Mod Retro Indie Clothing

You know those adds that are on the side of your Facebook page? I clicked on one this morning (which I never do) and found the most amazing site EVER!!! You must check it out here. You will thank me later. In my opinion it’s better than Etsy even! It has all kinds of vintag-y and retro and current styles. rings, shoes, dresses (and oh the dresses!), shirts, pants and purses.

Here are some things I would LOVE to get…hint hint family members.

*Warning: When looking at this site, make sure you have at LEAST an hour. It’s addictive

You have to look online at the black dress. The detail and lace is unbelievable! What a perfect black dress…

There are 2 items that really jumped out at me and made me yearn to hold them in my little hands and hang them in my closet. The shirt above is one. I LOVE and I mean LOVE anything hinting to 1800’s period clothing. The shirt above is close to perfection in my mind. Uh, present anyone?!

And last but not least is the most adorable, ‘I NEED’ swimming suit. I am needing a new one, my other died on me, and I’m dreaming of owning this. Most one pieces are boring and well, lets just be honest: lame-o with a capital L. This however says fun and adorable. And best of all, I can feel comfortable in it, which is the main point anyways.

Happy National Peanut Butter Lovers Day!…1 month late.

I love peanut butter more than I like chocolate. It’s creamy and just so wonderful, and when I saw there was a day set aside for Peanut butter lovers I was like, ‘Yeah!’. However it was on March3rd. Travis’ birthday. So here is my tribute to that wonderful day, even though it’s celebrated about a month late. It’s never too late to honor that wonderful spread.:)

I just so happen to be married to a peanut butter snob. Which is ironic because he doesn’t rally care for it anyways. I prefer creamy to crunchy, but if I cooking with it I prefer crunchy. He just hates the sugar-y kinds. Like JIF. I just so happen to have it in my cupbards so it’s what I used. I can totally taste the sugar but it doesn’t bother me.

Why mess with a classic?! Peanut Butter with currant jelly. Yum!


Thai Peanut Chicken with Brown Rice…yum. I had no soy sauce! So had to improvise. I added peanut butter, maggi, water, tons of garlic and fresh ginger. It tastes great.

And I had to have a dessert. I was gonig to make the Peanut Butter Balls but I already did that. And I had no time. So I did this instead- SO GLAD I DID!!! Nutella, marshmellos and peanut butter. Sigh…so good.

Mr. Peanut Butter and Mr. S’moore instantly clicked when they met each other. They’ve become BFF’s since.

Interpersonal Thoughts

God has recently shown me areas where I desperately need His help and especially His healing hand. In a sick way, I feel real and normal. I guess I can express it in some ways like this:

Change will always come and sit with me and what I need to decide is how to respond. I can resist, be hurt or I can grapple with what needs to change in me and forge ahead.

In regards to my healing, Ripping off a band aid always stings…and I hate it when it stick to the hair on my arms. Ouch. Yet sometimes, air needs to dry it out.


These areas in myself are always in my thoughts and I struggle with either pulling them too close and drowning in my own self inflicted pain OR push them away and live in denial. Not a good thing either.  Many people at our church would call that a double bind. Damed if you do, damned if you don’t. Besides, having these areas of insecurity, hurt, ect. doesn’t allow me to give all of myself to the people God has called me to. The last thing I want to be is egocentric.  So, which is the better for me… and also others?…kinda an obvious answer. I think it’s time I rip off bandages that, as a young child, I have camouflaged as part of my skin. The reality is that my wounds are in fact infecting my body and hurting those closest to me.

I am also writing this to give me some  ‘umph’ to join a group we have at church. It’s called Tangled Relationships. I hope to enjoy it and have this help me in some well… relational areas. Duh. haha

I think this is why I so desire Spring. The time for new growth and breaking new ground.


* If you don’t know me by now, you need to know I struggle with being way too compartmental. Had to say that before switching subjects so quickly from something deep and emotional for me to something seemingly shallow.

March 3rd was National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day. I LOVE peanut butter (thank goodness they have it in Krakow!! Woot woot!) and even though I didn’t celebrate it on it’s due day…I will be celebrating tomorrow. 🙂 By making tons of treats, PB&J for lunch also a Thai Peanut Chicken dish. 🙂 Pictures to follow, of course, and I also hope to draft a couple blogging friends to do it with me. We’ll see how it goes with such short notice.

Peace out my peeps!

Homemade Crayons

I was looking at a couple favorite blogs and came across what I wanted to make for Emma’s party favors for her birthday party. Homemade crayons. Super simple and really cute to me. I’ll add a couple other cutsie things to thehir goodie bag but I really had a lot of fun making them.

If you’re interested, go ahead and try it- SUPER SIMPLE AND FUN!!! 🙂  (But don’t try it if you’re going to Emma’s party, you’ll get one!) I used Trav’s old crayons from when he was little. Can you believe it?! His mom saved his crayons! I’m making one for Emma so she can color with the same crayons as her daddy. Of course I’ll take a picture of them coloring together. 🙂

Here is his old coloring box. Remember these?! You can barely see his name written on it. 🙂

The longest part was taking off the paper. Tedious but kinda nice listening to music and soaking up sun streaming through my windows while Emma naps. (it’s a great day today!)

After that just put them in  rubber molds. I have heart shaped ones that I snaggede a couple years ago in the $1 Target area. Perfect shape for a Princess ‘Thank you!’

Pop these bad boys in the oven 200′ F for about 30 min. Take out, let cool and pop them out! 🙂 Mine are still cooking, so tomorrow I’ll post her coloring with them. Have a great Wednesday!!!

Apples and Castle

What a day! The sun is shining, Emma is pretending to be a mama (breaking my heart!), watched the latest episode of CASTLE which is an amazing show that I really am into and love!

Cute Cute!

I also found some things that Emma left for me. hehe Both of which make me smile. How I love her!

Isn’t this cute!? She was having snack and as I looked up I saw what was the beginning of a trail of semi eaten apples. Which of course made me laugh and reach for the camera. Yes, in case you’re wondering, she did end up eating the whole apple.

Look what I found in the MILK CARTON!!!!!

Meal plan 4/22

Once again, this is for me. Have a great Sunday.

Monday: Pepperoni/Olive Pizza

Tuesday: Eggs/Sausage /Pancakes

Wednesday: Crab Cakes

Thursday: Tuna

Friday: Left over night! Yay for me!

Saturday: Chicken Cassarole

Sunday: Mexican Chicken Tortilla

Monday: Black Bean Soup

Tuesday: Tuna Melts

Wednesday: Taco Night

Thursday: Minastrone soup

Friday: Left over night! Yay for me!

Monday: Chili w/ homemade biscuits


Spring is here and even though there are days of sun and blossoming trees, there is a part of me that is waiting and maybe even yearning for the rain. I tend to be a pretty symbolic person and I feel the desire to wash myself of all the crusted stuff that has caked itself to me during the winter months and wash it off. Negative attitudes, periods of loneliness and just tiredness of the daily grind. I want the refreshing cleansing that happens in the spring time.

Just the smell of a rainstorm coming brings me hope and excitement. And I see that it will take many ‘rainstorms’ to wash off the grime I have on me. But I welcome it and wish for it…just some thoughts.

I am signing for the Easter program to the song, I Will Rise by Chris Tomlin. I am SO excite to be able to be apart of such a special song that will reach so many people. I think it will be on utube later sometime. I’ll hope to post the link. Most people don’t now that what we are signing is not the words that people sing. We have to translate it and as we sign something like…’I confess life good’ when you’re singing, ‘ I can say it is well’. It’s a heart translation. Anyways, after we translate it and memorize the signs we then have to combine the signs to the words you are singing. So event hough it looks like we’re signing what we’re mouthing…we’re not. It’s not that easy and a bit challenging. Most people don’t know that and say, ‘You did a good job dancing’. (Dancing!? Really?! Come on, really?! *Sigh, they meant it to be a compliment. I have to remember that. 🙂 ) Anyhoo, here is the song we’re doing and the words translated. Hope you can see the differences, I think it’s fun and interesting. But that could be me being nerdy. 🙂

Can you see which paper Emma got her creative hands on? 🙂

I made quesadilla’s for lunch because I wanted to eat sour cream. Pudding is my and Emma’s special treat today. 🙂

No, I have no idea what I was thinking when this picture was taken. Maybe I was trying to look tough…didn’t really work though. 🙂

I was curious if you have heard of or like/love Missy Higgins. She is one of my most favorite singers and there’s just something about her voice that captures me. Like it’s relatable. She has a song titled, ‘The Special Two’ and there is a phrase she sings that touches me every time I hear it. I can’t remember her exact words, but it’s similar to : ‘Life will lock you up and Truth being your only key’

Amazing huh. Oh, Emma just woke up. Gotta go. We might go to the park with all the other sun deprived families in Portland who flock to patches of grass on the weekend. 🙂

Real fast

OK, real fast. I don’t have a lot of time today to blog. But I wanted to catch you up and say hi. Today has been filled with good conversation and tonight with our BEST friends and fun! I’m looking forward to it. Emma loves and I mean loves their kids. 🙂

The sun is shinning and I have a short amount of time to do laundry and admin things. Oh fun. Hope your day has been

Nachos and haircuts

Today we had a wonderful family day! Nothing says lounging like nachos and snuggling

the sour cream and salsa is missing in the pictures. But nachos wouldn’t be complete without them.

Emma also thought Chloe looked hungry. They both would live on cheese so why wouldn’t her furry friend like nachos too?!

I had a dream last night that I was giving myself pixie bangs…so after taking a shower I thought, ‘what the heck’ so I took scissors to my hair. Pretty happy with how it turned out.

I can’t believe St. Partrick’s day is Wednesday. Not my favorite holiday but I suppose it’s an opportunity to wear green, a color I don’t wear much. I hope you have a great Sunday and that you are able to go to bed early. Heck, I hope you were able to stay snuggled in your pj’s all day today and eat brownies, cereal and watching movies.


We made play dough today. It was my first time and was so much fun- and easy too! Can you believe that I didn’t remember to take pictures of it?! What was I thinking?! Oh well. Here is the recipe. I had to put in more water because it was too dry. And I also didn’t add colors- because I didn’t want to fight dyed hands for weeks, plus all the colors jumble together right? Enjoy!:)

Uncooked Playdough


  • Bowl
  • 1 cup cold water
  • 1 cup salt
  • 2 teaspoons vegetable oil
  • Tempera paint or food coloring
  • 3 cups flour
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch


  1. In bowl, mix water, salt, oil, and enough tempera paint or food coloring to make a bright color.
  2. Gradually add flour and cornstarch until the mixture reaches the consistency of bread dough.
  3. Store covered.