I think of many different ideas and subjects to write throughout the day and it seems like they all escape me when I pull up my dashboard.

Basically a lot of seious thoughts and questions, but right now I need to get off so Trav and I can skype friends living in Poland. I hope you had a happy Christmas, we did in our family. 🙂

Been roaming the internet

and found these!

Thinking about my entry way…

How ingeniously smart is this?! lol

Darn you Anthropology. Why do you have to make such beautiful things?! I’m glad I don’t have a credit card. It would end very badly

Death Grip on Pink Monkey

Not much time to write, but I had to inform you about a little exchange Emma had with a stranger. We were at Barnes and Noble (our new library on rainy days) and it was time for us to leave. If you have a 2 yr old you know leaving stores are not easy. Emma had grabbed a hold of a freeky looking bright pink monkey. She had a death grip on it and was adiment she had to have it.

I was again the bad guy and even though I gave her choices and options she freaked out. It was great. Not really, no. A while ago I became OK with Emma throwing fits in public. Maybe it was because I had some good interactions with strangers but that’s for another blog post. So I’m half carrying her cause she’s trying to wiggle out of my death grip on her. We’re walking throughthe cafe part to go outside and OVER emma’s yelling a woman near us yells, “Oh, baby are you having a hard time?!”  She meant well, but something in me got totally annoyed immediatly.

I paused for Emma’s reaction. People were watching the interaction and Emma in her beautiful ‘two-year-ism’ glared at the lady and covered her eyes while whipping away from her and snuggling with me.

I felt triumphant. I did nothing but walk out and hide my smile from the lady.


Emma just ran to me and said, “i love you mommy! Let me see you”   What a great day.

The amazing Carley Bishop

We had a friend take some family pictures of us back in Seattle. It was awesome because she was so straightforward and relaxed at the same time. She said things like, ‘OK, now I’m going to be all up in your business!’ and smiling the same time and it was just normal to smile back and laugh. Which was perfect for someone who’s all up in your business. You don’t want to make a silly face or anything right?

I actually asked for this. A silly picture. Surprising I know.But it’s me and I wanted a picture of that.

We walked all around downtown and I found out somethings about myself:

1. I wish I had brought a scarf. I always wear scarves and it would’ve been nice to represent that.


2. I wish I had brought Emma a hat. Cold, slightly breazy weather makes for cute, little, red noses though. 🙂


3. I will always have Carley take our family pictures. She makes the whole thing seem normal and natural. Who cares that we’re on the monorail and she’s in our faces taking pictures like we’re movie stars. *click *snap click*  That’s normal-right? 🙂


4. I am HORRIBLE with cheesy predictable backgrounds. I was saved by Travis and Carley. (although she is the professional). We have now nice artistic pictures that don’t scream ‘Touring Seattle’.


This is Travis’ favorite picture. 🙂 And no we weren’t posing, we were looking at the huge fountain outside Seattle Center House. We were just ignoring her and this is what she got. lol Amazing what good pictures you can get when you ignore the photographer.


All in all, for me it was fun to be snuggly with Trav and have someone document it. These are the times and moments I want to remember. Who needs to remember fights or disagreements?! I want to remember the times I stole kisses from him. 🙂 Memories of me being dorky and him smiling and joining in.


This next one is my favorite of  Trav and I


Good thing I didn’t have anything in my teeth huh! 🙂 Sorry, did that ruin the ‘aww’ moment? lol


If you live in Oregon or Washington please please, for your own good, pay to have Carley take your pictures. It will be a good experience. Full of laughing and goofing off. Why should picture taking be so serious anyways?! I learned that about her. She wants to take pictures that capture you as a family or couple. Being you. Laughing, making faces or whatever.

*And, no, Carley has no idea I’m writing this. It’s just because it was so wonderful and awesome! Even Emma was into it for 4 hours! That takes skill people. Here’s her web site.

Check my girlfriend Rae out. It’s her birthday and she’s giving away an AWESOME giveaway. You have to check it out. You’ll love it. Promise. But in reality, I hope I win. Sorry.



Like  you, I’ve seen this project all over the internet and like any other fad I have to try it out to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. This project was fun, fast and relaxing. So yes, try it and do it with prettier more sparkly buttons. I used only what I had in my house.

I first painted the letter pink. Mainly because I’m starting to accept that I like pink and that doesn’t make me a bimbo. So I’m incorporating it more in my wardrobe and house.


Heat your wonderful hot glue gun and tell it you love it. Cause really, how far would we ‘creative’ people get without Mr. Glue-gun. So then basically just hot glue buttons wherever you want. In any order you want. You are in charge! 🙂


Don’t you love the colors?! Mrs. M. 🙂 I like the sound of that!

OK, I would do a whole lot more yellows and oranges. Too bad so sad, but it turned out pretty cute not buying anything. Now at this point, if I had all the molla at my disposal (watch out!) I would use glitter rhinestones, clip on earrings and glitter spray paint. But I did have the rhinestones!


And that ended nap time. Emma was awake and thrilled to see we were playing with small colorful buttons. 🙂 But not happy I had to ruin it all by sticking the camera in her face and tell her to say cheese! This was her attempt. I think she could have given more effort. 😉


* my thanks goes out to Mr. Hot glue gun. Love you man.

Eric, this is for you

Congratulations Jenise! You won the beautiful two pairs of earrings! I’ll contact you. 🙂



I love my brother. He is generous.

He just came back from New York to attend a charity.

He likes to dress up.

He is kind.

He is protective.

He likes making Emma laugh.

He likes spoiling those he loves.

He doesn’t like people telling him what to do.

He is hard working and driven.

He is loyal.

He looks like my dad.

He is super social. Everyone who meets him likes him.

He is very handsome.

He used to have an obsession over he-man when he was younger.

He is a born leader.

He is currently single and living in Seattle. 😉

He loves a challenge.

He’s my wonderful brother and I love him so much!


Here are the earrings, so sorry it’s taken me this long! Can you believe I forgot to post them?! lol It’s been a crazy busy day. Hope you comment and win!

This pair of earrings I made thinking of Spring. These reminded me of flowers. 🙂 I love wrapped jewelry, it just speaks to me. They dangle beautifully and are light on the lobes.


This next pair of earringsare special. They were made with beads I got when I was forst starting to get into jewelry making. Light and durable you’d think I would wear theses ore. I’m just not a red person. I pretend to be, I want to be…but then I look in the mirror in the morning and switch into black or blue earrings.

So for you flashy outspoken ladies- I hope you win these!


** winner will be chosen tomorrow night.

(which we’re going to the zoo lights and I’m really excited. Great family time with great friends)

winner and cupcakes

Congratulations to MARIA!!! You are the new owners of the green bracelet and green glass earrings! 🙂 Email me with your address. Thanx!

New jewelry coming up later today! They are beautiful in my opinion!!! It’ll be worth it for you-trust me 🙂


In other news, we… made cupcakes! (‘we’ being a relative over generalized term) From scratch. Yummo. They were a little more dense than I would have liked but they were tangy and I loved that. Eggnog cupcakes anyone?


I wrapped them for Trav to take to his work but I guess he forgot them. Maybe tomorrow he’ll bring them. I’m also a little obsessed with cool plates like what’s pictured. Oh, anthropology, if only I have millions to spend on plates from you.

I topped them with toffee and chocolate chips. The icing is chai cream cheese.

NoneHere is a recipe for vanilla cupcakes. Have fun creating whatever you feel like!