my serious friend

This is our friend. She is a very serious person. Especially when dealing with money. In the time we hung out in LA I rarely saw her smile or laugh. It was a very sad thing.


I joked and joked with her but nothing. Not even a crack of a smile. Nothing.



OK, that was for her to read and laugh. I LOVE YOU MY HALF FRIEND ¬†ūüėČ

DSC_1136.JPGI had such fun with you laughing and hearing you say crazy things. But I think one of my favorite memories was during a break time and I hear this girl singing to an i-pod and not caring if people are around. You are so carefree and listen to the spirit so sensitively.


finally! the second part of the polish restaurant

OK, I finally have the pictures from the Polish restaurant. All of them. Yes. So be prared. Tons of photos coming up. Of great food and great people.


This was the combination plate. Crazy big. Like, it’s a thanksgiving meal on¬†steroids¬†big. Yummy? Oh you bet. All out stomachs hurt when we left from eating too much. The Poles know how to cook!

I guess I should show you who we went with. WONDERFUL people we now call our friends. Denise and Kirt. They are called to Mexico. They have an amazing heart and I can’t wait to continue our relationship with them to see how God moves though them for the Mexicans!

He does NOT like cabbage. hahaha And we took him to a very cabbage friendly place. He was such a good sport and ordered the combination plate to get an idea of what the Poles eat. Love his adventurous spirit!

DSC_1123.JPGDo you see what Trav is eating?! It’s almost as big as his head! hahaha None of us finished our plates. Well, I did- burp. They had great pirogi’s!!! And were the size of a baseball!


They also gave us dessert. Everyone had different butterfly plates. LOVED the plates. Or I guess if I were fancy/proper they would be called dishes.



My mind has been a wirlwind of thoughts recently. Lots of emotions and I’m learning a ton from God. Fun-no. Easy-hah. Good and healthy- yes.There’s just so much that’s swirling in my head!

There’s the whole fundraising part of our lives (which LA helped out tons with!) and is a hugomongo task that takes a lot of my time. There’s momming to Emma. Walking alongside Trav in every avenue, thinking a lot about Poland recently, new friendships in my life I’m enjoying, Christmas presents to get (ugh) and other subjects too.

I’m not a multi-tasker. Just ask Travis. One thing at a time please. Simple.

But then there’s this blog. Where I write silly thoughts and pictures of food and really nothing too serious. I find it a welcomed break from life. You know, life that ¬†just happens and you’re there to deal with it. This blog is an area where I’ve been able to express my silliness and randomness and it’s great.

If, for some reason, you read this part of the blog world, thanks. ūüôā I’d like to have you over sometime so we can get to know each other.

hijacked! this is emma!

this is emma coming live from my house. i took momm’s computer and am disignatinig myself as the official guest writer for today’s blog post. this is of a snowman i love. it has a button you push that talks about going potty. i laughed a lot when it sang. (does this mean¬†i like potty humor?)


they also had a real live baby doll! it was so pretty. i liked her clothes. and poking her eyes. i put my baby with their baby so they could snuggle with eachother in bed. like i do in the mornings with mommy.


they also has a white dog that was fun to look at. i didn’t get close though cause i’m a little scared. i loved the dog though- it was so nice and gentle. i show him how i snuggle my baby carebear.


i also had fun playing in the snow with daddy. well kinda. we had snow and i stood there just being cold. i mean seriously?! they put me in a skirt! Who cares if I threw a fit becacuse I wanted to wear THAT skirt.


¬†They couldn’t expect me to tromp around in the snow could they?! yes. they did. they told me to go play around but i just stood in the garage-silently revolting.


…until daddy picked me up for the photo op.


  daddy and me- freezing our tushes off. (me refusing to smile-silently revolting)

all in all, i play around a lot on thanksgiving! but at the end of the day i like to snuggle with mommy. i forgive her for ripping my hair out to make them into ponytails to look cute at family events. i forgive her for making me stand in the snow. i still love her. although, she was really lazy that day. she didn’t make any meals or do any cleaning or make any¬†phone calls. in fact she wasn’t on the internet for days.


but somehow she was always tired at the end of the day. i usually¬†take advantage of that and climb on her and tell her to scratch me. i love it when she does that. it’s a stalling technique. mommy gives in every time. (oh the power!)


daddy and emma time


I love watching Trav play with Emma. This is¬†while we were cleaning up at my moms house.¬†Sometimes the best thing you could do is to cover yourself in a sheet and¬†make faces. It releases¬†special chemicals in the brain…OK not technically but it sure makes everyone feel more energetic and happy.


And¬†you stay there until¬†you hear someone talking about chocolate and you¬†have the sudden urge to get out and explore…the kitchen. ūüėȬ†

Meal Plan for December

Tuesday: Fancy Tuna Sandwiches/

Wednesday: Sloppy Jo’s/Salad/Pear Cobbler

Thursday: Chicken Alfredo/Green Beans

Friday: Left over night!¬† Yay for me ūüôā

Saturday: Beef Stew/Biscuts

Sunday: Apple Pork/Salad

Monday: Dinner with friends

Tuesday: Chicken Cassarole/Mixed Veggies

Wednesday: Salmon/Rice/Broiled Carrots

Friday: Left over night! Yay for me ūüôā

Monday: Pot Roast/Potatoes/Carrots/ Salad

Tuesday: BBQ Ribs/Biscuts/Salad

Dear Neighbors

Dear Neighbors,

What a welcome you gave me last night. I almost forgot what it was like to hear you guys talking through the walls at night. It brought a smile to my face as I tried to cover my ears with my blankets but could still hear you. Thank you for only talking. Thank you for not arguing like you did on our second night living here. (Trav and I prayed tons for you that night)

You are a part of our nightly¬†routine¬†and it doesn’t bother me. Even though I’m writing a half way sarcastic letter to you on the internet. I still run to the door to try to see yout hrought he peek hole if I her you locking your door but you’ve been able to maintain your identity a secret. Well, my loud talking/fighting/and other things negihbors, I am going to be surprising you this next week. Emma and I are going to be making Christmas cookies and she will decorate in her perfect way and you will not be able to resist. You will take them, eat them and then maybe, just maybe we will strike up another conversation in the elevator or hallway.

Then I will be able to stalk you and ask you if I can have sugar when I’m out and need to go shopping. I will get to live my dream of asking my neighbors favors like they did in the 50’s TV shows. Because TV can become real. I’m still looking for a wardrobe I can escape into.

Your neighbors

Polish Restaurant in LA

We went to an amazing Polish¬†restaurant¬†tonight here in LA. (can’t believe I wrote that sentence!) Trav and I went with a couple that we had met here who care called to Mexico. They are super nice and passionate for the families in Mexico who have nothing. They not only build houses and provide food for the many touched by their ministry, but they reach the people’s spiritual needs more importantly.


We ranted and raved about how amazing Polish food is and as we sat down I realized that there was a chance they might not like it! They’re called to a country that eats mostly beans and rice so what would they do with stuffed cabbage and¬†sauerkraut¬†stew? (which is my favorite)


They gave us soup, salad, main course and dessert. Crazy good food! This is a picture of the amazing salad that I devoured- and I don’t like salad. I run away from anything that looks like close to it.


The food guy ate here! I was so impressed and happy we tried this place! (thinking of you Amy!) They also decorated wierdly. Like with a rabbit with ears…um, yeah. Hey, made me smile! It was so good to hear Polish again it actually surprised me. I practiced whatever minimal Polish I knew and was apparently¬†understandable because she started talking to me a million miles a minute and I was like….”uh, tak?” ( “uh, yes?”) then we all laughed.

After that Travis in his all knowing wisdom answered her questions. I have a lot of Polish to learn!


I have more pictures to upload but I’m both tired and cold. Bed time. More pictures to follow in the morning!

National Bundt Cake day!

Happy National Bundt Cake Day! I have been looking forward to this day to try new recipes and, as it turns out, I went totally predictable and went seasonal. Boring. But my taste buds aren’t complaining. If you have 30 seconds PLEASE go check her out. It is because of her that I even know of this holiday. She has been leading up to this day with 30 bundt recipes! Seriously, bundt cakes are her passion and we get to reap the¬†benefits¬†with pictures that make me want to lick the screen. Hmm, not sure that’s a benifit…but anyways she is amazing and dedicated to say the least. And creative, meatloaf bundt anyone? Personally, I just have fun looking at her pictures, she’s the one who makes the cakes at 5:30am. Hah!

I’ll be in LA, which is where she lives, this week for a fundraising conference and would love to meet her if nothing else but to eat her cakes! (No offense Food Librarian, I’m sure you’re very nice hehe)

OK, so enough rambling, just go check out her blog. Here is my bundt cake to celebrate this very special, very sacred holiday.


My Bundt cake is a Pumpkin Spice cake with raisins. Topped with a Vanilla Glaze. I double glazed it. Double the calories. Double the goodness. I also froze the mini’s for a dreary day. Planning ahead. For when I’m feeling lazy wanting to surprise Travis with a dessert.


New dress

Thank you for the new dress Lois, It’s great ūüôā


I’m smiling at Trav who’s finally getting ready for the day- at noon. Gotta love Saturdays. ūüôā My hair was wet and un-styled but that’s not the point. I got the belt at Goodwill and the boots are a present from my brother. (Aldo) You can’t tell but I’m also wearing a blue tank top under the dress and a silver plated leaf necklace.