Pumpkin Raisin Bread with Vanilla Glaze

Rain. Wind. Wonderful family time resulted in Pumpkin Raisin Bundt Cake with a Vanilla glaze. The mini bundts are sitting inside my freezer waiting for a day when they’ll show their faces and then be eaten. Tough life they have.


I squeezled when they came out and Trav rolled his eyes. Hehe He then ate one and loved it.


Go see her for amazing bundts! She’s doing bundts until November 15th-NATIONAL BUNDT DAY! I’m excited and am trying to think of a really cool cake to  make…


Enjoy the picts 🙂


Yesterday at church we watched a video that had missionary friends of ours. Watching them was wonderful and surprisingly emotional. I had tears in my eyes and desired to be with them and be missionaries ourselves. I can’t deny the huge pull to Poland and even though there are moments of discouragement and tiredness (and we haven’t left yet!) I have a strong conviction and excitement to move there and follow whatever God has for us there.

I think the hardest and most daunting task is learning language. It for sure seems like a HUGE mountain and that I will never get over. It doesn’t help that the laptop we have died and it had our Rosetta Stone on it. So we are reinstalling it again on our main home computer. Looking forward to that actually-learning Polish. It’s a very hard language so I’d appreciate your prayers. 🙂

Oma and Emma


This is my mom’s favorite thing in the world. Well, besides Quizno’s sandwiches and Toffee Nut Latte’s . Spending time with Emma and shopping with her. Heaven on earth.



Trust me. It makes all things heavenly. MAGGI. It’s a salty liquid seasoning that is UNBELIEVABLE! I grew up with it and will force, preasure and do make others try it. MAGGI. It is amazing and always changes their lives. (for the good of course! lol) Thank goodness they have it in Poland!


Thank you mom. Every time I taste it I have warm family memories and look forward to making my own with it.

Love you.

Meal Plan

Good for me- boring for you. Here’s some color to brighten your rainy blustery day (if you’re here in Portland)

Monday: Pioneer Woman Recipe

Tuesday: Artichoke with Chicken dish

Wednesday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Thursday: Tacos/Burritos

Friday: Left over night

Saturday: Enchiladas, Chips

Sunday: Homemade Pizza

Monday: Beef Stew, Biscuits

Tuesday: Pork Chops

Wednesday: Breakfast Night

Thursday: Left over night

Friday: Polish Restaurant

Saturday: Chicken Marinara

Sunday: Stuffed Peppers

Grandpa and Grandma GiGi

When we visit my family Emm goes straight for the animals. My mom is watching our two cats and my dad and Lois have a dog named Dakota. EMMA LOVES THEM! But what Emma loves just as much a Dakota is his kennel. She LOVES climbing in and pretending to lay down and nap. Yes it’s disgusting. There is hair and I bet dried slobber in there. Gross. But she’s two and we clean her up when she’s finished playing in there.


My dad though loves the fact that Emma climbs in the kennel and plays with her around it. He won’t go in himself but he’ll encourage her to climb on in. Thanks Dad. Thanks for trying to feed her Dakota’s treats. She was mad at me cause I said no.


My dad teaches her important things. Like how to make as much of a mess as possible. I have a theory he has her do things just to make him laugh. Also, I think he’s trying to be the grandpa he had when he was a kid- his Pa. That makes me nervous. 😉  That’s OK…he’s a grandpa. And Emma loves him tons. Lois is there to fulfill the other half. She’s always there to read her personalized stories, fill her up with Chocolate milk and Apple juice and go visit the park.

DSC_0351.JPG DSC_0347.JPG

You both are wonderful and I am so glad you are close enough to be apart of our lives. Emma loves you guys so much and looks forward to seeing you. Well, you and your piano. hehe Thank you for teaching her things we are not able to teach her in loft living. Such as: dogs go poop in the grass in backyards. 🙂 She still reminds me of the time she saw Dakota using the restroom outside.


Long Earlobes? Hope not!

I have a phobia about having huge dangly earlobes when I’m older. Shallow? Yes. Do I think about it? Yes. And do I make earrings to try my best to not let it happen? Yes.I made these earrings today and they are super light and even though I feel them swinging I know that my earlobes are safe. (hehe) Enjoy! And I’m thinking of doing abother giveaway soon with jewelry…still thinking about it.


Those purple ones are special to me cause I was wearing them as Emma was born. 🙂 I added a new hook to them but I hope to not loose them but later give them to Emma. Is that weird?

Here is my favorite one I made from today: