funny wedding pictures

These coming pictures are awesome. At the wedding we went to and I took pictures for the bride/groom, I was able to take comical photos that I know will make the happy couple smile.


Joe. Such a poser. But his wife isn’t. hehe She was having a great time.


NoneAmelia, the bride really wanted to smush her husband into the cake. Isn’t that what all loving, caring, respectful wives do? Yes, the answer is yes.


Classy. (this is Travis’ silly face, if you believe it)


I clearly missed the memo of the creepy face.


Happy Sunday. Hope yours is as uneventful and productive as ours have been.


Last night our family stayed up way late/early at a friends house and ended up driving home around 1am. Trav could have stayed up till 3am and would have been a happy camper. I hit my wall around midnight.

So as we were driving home we stopped at a red light by a Burger King. I looked and saw a car driving through the drive thru and immediately judged. Without even thinking!

My response to Travis: ” Who in their right mind would EVER eat that kind of food this late?!”

I was imagining the grease from the burgers and the heavy feeling you get after eating a burger, fries and drink. (mind you I like Burger King! I think they have great fries. But that late at night…)

Travis’ response: *without thinking “Well, maybe it’s someone on a late night shift eating his lunch”

Me: “Oh.”

Of course. I had thought there was no reason for anyone to eat there that late at night. And then I thought of all the pregnant ladies (there’s a new wave) I know who would love to have a milkshake at that time. I couldn’t believe the critical mindset I still harbored and speak of without thinking.

I continue to wrestle with it. obviously, it’s a work in progress- my judgmental thinking. I’m working it out with God. But one thing is for sure: I am so grateful to have a husband who helps me think outside my box.


Poor Emma and poor you, reader. Are you sick of Emma pictures yet? lol She is my only subject at home right now and so she ‘helps’ me as I learn how to take pictures. She’s gotten used to it and, thankfully at this age, is willing to give me a few cheesy poses.

I don’t have that much trouble taking still shots. I’ve got that pretty much handled. But things that MOVE?! It makes my heart beat faster just thinking about it.

I need practice. And poor Emma is my only subject. I think this girl has hundreds of pictures of her. I sure hope our other kids get spoiled with pictures too! lol

So, anyways, here is my attempt at capturing a toddler’s expressions.


I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.


I’m going to use these to make Emma’s birthday card. 🙂



We learned today that dinosaurs really do exist. They like warm water and little fingers. They also like to play with little kids in the bath tub. Weird. I guess Jurassic Park got it all wrong. You can never trust Hollywood.


Embrace the Camera

NoneI’m linking up with Emily with Embracing the Camera. Such a great thing created by a great woman. Read her story, it’s awesome. She is adopting a little girl from Africa and it’s a story you must read. My family is not a stranger to adoption and could see us possibly adopting in the future. We’ll see though, lol.

Here’s a picture of Emma with me. 🙂


Clearly the main person to look at is Emma. She has this thing with being touched. She loves it. And I think I was playing with her hair just because it was there and randomly Trav took this. So great of her huh.


I have a confession. I love burnt food. Not like, REALLY burnt but enough to taste. Travis thinks I’m crazy, but It hink it’s one of those things he secretly likes about me. 😉

I like burnt waffles, pizza’s (I HATE mushy pizza bottoms-gross.) burnt toast, enchiladas (just so the edges are black), hot sandwiches and lots of other things.

But don’t worry, if you are coming over to my house I will make it non-burned. Too bad for you. Burned things taste great. I get it from my Opa I heard. Thanks Opa. 🙂 Anyways, I made myself an amazing sandwich and because of how amazingly tasty it was I took a  picture of it.

pesto, ham and colby/chedder mix. AMAZING. Go thick on the pesto. Your taste buds will thank you. Mine were going wacko. It was like they couldn’t figure out which ingredient to focus on.

Man I’m weird. hahaha but guess what? You’re the one reading this.

Here is the sandwich.


Not sure you can see it but the pesto was out of this world. So simple.


yes. i like burnt things. Mmmmm

Thank you God!

God gave us a sunny day today! I woke up and saw the rays shinning through the blinds and instantly my day was better than yesterday. It’s not hot but it is going to be in the 50’s and that my friend is something to celebrate. Hah! Yes! Thank you God!

I bet I can read your mind and can tell you no. No, it’s not warm enough to put on my heals or wedges. But soon my fashionista friend- soon! Thursday’s suppose to be almost 60!!! I won’t know what to do with myself. hehe

We tried to take advantage of the sun early in the day. I was busy doing important things on Facebook (*cough *cough) and so I encouraged Emma to play outside- on our wrap around deck. It’s a beautiful thing. However, I think she forgot we even had one. I’m serious. Poor thing.


She had her snack out there. Pretzels and cherry juice. Some of her favorite things. Right now she is generously feeding her Care bears pretzels. How is it she freely gives them food but has a hard time sharing with real people?

Hmm, I think I just answered my own question with the last two words of the last sentence.


Our day’s not half over and we have some fun plans already in store! Lunch with a friend and her daughter. And I’m thinking about going to the park too.

Hurray for sunny days!!!!

Apple Tart

I made a random apple tart. Partially random. I bought a package of pie crust and it came with two crusts. 🙂 So I made it with Trav in mind. One of his favorite desserts is apple pie. Thus this easy peezy artistic apple tart.


The stand it’s on is made from two pieces I found at Goodwill. I like it. It makes me happy. 🙂


The tart is, as I said above, just one of those refrigerated crusts. I think this is about 3 apples with a little flour, 1/4 cup sugar and butter to top. The flour I just sprinkled in. Sorry, no amount there. Make it for a ‘oh crap there’s company coming over and I have no dessert’ night. It’s awesome! 🙂

Meet the Wardens

We went to a wedding/celebration a couple days ago and was asked to help with the pictures. I was really amazed and was like, ‘um did they call the right people?!’ I then learned another friend was taking pictures which really eased the pressure.

No, I don’t struggle with low self esteem. Why are you asking?

Here are a few teases for Chris and Amelia. (you will get more pictures than you will know what to do with) And these pictures are for you too reader. I appreciate you. Why you want to spend part of your life reading about my life is beyond me….but here’s a few pretty pictures to make it kinda worth it.


They’re pretty pretty wedding cake. One layer was RED VELVET. I literally saw people’s eyes bug out. The other was a white cake with some sort of berry filling. I should have gotten the details but I was busy photographing. I love the detailing.

(*one little Alexis tid bit: details are where it’s at. No matter if you’re dressing a plate for dinner of finishing off the last sugar ball on a cake. They will make the people amazed and hungry. And that my food friend is what we’re after.)

They got married in Hawaii. In December. Can you imagine the warm air coming off the ocean? Drinking by a pool? -in DECEMBER?!!!


They had lots of balloons, which made me feel whimsical and sparked the little girl in me. I took way too many pictures of those silly balloons. And as I was editing I was totally digging this retro look.

This makes me want to throw a party for all of my friends.


Most brides are pretty on their wedding day. She is amazingly beautiful when she goes camping. And she is so nice that you feel guilty for feeling jealous. Really. SO nice and caring. So imagine how stunning she was at her wedding. You’re a lucky man Chris, but you already know that. 🙂


All together now: aaaaaaawwwwwwwww


I really like how Trav thought differently and took a different angle. Isn’t Chris sweet by having his arm on her? He is so smitten with her. Watching them makes the world seem a little bit brighter. If there can be that much love in the world.


I feel like I stole this really intimate and secret moment. And honestly feel kinda bad. Just a little. Like I intruded on a private moment…who would have known that there were friends and family all snapping and clicking next to me. They were great. Didn’t mind being the center of attention.

Lastly, is a picture of the cookies she makes. She is famous for her cookies and I’m seriously just waiting to hear she’s started selling them. They would sell. Oh would they sell.

She made so many cookies for this night, the present for the guests, that she had to cram the rest in a friends fridge.


Baaaa! I can’t help myself. If there is a funny kinda almost embarrassing picture I have this almost compulsion to post it. I should start a self help group.