hoppdoddy Burger Bar


We went to an amazing place that is INCREDIBLE! The food is incredible and creative, the atmosphere is cool and casual and over all it is impossible to not LOVE this place.

They’re located on Congress St.

OK! Let’s get started! This first burger is the veggie burger. It is all hand formed and the BUNS ARE HOUSE MADE!!!!! This is the ‘wheat’ bun.


Doesn’t this look fantastic! My aunt who ordered it said it tasted like a falafel to her. French fries are, of course, also cut and fried at the restaurant. IN.CREDIBLE.

This was what Travis ordered: the bison burger. I barely got this picture- he gobbled it up. He said it was flavorful, juicy (compared to the usually dry bison burgers) and right now he said his mouth is watering just thinking about it. 🙂


And now my burger- which I am partial to. It is the best burger on the menu. If you like mushrooms, which I love.


Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum.Yum.

The condiments were not just the regular ketchup and mustard. Oh no, they had great options!


If you are in Austin or planning on visiting- YOU MUST TRY IT! We talked with the servers and and they have only been open for 4 months! They were jam packed and full of people! Yay!




This post is about Cacti. And oh the many kinds the state of Texas has. These are a small compilation.

*Disclaimer: the names of the cacti below are created by my imagination. I do not pretend to know the proper name of most things, let alone random cacti.


Pretty. Typical. Popular.


This reminds me of what a rose would look like with thorns on the tips of petals. Very pretty. And a pastel green.  So different and romantic. My name for it is: Rosathorn-tus.

Speaking of pastel cacti:


OK, this next cactus reminds me of a painful experience I had as a young girl. I was at a local mall in Kansas City and as we were walking past a florist I noticed a pretty plant. It looked soft and so as I touched it I was pierced with little stinging poking needles from the CACTUS I touched.

Yes, I had no idea what it was and I was in elementary school. Still looking back I can’t believe I was that old (late elementary school) and didn’t know it would hurt to touch it. It”s pictured below:


This next cacti I will call “spideractus” Creepy. Hairy cactus. Gives me the ‘willies’


And lastly this huge, very popular cactus is used for a garden filler. They grow huge and I asked Emma to pose. I thought you would enjoy either the huge-ness of the monster or enjoy her smile. 🙂


Have a great Thursday!

Blue skies


Today I do not feel like myself. Like I’m a car that needs a jump.

I’m getting things packed and cleaned for our trip but I’m just not feeling like myself. And even when a good friend came over I noticed my stress level was already high before I opened the door.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t finished packing and I like feeling all prepared.

Maybe it’s because God’s working on my co-dependent-ness with Trav.

Maybe it’s cause It’s raining outside.

All I know is that I took a hot shower, drank my wonderful sweetened pepermint tea and the lilies Trav gave me are smelling up our house. Good things are happening around me, but I realized I am looking for ‘things’ to make me feel better. Poor choice.


I think it’s a deeper reason I’m feeling this way. Because honestly, packing the day before is no biggie for me- that is being prepared and I like the rain- it makes me feel snuggly.

I’m in dialog with God about this and will see what happens from this.


~ I took these pictures of last night’s sunset. God is so creative. I am amazed how He consistently makes new sunsets. I’m so glad He likes color.


In any case, I am excited about tomorrow’s flight (even thought it still doesn’t feel real) and can’t believe I’m going to see my family face to face! It feels like it’s been too long. Can you tell I’m a family person? 🙂

Our house is vacuumed and cleaned, library books turned in, two out of 3 suitcases in car, garbages taken out and the dishwasher is clean and empty. All in all, ready to make a grand farewell to our beautiful little home.

And we are ready for the sunnier warmer skies.

Hello to thunderstorms, light scarfs, late night talks with Granmom, Tex-mex, Travis’ brother, laughing with aunts/uncles and cousins, looking through old pictures, taking new pictures, SONIC and light jackets.

Good bye heavy coats, heavy soups, sweaters, cleaning, laundry and light rail crossing alarms. Good bye good friends- I’ll miss you and look forward to hanging out when we get back. 🙂

Pretty dress

Looking at Mod Cloth is bad. Very bad- of at least it is if I have any money. I don’t so I just post things here to let every family member know what I would like for Christmas, Birthdays and St. Patrick’s Day. lol Just kidding.

But isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?!!

Embrace the Camera


It’s that time…Thursday. It’s amazing how fast th is week has gone. Yahoo I say! Here is our picture. 🙂  It was taken on Valentine’s Day (is that like cheating if it’s not today? Oh well) We had a great time and I love Emma’s expression here. Hope everyone has a great rest of their week. 🙂


NonePark day…

Espresso Cups


I really see these with something besides espresso shots in them.Maybe a little frozen yogurt, tea or cold soup? Heck, make cherry Jello in them with kiwi! Eat them with silver tea spoons and feel cultured and posh.

But really, I was so happy when I finished these. I wish I could have gotten more (pleeease Trav?) but as it was I got two beautiful butterscotch cups and saucers. Love them. Will sell them and then will be depressed for 30 min.



In other news, Emma is battling a cough- would appreciate your prayers. I am planning and starting to pack for our family vacation to Texas. SO. SUPER. EXCITED!!!!!! Not only will we be in way warmer weather (mid 70’s) but we’ll be with awesome family!

DIY: Porcelain Painting


I taught myself how to paint porcelain. “Dot style’. (made that up, but sounds nice) Rally liking it and having fun. But I get so nervous I’m going to mess up (which is silly because I could just wipe it off) my hand shakes tons.

The above blue plate was made as I was looking at a picture. The red plate/tea cups and plates was made last night and I was just fooling around without looking online. All the work is free handed with a little ‘Alexis’ thrown into it.


I am keeping this red plate above and making it into a cake plater. It is my first and I know I can do much better and would feel weird giving someone a ‘first try’. I don’t know- just me I guess.

What do you think? I really like how the blue plate turned out and I would love to hear your opinion, add this, minus that…


I am going to practice a whole lot more, make tons of stuff (tart dishes, stands, tea cups, bowls, plates, etc) and sell them to everyone and their mother. We have a website that is dormant at the moment. This is a nice breadth of fresh air and creativity. All profit will go to our deployment fund.

I bought lots of colors and can’t wait to buy more. I have lots of ideas and stayed up too late thinking about it all. You know when your creative juices start flowing and it’s like…1am? I REALLY don’t like that. But I was a slave to them and wrote them down on my little note pad.


I’m not sure where I’m going to store them all…this is going to be a fun adventure.


You see that platter under the cups and plates? I have fun plans for that. Colorful plans…:)



Oh, and if anyone would like to purchase this blue plate, please contact me by commenting and letting me know. Thanks!

Our Valentines Day




Manicures- done

Watched movies- done

Hot Shower-done

Ate foods only us girls would like- done (artichoke pesto bread. A-mazing) (oh and Mac and Cheese)

Ran and jumped in puddles-done

In pj’s now. Fire on, about to go upstairsa and read Mansfield Park for the book club and waiting for my love to come home. Overall a great day. 🙂

v day recap


We went to a pretty cute girly Valentines day party. They had cookie decorating, a craft with princess and pony stickers (heaven for them), heart sandwiches which were strawberry filled and TONS of other food. I think we adults had more selection. Which brings the parents in. 🙂


This is just part of the spread. She also made this creamy soup and also of course offered tea. We adults had heart shaped sandwiches too with curried chicken inside. Yum.

The hostess:


Thank you Amy for putting on this adorable party!


Please excuse the runny nose- tis the season. These slinky’s were in the goody bag they left with. Also were candy, lollipops, play dough and more candy! I seriously think Emma thinks this holiday is ‘Candy eating Day’.


I got a knock on my door while Emma was sleeping and it was a delivery of beautiful pink lilies! They also have a beautiful purple filler flower but have no idea what it’s called. I read the card Trav put with it and started crying. It was so sweet and I felt so loved.  (sigh)


I wish for your sake there was ‘smelloblog’. Our house smells so sweet thanks to those flowers.

v day


Just a quick look into our morning, more picts to come tonight. 🙂


Thanks to Trav, we enjoyed a fun breakfast together…


She downed that apple juice and then barely had room for a few bites of eggs. Not happening again. But the sweet thing was that the breakfast place gave her a lollipop. That was the most important thing to her. Besides the apple juice.


Pink. Of course. We then went to a Little Princess Valentines Party a friend threw. It was great and pictures will follow. Emma’s napping, I’m going to roam the blog world and snuggle in a pink fleece blanket. Hope everyone’s morning has gone well! 🙂