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I think of many different ideas and subjects to write throughout the day and it seems like they all escape me when I pull up my dashboard. Basically a lot of seious thoughts and questions, but right now I need … Continue reading

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Been roaming the internet

and found these! Thinking about my entry way… How ingeniously smart is this?! lol Darn you Anthropology. Why do you have to make such beautiful things?! I’m glad I don’t have a credit card. It would end very badly

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Death Grip on Pink Monkey

Not much time to write, but I had to inform you about a little exchange Emma had with a stranger. We were at Barnes and Noble (our new library on rainy days) and it was time for us to leave. … Continue reading

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The amazing Carley Bishop

We had a friend take some family pictures of us back in Seattle. It was awesome because she was so straightforward and relaxed at the same time. She said things like, ‘OK, now I’m going to be all up in … Continue reading

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lazy saturday

Lazy Saturday. 🙂 Good day to have stickers on your face and snuggles with your little one.

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Check my girlfriend Rae out. It’s her birthday and she’s giving away an AWESOME giveaway. You have to check it out. You’ll love it. Promise. But in reality, I hope I win. Sorry.

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Like  you, I’ve seen this project all over the internet and like any other fad I have to try it out to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. This project was fun, fast and relaxing. So yes, … Continue reading

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Eric, this is for you

Congratulations Jenise! You won the beautiful two pairs of earrings! I’ll contact you. 🙂 ************************************** I love my brother. He is generous. He just came back from New York to attend a charity. He likes to dress up. He is kind. … Continue reading

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Here are the earrings, so sorry it’s taken me this long! Can you believe I forgot to post them?! lol It’s been a crazy busy day. Hope you comment and win! This pair of earrings I made thinking of Spring. … Continue reading

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winner and cupcakes

Congratulations to MARIA!!! You are the new owners of the green bracelet and green glass earrings! 🙂 Email me with your address. Thanx! New jewelry coming up later today! They are beautiful in my opinion!!! It’ll be worth it for … Continue reading

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