Memorial Day

Memorial day is finishing up and we had an amazing day! Lunch with missionaries and friends and then off to Build a Bear with Emma. I am so happy Travis didn’t work today. It’s been relaxing and fun all day. Here are a few pictures of our adventures.

Oh and I’m going to have to post my meal plan on this tomorrow. Boring for you-fun for me.

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Rainy day brings cute pictures

We woke up to a rainy day today. It made me smile. And in honor of Spring I decked out Emma in her rain gear and we headed out to jump around in mud and puddles. But when we got out it had stopped raining and we couldn’t find any puddles! How lame is that?!

She still wanted to jump around and since it was sprinkling kinda I took a few picts.

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I am still exploring the wide world of photo editing and it’s amazing to say the least. I made a couple collages, one about food and the other is of Trav, Emma and I in Krakow this last January.

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I’m also changing my blog name back to it’s original name. ‘Perspectives of a Child’ for oh so many reasons. One is that I’m accepting that I’m a child in many ways, both good and bad. I’m immature in many ways and am struggling to grow up and mature. And it’s hard work! I am also the child of an all powerful God and am learning to take authority in His name and do what He asks me to do. Also hard work.

With all that said, this will be a small glimps into my life through the eyes of a child.

Picture overload

Yes I am aware this is the 3rd time I’m blogging today. But I’m so excited!!! With this new camera I can finally take the kinds of pictures I have been yearning, yes yearning, to upload. Here is an example. Simple grilled cheese sandwich with bbq chips. No recipe needed or explanation. But honey, doesn’t the picture speak for itself! Wowsers!


Please take the time and click on it to see it at it’s ‘should be looked at’ size. 🙂

I will finish it off with a picture nobody can compete with…oh yeah baby!


showing off my daughter…easy to do

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Emma and I went to the main cpark and because of the overcast day there it wasn’t busy. I was having so much fun taking pictures and using new features that I was feeling super duper generous. So I took her out to chocolate milk.

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Click on the picture to see it larger. Really pretty. 🙂 And now I know how to copywrite all my pictures. Yay!

new camera

We got a new camera yesterday and I’m really excited.  It’s a Nikon D5000. This will allow me to do some creative photos that I am *hoping* to someday sell. Emma and I went on a walk today to give the camera a test drive. The below pictures are without photo editing, I’m still trying to figure it all out and it’s frustrating. Anyhoo, Emma enjoyed the walk and was super patient with a mommy who stopped every few feet.

DSC_0072.JPG DSC_0067.JPG

really frustrated about the sizes. I’m figuring out the dimensions and what they should be. Tons more picts but not enough patience right now on my side. Fist task, photo editing.

Oma and Opa

Emma and I went to my Oma and Opa’s this last week. It was nice, quiet, relaxing…oh and I think I must have gained 10 lbs just from all the amazing food my Oma made! Love you guys and thank you for allowing me and Emma to come and visit.

Change is coming…

Change is coming. I was looking at a couple new blogs today (OK maybe not a couple. Do they have a class for blogging addicts? Probably) And I was once again challenged by the title and type of blog I have verses want. So with that said, I am writing down a huge list of things I want my blog to be about. And even silly things like font, colors, title change and templets.

So in the next couple days, like maybe this weekend, things will be a little different. But better. More simplistic. Any ideas on cool colors, links, templets or ideas in general?

Mothers day gift

So for Mother’s day we went out to a market and I picked up a couple things for myself, thanks Trav. 🙂

I love them! So pretty and I’m somehow bringing them to Poland with me…we’ll see how it goes.

Beautiful huh.

It’s just a beautiful huge mug, that I’ll use for flowers or soup. The other thing I got was an oil holder thingy.