, go to the page and read up on why we feel called to be missionaries to Poland)

Peace out my peeps, hope you have an awesome weekend!

Our dreaded stroller

I mentioned earlier that I am training for a 5k. Not that long for some…long for me. Training is a must. 🙂

Well, I’ve been doing really good (can you hear it coming? lol) BUT the past week or so I’ve been forced to run alone with Emma. (which means the dreaded stroller) During these runs,  not only am I wearing the same thing each time cause I have no running clothes, I have a little 3 yr old telling/yelling at me to ‘RUN FASTER MOMMY!’ but the big cheese: the left wheel of the stroller is flatter than the rest, resulting in the whole stroller veering to the left. Sa-weet. So my left wrist hurts along with my legs  at the end of my runs because I’m having to over correct it.

And I’m explaining all this because last night I was looking forward to running with the girls (and stroller) but couldn’t at the last moment. I was so disapointed! And when I heard that a new week (longer distance) is upon us- forget it. I was so tempted to say…’maybe in this season it’s not a good time to run’ and other excuses.

But the truth is:

1. It is hard running without a friend.

2. It is hard running with a stroller that wants to go sideways on a trail.

3. A whinny attitude is FAR easier to adapt to than a grown up one.

So today looks like: running alone without the stroller. And you know what? I’m excited about it! Wish me luck!….and endurance!

Tuesday, I am SO glad you are done

Today was a hard day. I haven’t had one like this in a while.

Without going into details, a lot of discouragement and disappointment was plopped at my doorstep and I had to deal with some emotions. Not that those emotions are bad, but I still had to go through them. Life is hard sometimes.

And through the day little things kept being dropped at my doorstep that right now I am about to either scream or really cry it out.

It’s like a sink full of water but the small drips keep a’comin. One discouraging news after another. Really? REALLY?!! *sigh…but as I decide to blog/process this I see a choice is before me.

Choice A: I can sit and wallow in disappointment and discouragement. (familiar road) Drop commitments because they seem too lofty and stay up late watching Pride and Prejudice. (because at least I know everything will be OK in the end…of THAT story)

Choice B: I can blog about my feelings, chatting with God about how I feel. Then come up with a plan of attack for tomorrow. Focusing on each topic and creating a strategic plan for success.

I wish I had to energy and drive to focus on plan b. But the honestly, I’m sure I’m going to waver back and forth tomorrow. I think that if I accomplish these 3 goals I will feel like I took a step in the right direction:

1. Run. Without the stinkin stroller, but heck, even with the stroller. Must keep up with the running schedule.

2. Make scheduled dinner. No substituting for an easy meal. You can do it Alexis!

3. Check mail. Starbucks card coming and I can’t wait. (Danke Mutti!)

Thanks for the prayers if I was on your mind, here’s hoping for a good Wednesday.

Happy Father’s Day, daddy

My dad is many things and I love him more than I could ever describe. Our relationship is comparable to Elizabeth Bennett and her father in Pride and Prejudice. We don’t need words to have a conversation.


This morning, I was asking myself how I could somehow discribe my relationship with him to any of your reading…


And the best tangible way, is by telling you about my purple crooked vase. This vase is one of the most important things I own. It is loop sided and never holds flowers. The  glass maker accidentally make it so it leans on one side. We found it on the clearance shelf.


This silly, slightly too large vase that never holds flowers, was bought by my dad with my sister and I on a daughter date. We were visiting a woman (the glass maker) that he worked with and wanted to support her in her craft. This silly vase was chosen because my dad and I decided we liked the imperfections.  The weird way it leaned to the side made us smile. Seeing the beauty in mistakes is something that he instilled in me when I was really young. To believe that there is some good out there despite what the news tells us or how our relationships turn out in our lives. There is always good.


And that silly, bulky, lop sided purple vase symbolized that. Beauty in the ‘different’ , ‘weird’ and disregarded.


I am the proud owner of this vase. And pretty sure it will never be stolen, with the way it looks. lol  It’s stored in our closet on the top shelf. Right between the Heirloom silver tea set and Tea-kwon-do trophies. Emma will receive it much later in life.

Thank you daddy for giving me so much and instilling the very best of what you had. Love you forever.

None(we like playing silly lighthearted jokes on people. Keeps us young)

A Manly Salad: not an oxymoron


This beef and potato salad is not only approved by Travis, but me as well. Sure it’s not a crispy chicken salad from Red Robin, but it is tasty and hits all the right taste buds.

Rating: (Out of 5 stars):

Travis: 4 stars

Me: 3.5 stars.

I got the recipe from HERE , Rachael Ray. And do not believe the 30 min time frame. It took about 45 min to gather everything and then prepare it. Pretty though huh 🙂


The SWEET thing about this dish is that you can serve it warm (beef, mushrooms and potatoes warmed) luke warm or even cold! Can I get a high five for that?!!

What I mean is you can make this in the morning and take it out whenever you want for dinnertime. And you look like a good cook.

* Hint: make sure to spice up your meat. It’s kinda highlighted here and the worst is flavorless meat. Trust me.

Here is the veggies, most of them: Mushrooms (the most important veggie in here 😉 ), 1/2 head of romaine lettuce, 4 cloves of garlic, 1/2 red onion and 3 potatoes. (taters already cooked)

14698252492.jpgI changed the recipe a bit, depending on what I had in the house. I used yellow potatoes (turned out great) and added mushrooms. Didn’t have croutons and didn’t want to make them.

The dressing: Olive oil, spicy mustard, 1 lemon/zested and lots of garlic salt and pepper. (here’s the before and after mixing)

You could change it up and substitute honey mustard dressing for a kick.. Would be pretty good here!

14698411101.jpgI added ranch here and there to the salad if it was too dry. Trav liked it just as it was. 🙂

Over all: Try it! It is such a flexible recipe! you can add pretty much your favorite things to it and have it taste awesome! Let me know if you try this! 🙂


Meal plan- try these new recipes with me!!!!

OK, some of these recipes are from 2 months worth of articles from Miss. Rachael Ray. Let’s see if they turn out good.

Try some with me and let me know how they were!!


Thursday: Girls dinner! (cereal and fruit)

Friday: Steak and Potato salad with mustard dressing.

Saturday: Hawaiian Pizza (family recipe) with fruit salad

Sunday: Pork chops, broccoli, garlic rolls

Monday: Grilled Cheese, tomato soup, cucumbers & dip

Tuesday: White bean/spinach/bacon= amazing and easy meal

Wednesday: left over night- holla!

Thursday: Talapia, bell peppers and rice w/ tortillas for fish tacos

Friday: Breakfast night

Saturday: Book Club Beach weekend!

Sunday: Sandwich melts

Monday: Lemon Chicken Salad (wraps, sandwiches or eat solo)

Tuesday: Spicy Chicken Enchiladas, green salad

Wednesday: Left over night-holla!

Thursday: French Toast, strawberry cream cheese filling

Lunch Items: Egg salad sandwiches,


Summer List 2011


I know it’s not as beautiful and creatively written out like some, but it’s hanging out on our fridge and makes me smile.

Here is our summer list for 2011! I am really excited about each one and plan on tackling this this weekend!

I am still on the look out for some free/super cheapo activities to do. Any you want to share with me?