It’s a day to snuggle  with my sickie little girl (double ear infection which spread to her eye) and watch Pride & Prejudice. I have to start her young. It’s a responsibility I am willing to perform. 🙂

It’s a day to make scones for the first time. (thanks to a wonderful friend who came all the way over just to give me 2 cups of milk! Thanks Amy/AJ! It meant so much to me!)


It’s a day to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL flowers 2 friends gave me! It was so surprising and made me feel super special! I feel SO loved!


Today Travis is coming home! Yay!

It’s a day to read/watch the coverage of a certain wedding that happened early this morning. Is it silly to say that I know she and I would be good friends?… or does that sound a little stalker-ish?

It’s a day to drink coffee, snuggle and finish my book club book.

DSC_0269.JPGThe creative juices are starting to flow too! I’m getting pumped to get back into making    things with my hands. 🙂

Mothers day gift anyone?

I have a set of teacups/saucers I am selling. I just have too many. But before I sell them to a stranger, I thought of all you loyal readers/friends and wanted to give you first dibs.


Can you say Mother’s Day? 🙂  If they like red and white of course. I hand painted everything.

You can choose to only buy one set or two if you like. I’m a flexible person. For one set: $8       Two: $15 Three: $20 Four: $23

If you want to buy just the cups let me know and I will be happy to work with you.

*Gift wrapping is optional. Shipping is free. 🙂

Tea cups/saucers for sale. 4 of each. The saucers are slightly different but if you don’t mind a little eclectic-ness then consider it.

13733922382.jpgThe tea cups are my favorite. Very feminine.

13734479206.jpgIt is important to know one plate is chipped.  It fell on the ground. I was very sad but since I thought they were for me it didn’t bother me as bad. Still interested? The chip is very minor.

13734284775.jpgI am a little bit of a tea cup snob.I hate it if the handle gets too hot to drink. Why even own the cup? All that to tell you the tea cup handles are not affected by hot liquids.

Well, let me know!

Cookie Pizza


Simple. Just make your favorite cookie dough and press it into a cookie sheet. Top with   your favorite treats and bake for 30min-ish.  I had to add the pretzels for salty-ness. 🙂 Enjoy!


13714686623.jpgThere are times I feel a lot like this plant. In the baby stages but also past the seedling stage. Bright green and growing. There are so many parts to my life that has had healing recently and this growth is both exciting and nerve racking. lol

Growing in Christ was never promised to be easy. But one thing I’ve learned is that He will always be there to comfort, love, snuggle, speak truth and get guidance from.

Easter 2010

I had a hankering to make sugar cookies to our Easter celebration and didn’t have much time OR butter around. So after looking online a bit I just used Pioneer Woman’s recipe. No butter needed.

easter cookiesI think they turned out OK. I’m not a real ‘sweet treats’ person but I liked what flavor the lemon zest gave it. I would love to tell you I wanted to do this to have a fun activity for Emma or to bring smiles to others. But that would be a lie. I honestly just felt like decorating something.

I did tell you a bit ago that I was planning on making the Polish Easter cake. Still planning on it. Again- don’t have the butter but will later in the week.

Here is Emma’s outfit. She chose it out. It reminded her of Rapunzel and her purple dress.

Emma's Easter outfitWell, I hope you have a nice Monday.


Easter Eggs

Emma made some eggs today with her girlfriends. What fun!

easter eggsThey ended up pastel-y and very girly. Very delicate and over all lovely.

flower eggsWe colored on some eggs with crayons first and this was the result. 🙂 Not too detailed, but it was 3 yr olds…it could have gone way worse.

Emma's eggsWe are celebrating Easter all weekend and making a special Polish cake/bread that will hopefully be tasty. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Peanut Butter S’mores

I was talking to a friend this last week and we got on the subject of marshmellos. (It seems like it’s a subject where people feel very strongly about. Either you love them or you hate them. Was weird to me)

Anyways, she was given bags of those sugary babies by her mom and was trying to think of different things to do with them. Well…it reminded me of a recipe I did forever ago, nothing overly creative- but oh. so. comforting! Like… it’s the kind of recipe that makes me want to eat one RIGHT NOW! Good thing I don’t have graham crackers in my house right now.

Here you go Kristen. 🙂

Peanut Butter SmoresPeanut butter. Chocolate. Marshmellos. Graham Crackers.

Enough said.

the end.

Embrace the Camera


Linking up to Emily. Hope you have a great Thursday!

mommy and meBy the way, the ballet last night was fantastic! It was a conglomeration of different choreographers/dances. It was so special and I could just live in the artistic world forever. Swallowing me up. Which wouldn’t be that bad…

Well, Travis is getting two wisdom teeth taken out today, hope it goes well. Dang it, forgot to buy ice cream.


I had a friend over today for lunch. It was so rich and awesome, talking about not just friendship and family, but we also talked about what we were reading in the Bible, what we struggled/didn’t understand with what we read and where we are being challenged by God.

I love these meetings. Feels so real and fulfilling.

I made lunch, being at my house and all it was the least I could do. I made a girly lunch. Oranges and freshly cubed pineapple, with the random tortilla chips (gotta have those!). I took only 2 pictures and so that is what you’re going to get today.

OK, the first is a nice change from the regular grilled cheese. It’s super gooey and garlicky. We had it on bread that reminded me of European bread- which is the best bread in the world. This is made of, obviously yummy wanna-be European bread (which is the most important part), Mozzarella cheese and Artichoke/Chive Cream Cheese. (the kind in the tubs-pre-mixed) That’s it! Yummo.

Grilled Cheese

Did I mention that it’s super gooey?

The other starch on our menu was my Chocolate Banana bread. Family secret. Sorry, can’t give the recipe away, but I wouldn’t mind giving a free loaf to someone! With the chocolate chips inside you don”t want to defile it with butter.

I served it warm. I’m a good friend.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread


in other news:

TRAVIS IS TAKING ME TO THE BALLET TONIGHT! Um, yeah, surprised and super excited. 🙂 I had 3 hours to prep (translation: find babysitter) But, thanks to a great friend all the details are ironed out- hooray! I am so thankful to all the friendships God has placed around me.

I pray you have a FANTASTIC day today as you see/look for all the awesome things God gave you today.

Spring ideas

Isn’t this a fabulous idea!!! Travis, this will be in our house somewhere. Perfect for Spring/Summer

this next can be made as colorful as you want to make it. Anyone want to let me borrow their butterfly punch?

OK and here is my spring to do list:

spring list