God gave us a gift today. ‘Us’ being people living in Portland. THE SUNSHINE!!!

(I follow lots of bloggers who live in California and I daily work at not being jealous. Is it a fruitless battle?)

Anyhoo, we see the beautiful sun today. No qualms there, us girls went on an ice cream date to celebrate the power of Vitamin D.

(picture taken on phone)

Emma was all about her ‘rainbow’ ice cream (sherbet), myself- bubble gum with the pink florescent square pieces mixed in. Makes Travis gross out but there is something nostalgic about that horribly fake flavor.

I had a dream last night Travis asked me where I wanted to vacation next and I said California. Warm. Beach. Near by-ish. New cities. Sun. Sonic. Beach towels.

I’m praying it was a dream given to me by God. Amen.

Keeping the delicates inside

I have had enough experience with water logged plants. And with the recent amounts of rain, I decided to bring in my delicate flowers/herbs inside. I have a great window that gets morning and afternoon light so, now they have a new temporary home.


Emma is learning how plants grow from seeds and is getting a chance to see them grow first hand. I love seeing her slowly understand and show daddy what she’s learned each day.

baby snapsThe first time I visited Poland, I saw how most Poles have plants in their window sills. Totally fell in love with that. One thing Trav and I look forward to is having or making a green/sun room. In a perfect world it would be where we eat breakfast. But if all we get is a window sill, we will happily place lots of plants/herbs on the sill to enjoy.

beauty capturedThis is my strawberry plant, which I am slowly killing. If you can see the edges of the leaves they are dry and krinkled. I am limiting the sun now but I’m mostly praying it sticks through. Any tips? More water? Less/more sun?

This last picture is of Travis helping Emma learn her shapes.

learnning shapes

Reasons I love this picture:

1. Emma’s polka dot shirt rocks. Impossible to see her and not melt.

2. Love seeing them work on a project together.

3. Discovery toys are the best. Hands down.

4. Um, SHADOWS! That means there is a sun behind me! Blessed sun! Thank you God for bringing the brightness.

~ What do you think of the new blog layout?

And that was Emma’s birthday

balloons birthday girls 13459929352.jpg cake and princess

And there were lots of other things they did and activities but I’ll leave that to the other moms to post. I didn’t get a chance to capture it all. 🙂 Was just a little busy…this was Emma after it. Hehe, love my babe


But who isn’t tired after a long and exciting party?!  🙂

I can’t stand it


I can’t stand it. I’m done and ready to run away. To California. Florida or Texas. Somewhere that IS NOT RAINING! I am done.

I’m sitting on our couch looking outside at the wind, rain and cold temps and am about to make a cup of tea. Boo.


Complain. Complain, I know. I shouldn’t be complaining. But I am so bothered by the rain. Argh! This is it. My very deep insightful post. Will I have to cover Emma in winter clothes for Easter?! 🙁


Will you please stop the rain and bring warmer temps? I would LOVE to go outside without a heavy coat, scarf and umbrella. Thanks.



OK, and this is me with a clearer mind. My mom said something that was so refreshing. She said, ‘If rain equates to beautiful flowers, we are going to have the most beautiful summer’. Thanks mom! What a good outlook. And, we are not having any flooding or nasty outages or anything. Just constant drizzle, hailstorm and random burst of sunshine. An typical spring day in Oregon.

Question: would you rather have a rainy spring and a mild pretty summer OR a a dryer spring and a hot hot hot summer?

None* photo courtesy of our family trip to Austin,TX. *sigh….

Food Coloring

Belle Birthday Cake

Whoever created and invented food coloring made my weekend. Emma’s cake is nothing but white cake and whipped white icing. But thanks to them, Emma was ecstatic over her Belle Princess cake.

The stand is a beautiful Polish pie dish upside down on top of a candle holder.  Try and not look at Belle’s googly eyes. They’re hypnotic.


The girls loved it and it was amazingly great, especially since it’s just a white cake. The inside was pink. Brilliant pink. Which the little princesses didn’t eat-they focused on the icing. Such good 3 year olds. 🙂

Belle Princess CakeI’m sure this whole post has gotten a certain someone annoyed all these pictures are portrait. Didn’t mean to but I certainly recognized a pattern in how I take pictures.

REACH Polska


I blogged here today. Talked about Emma’s preschool possibility and how God has guided us along the way. Check it out! 🙂


ps. and yes, birthday pictures will be posted as soon as they are edited.


In the past few days I have had women open up and express how they’re feeling about themselves, their family and relationships overall and I am SO encouraged and deeply grateful to each of them.

As we talked, none of us had answers for each other. We listened and sat. The level of depth and vulnerability was touching. Different women. Different hang out times.

It is like that moment when you walk outside in the snow and everything is silent with so much beauty around and you feel like if you speak then it will break.


It’s times like these I need to remember. It is so easy for me to feel isolated and frustrated. But when I open my eyes and reread posts like these, it reminds me that God is moving in the hearts of the women friends around me and we’re trying our best to share in it together. We might not be all at the same pace, but we’re kinda patient. Loving it.


I’m now needing to push myself to read my book for book club. Really excited to get together with the ladies. I think I’m only on….maybe chapter 3? I have about a month. I can do it.


The sun is shinning. Love it. Miss it. Praying for Spring to start. Maybe it has but the temperature sure hasn’t risen. Boo.

But for these 2 min in a day when the sun is bright I’m thankful. 🙂


My darling baby girl is turning 3 Saturday. Belle Princess party. Pictures? Oh definitely.

Getting over this morning


I failed today. This morning I was trying to hurry my 3 yr old (which is an oxymoron) and to make a long drawn out story short- I lost my patience. I raised my voice. There were punishments for her attitude/choices which just made me feel more stressed.

And all for an appointment that NEVER HAPPENED! If I had taken the 10 seconds it takes to check my phone I would have seen the text. But no, I hurried my Emma to church, which she started to cry as I dropped her off. That never happens. Usually she never looks back to say bye. Hard morning.

I drove to this appointment (which, again, had been canceled- argh!) feeling horrible. And as I was talking to God about it all, I was realizing that I was justifying my actions because of her attitude and choices. How mature. Let’s compare ourselves to a pre-schooler!

I then asked myself why I was feeling horrible, and I realized that my actions this morning was not out of love, but out of frustration, impatience and stress. I did a lot of reacting. Not much thinking. I actually felt a lot better after identifying my feelings and the action steps after was not too hard to come up with.

When I picked  Emma up (who hugged me so tight it hurt my heart), I took her to a quiet secluded place and recounted this morning to her. I told her I was sorry for yelling and my attitude was not good. I said that Jesus and I talked and I apologized to her. She smiled and said she forgave me. Then we kissed and hugged.

We also have snuggled a lot today. Both of us wanting to heal the hurt that was this morning.

So that’s how I’m doing today. You?

As of 3:20 pm

Today’s been one of those days that once I woke up I was focused and had energy to do what needed to be done. It’s amazing. Doesn’t happen that much.

Here is a little clue:

I’ve done the laundry. All of it. Hallelujah.

Made/stocked up on homemade soup. Freezing as we speak.

Made lots of chocolate/marshmelllo cookies for daddy/daughter. Froze about 30 cookie dough balls ready for a rainy day. Chocolate chip and lots of coconut. Yum.

Made a white bean garlicky spread for a girly pizza. And an olive spread. I love those little salty bites. Olives=goodness.

Cleaned out fridge.

Watched Sleeping Beauty with my princess.

Did the emails, about to edit picts of my sisters photo shoot and eating soup.

I have decided on the EASY Polish dish I will attempt. żurek

I am praying it will be eatable but we’ll see in the end. It’s a favorite of Travis’. Here’s to trying new things and hopefully being able to taste a bit of Poland soon in our home!