Embrace the Camera

NoneIt’s important to me to document the silly times. These pictures are those. 🙂 Emma ‘turned it on’ once I asked her to take a picture with me. Love it. 🙂 Oh and I’m linking up with Emily.

14261400648.jpgWe have small groupu tonight. In the rain. It’s a planned BBQ. 🙂 I for one will enjoy eating inside with some hot tea to wash down the hot dogs and chips.

Hope you all have a great Thursday


Fooling around

14259513039.jpgToday? Nothing special. Photo editing and learning more about it. Not to sound… envious but there are some blogs I follow that have great pictures and I know they’re equipment isn’t that different from what I’m using.

Travis thinks it has to do with the photo editing they’re using. I am also switching to manual mode (which I’ve been doing here and there).

14259920128.jpgThis is the red squirl that runs rampant in New York, New York. Well, maybe not through the city, but definitely through their Central park.

14260099497.jpgThis next one is from about 4 months ago, but isn’t it more fun looking back on old memories/photos?!

14260563665.jpg 14260648402.jpg

my great day

******written by yours truly. me. the one, the only- emma.*****

14204141136.jpgMonday morning:

my friend came to play today! and i was so excited to show my toys to her! the moment she came in i forgot about mommy. but she didn’t forget to document EVERYTHING in photos…how annoying!

we did our best to ignore her and watched strawberry shortcake in my bed together! all snuggled under the blankets. 🙂 lots of giggling and jumping. with the white princess drape thing over us of course. privacy mother…

14203073611.jpgafterwards, my mother tried a tactic to get us away from the tv: we smelled the sweet aroma of chocolate chip cookies. MUST. HAVE! the snack was apples and cookies with apple juice.

14203302144.jpg 14204223735.jpgthey were frozen. made a month ago and rolled into little balls. she randomly takes a handful out to bake. i’m happy when she does. we baked some extra for daddy.

we then went outside for a walk. hooray!! i liked rylee’s bright rainbow coat better than mine (softer) and rylee liked mine. so we switched.

14204081038.jpg 14204304534.jpg

i now believe that before you become a mommy, you must first take a poparotsy class. some lessons before graduating: 1. You must tell your child to smile no matter what they’re doing. 2. Take forever to take a picture and finally 3. Run after child with camera yelling, ‘look at me!’.

case in point:

14204015551.jpgi’m sorry rylee. so embarassed.

14204249181.jpgseriously mom. we’re done.

14204935333.jpgyou have a photo problem.

maybe your church has a healing class for it or something. it should be called, ‘photographers anonymous’. i would sign you up. because i love you of course.

so back to you reader, while my mom was clicking her heart away we heard the train coming and ran to see it up close! it’s so loud and exciting and the driver man waves at us!

14205228148.jpgi liked waving to the people inside. it’s what we do in the zoo train too.

14205184666.jpgthen my mom said something that made up for all the photos: ‘do you girls want to finger paint?!’ Yeah!!!! so on the walk we picked up our own rocks to paint when we came home.

it was so much fun! then we got to go into the bath and play together (t otake the paint off)


to top it off, we then had lunch and did some artistic interpretations in chalk up on our balcony. (we scribbled)

I hope you had a great monday morning too! and if you’d like me to write more, tell my mommy. she’s a blog hog.

Our addition

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. Yesterday Emma and I surprised Travis with a little fish waiting in our house. 🙂 I love surprising other people.


Travis enjoys fish. So much so that we have a clean large aquarium and all the toys, cleaners, filters, food and pebbles. Empty. For sale. Why did I buy a boring beta fish then?!

We have the…lucky (?) talent of buying fish that are pregnant. So in one night we go from having 2 fish to about 30. Yeah. Won’t go into the drama fish stir up in our family. In which case you ask me how dramatic can fish really be?!


Trust me my friend, fish stir up drama.

I chose a beta fish because:

1. You can chose the sex. Not to be sexist, but a male beta fish won’t surprise you with baby fish. So yeah, guess I am.

2.  Emma really wanted a purple fish.

3. They can live in a bowl without any filtration.

4. Emma’s been into Nemo so…


SO… we bought this little (MALE) beta fish which is still un-named. Emma loves him and had to eat her breakfast next to him as he was eating his.


Hope you have a great weekend full of rest.


I was sick yesterday. Boo. But a wonderful friend brought me a get well package! How thoughtful! Amongst all the wonderful treats was a plant of beautiful light purple flowers.


SO pretty and are now planted snuggly next to my chives and other herbs. (needed some hight to that planter)

But flowers are also my worst enemy these days. I am now in the full swing of seasonal allergies. Honestly, nothing too bad to complain about. I’m mostly allergic to the beautiful flowers that are blooming and making our world more beautiful so…no room to complain.

There is something I seriously LOVE about a little kid having a messy face.


She was a good sport for a while, but then all patience for me and the camera vanished.

14127356097.jpgI don’t think she was expecting me to bust up laughing at seeing this face. Unpredictability, it’s a parents secret weapon.

‘up too late but can’t turn my brain off’ thoughts

Planning on making this. Will you come over and help me eat it? I seriously have a problem with baking things, but really, is it so horrible? I prefer to say I am always prepared to have guests over- it sounds so much better.

But seriously, apple butter smells SO good, why don’t they have perfume in that scent?! I would totally buy it….and would probably get caught smelling myself in our elevator and feel embarrassed. Then be known as the girl who smells herself…it could be worse. I’m not a cat lady. *cough* MOM *cough*  (oh yes I did)


I’m obsessed with turquoise right now but you wouldn’t know it looking around my home. Must change that. Spray paint anyone?


Who’s daughter practices her vulcan mind grip on her mommy? MINE DOES!



I’ve had some of you ask for my Swedish Meatball recipe. Here it is!

14085034888.jpgIn a crock pot, dump 2 cans of Cream of Mushroom with 4 shakes of the garlic salt. Then add 1 T of the chicken bouillon.

Take out your whisk and mix in what might feel like a bit too much milk. When you’re there add the frozen meatballs. I’m sorry but I forgot to measure the amount of milk, I do my dinner recipes by feel.

Turn your beautiful, wonderful, hardworking crock pot on low for about 3-4 hours. I stir mine every so often.

(my watched pots DO boil)

I honestly had about an hour to make mine so I turned mine on high for 1 hr. Tasted great. Just combine with brown rice and the main course is done.


I need to do yoga stretches more I think. My back is tight. Either that or Travis needs to pay for massages. I prefer the latter.

Even better, (Aunt Donna) : I need to go to a warm Texan beach with the women in my family and think of nothing but smelling apple butter, I mean coco butter and drinking cold lemonades. Ahhhhh.

Night friends, that is what I’ll pray I dream of tonight. Hope you get good sleep too.

natural beauty

Remember what my ‘herb garden’ looked like back in April? Just in case you don’t:

seedlings growing

Well…..my ‘herb garden’ is finally producing! SO SUPER EXCITED! We have Basil, chives and Dill. Yay, the ones I use the most. 🙂 Thank you Dollar store.


It’s pretty cool cause Emma is learning all about growth plus she’s getting really excited to start cutting and eating. 🙂 Me too!

Speaking of Emma…

14084049196.jpgJust felt like showing some of the beauty I’m around. Beautiful growing sweet smelling plants, my Emma and this beautiful sunset I saw tonight. 🙂 (no editing done)

DSC_0436.JPG~What beautiful things are around you?

Jamie’s birthday weekend


My brother and I celebrated Jamie’s birthday by surprising her to a dinner and the Seattle Fashion Show. It was awesome. We look SO alike huh…hehe Yeah, nothing alike.

14078659000.jpgBut we like being silly. Believe it or not that is Eric’s silly pose. I love Jamie’s pose. Jamie: You look cute even cross eyed!

14078681779.jpgBlack and white is good to me and my brother.

Love you Jamie! Happy birthday!!!!




13973589530.jpgIt’s pretty hard to see these and not smile.

13872873429.jpgWe enjoyed some snuggle time, some food and some hang out time with a wiser friend.

13973652814.jpgIt MAYBE got into the 70’s and we Portlanders were doing everything we could to enjoy it. I didn’t want to make anything with the stove/oven, thus we had iceberg wedges as a side. It was surprisingly refreshing. Travis really doesn’t like iceberg but he still ate it-such a good sport.

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday. I for one plan on waking up and choosing to see what wonderful gifts that are all around me. A thankful heart is so powerful. Good night!


A friend found this and as I read it all I smiled and laughed. Pretty cheeky, coy and creative too. What do you think?


I think I need to own it…