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” You are beautiful beyond discription too marvolous for words. Too wonderful for comprehention, like nothing ever seen or heard, Who can grasp Your infinite wisdom, who could fathom the depth of your love?! “

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The Garden and Chickens

I mentined earlier that we are staying at a place that is a farm. They don’t have cows right now, but they have a beautiful garden, a horse, dogs, cats, chickens, a field where they keep their cows and harvest … Continue reading

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Battling sickness

This past weekend sickness had come to visit and didn’t leave till Tuesday. I was randomly and horribly sick Saturday and Sunday and lovingly passed it to Trav. Who was then sick Monday and Tuesday. I have been praying that … Continue reading

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Cheap Labor

Travis taught me how to change the sizing of the pictures and so now they will be bigger! yay! 🙂

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I’m dead meat…

I know I’m dead meat when I push the ‘publish’ button at the end of this post but I HAVE to do this post. And the reality is that I have been planning on posting this for months now, and … Continue reading

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Laughter is medicine

Don\’t make me sing A must watch!

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A good pair

I thought I would update you on some pictures of Emma at the park. Travis took them (and did amazing) and I photo edited them. We’re a good pair don’t you think?!

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Helpers and Emma ‘swimming’

Took some pictures of our fun night packing ip our house. We had dear friends come over and helped until 1am! THANK YOU ALL! I obviously had fun with photo shop 🙂 hehe here you go! And Corey I love … Continue reading

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