Cajun Talapia

I have found the easiest meal EVER. Just bake a couple Cajun seasoned fillets of Talapia in the oven at 350’F for about 15-20 min (of until flaky) and you have the best fish ever. I found my fish at Safeway and it was $1 for 1 fillet- not too bad in my eyes. You can also buy them in bulk. Trav really liked it and I’m sure I’m going to make this a staple in our home. And I’m thinking about fish sandwiches too- one of Trav’s favorite sandwiches (yuck!) But I’m sure he’ll love it. 🙂

Talapia and dip

I also made the tarter sauce. It’s mayo, sour cream, chopped garlic and lots of dill.I don’t have the  measurements because I made it based on the consistency. Sorry, but I hope you make this- it’s an amazing meal in less than 30 min. Bingo. Have a great weekend.

Talapia with Olive bread

Christmas Ornaments

Yes, I am fully aware Thanksgiving is next week and I’m posting about Christmas. But I am making ornaments for Emma’s  tree. (she has her own- the one Trav bought while he was single)  I got a bunch of old handmade ornaments I made while I was a child and I was so excited to begin Emma’s collection. Enjoy 🙂

My old Christmas ornament

Didn't learn my lesson from way back then hehehe

I’m still working on putting toys away- card stock, crystals, head pins, punches, ribbon and fabric. I think they’re pretty just looking at them. But that’s just me.


finger nail paiting

Emma took advantage to show me that shewas paying attention while I was painting her nails. She will be able to do it herself soon…* sniff sniff

Mr. Rudolph

Adorable no?!  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Blue Star

Have a happy weekend- I won’t be posting till we come back. 🙂

Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

We’re going to the Oregon coat this weekend for our college age retreat. Trav and I are looking forward to connecting more with our friends and fellow leaders there since we won’t have anything to do but talk! I’m looking forward to the cloudy skies and the windy weather. I always like to bring my journal out and reevaluate my life and see what is good, needs changing or encouraging. Have a great weekend!

Kerby Vacuum Salesmen

Lucy vaccuming

I feel like this when I vacuum. I hate it. It’s one of those detestable chores that you have to do or else it looks and feels horrible inside your home. That is, if you have carpet- and we do. I am SO looking forward to the day when we move to Poland and we won’t have tons and tons of carpet to vacuum. *sigh, it will be heaven. But until then I get to do this never ending lovely job.

Just this morning I was pressured shmoozed lied to pushed encouraged ‘asked’  to allow a Kerby saleswoman (from Tacoma) into my home with her assistant to clean ‘only two stairs’ so they could get their quota of cleaning a person’s house AND they would be in the drawing for a cruise to Mexico. But only if I allowed them to clean some carpet and apparently it took 2 people to clean the 2 steps….. Really lady? Really?! Come on…..I’m not stupid. I know how their slimy little system works (because I said yes one time…ugh there was an experience)

During her explanation of the AMAZING offer I could get, showing off her pink diamond encrusted tongue post, my cat escaped outside, Emma came and wanted to see who was at the door and basically it boiled down to this: They are strangers asking to come into my home to clean something. It would be nice in a perfect world, but there have been incidents of horrible things happening to people from so called sales-people. I am a short, little woman alone with a short little baby in my house. Easy targets- I don’t look that threatening. So I said no thank you.  More pressure. Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! They later came back to my house to pressure ask me again if they could do it. I didn’t open my door.

Here is a hilarious account of what would happen if you said yes. No joke, this is word for word. Really look at it- it’s funny.

Eyeshadow is my t-shirts

To wear or not to wear, that is the question. I am liking make-up and especially eye-shadow more and more. I find myself buying some here and there wherever. Dollar store is my favorite- they sell Maybelline and Cover girl. You can’t beat $1 for a good quality line. Anyhoo, to get back on track, today I looked in my bathroom and thought, ‘this is wrong’. How much make-up can one girl or I mean woman need. (I forget I’m a grown up sometimes)

But I quickly told myself that I don’t buy T-shirts so it’s OK. Confused? Well, being in the Pacific Northwest I notice that many, and I mean many, people here wear and buy TONS of t-shirts. Long, bright, dull, thin and short. If it’s for sale- someone somewhere here will buy it. I think it is the official item of clothing here. Those with a Columbia jacket over it. But I have a secret…that’s not a secret once I publish this post- I don’t like t-shirts! Gasp! I know, I think I own maybe…hmmm….3? And they’re all to sleep in. I know. Crazy. But all these people here spend tons of money on replenishing them but don’t buy that much make-up. Sometime I feel weird and purposely don’t wear much just to fit in.


A beautiful make-up kit. I have nothing like this at home, but wouldn’t mind this at all! I’m praying that my mom will buy me a couple eye shadow kits I showed her in Seattle. (hint, hint mom- I know you read my blog!)


I on the other hand, don’t buy t-shirts – instead buy eye-shadow. Colorful and fun! I love looking at different colors and seeing how I want to fiddle around with it in the mornings. (OK fine, I get ready more like 11am while Emma takes her nap) I even love going on u-tube and watching videos of how to do different looks. Fun stuff.

One day I felt really shallow and did some self searching. I didn’t want to be some shallow person who pays too much attention to ‘dressing’ myself up and payingn too much attention to the outside of me- if that makes sense. I thought about this for about…4 months I think. I wrestled and went up and down in my decissions. But in the end, I had to find out why I like putting make up on. Is it because I like color and it’s fun to play with make-up? Or is it because I think I look better with it on? I came to the realization that right now, and I have to keep checking myself, I am happy playing. I like- no LOVE all the pallets of eye shadow and the fun it is. Trying, trial and error (and oh how much error there is!) to see what shirts go best with certain shadows. Make-up also takes precedence over my shoes- it’s my ‘other’ accessory.

But I have a 1 1/2 year old daughter. What do I think about make up and her? I don’t let Ema play with any of it, just the brushes. She sticks it in her ears and loves the tickling feeling. I encourage it.  And I think I have to be careful with her because she already LOVES putting on lip gloss and lotion. Not a bad thing, pretty cute actually, but I want to stay close to her as she grows up and puts it on. You know- to find out, talk about and encourage her to put make up on for the right reasons.

makeup brushes

(this make up brush kit is for you Jamie- and look, it even has snaps to keep it closed! I wish I could buy this for you…but alas I’m poor. But you can have this picture. Consider it from me to you 😉 )

Happy National Bundt Cake Day!

Yes, today is the day you have been waiting for. I am sure you, like I, have been waiting expectantly for this wonderful day to arrive. I have been following an amazing blog and she is way into bundts. And when I say way, I mean WAY. She has been making bundt cakes everyday for the past 30 days! Beautiful pictures so please go and visit her. And if you want to mention my name, that’s OK with me. 😉

I made a Chocolate Coffee Bundt cake with Peppermint Mocha icing.  It has chunks of chocolate chips in it as well as instant coffee so it should taste somewhat coffee-ish. The icing is just peppermint mocha coffee creamer and powdered sugar. Unfortunately for the hard core bakers who are reading this- this is from a mix. Why? Because of a combination of no time, laziness and limited ingredients. I can’t wait to eat it- yummy!

No calories at all!

You can come over and have some with me. I just require that you bring many compliments and smiles.

You can come over

Pumpkin Bread

I have had this recipe for forever and have successfully procrastinated this recipe for I think 4 months. It seemed every time I opened my pantry there the ingredients were staring back at me telling me how hard it will be to make. Well, I finally did it! And no, or course the recipe wasn’t as hard as I was making it out to be. I think it took about…30 min to make and bake it. Easy shmeezy.

It feels like I accomplished some large obstacle and now have the power to take on bigger…HUGER feet’s like cleaning the bathrooms and taking out the garbage ON THE SAME DAY. Holy cow, stop the presses- yes I’m thinking about doing a lot today. hehe I love exaggerating. I think I would die if I didn’t do it.(hehe get it?) I always exaggerate and that is what makes me me. OK, so back to the recipe. You can go here to get it. I’m too lazy to write it all down here, plus you can convert it to the metric system and make it in Europe or wherever! It’s SO good on a fall day and I think next time I’m adding raisins- oohhh or even better rum soaked raisins.That would make for an unbelievable taste. Pumpkins and raisins just seem to be good friends. Total, it makes 3 loaves. I am freezing 2 and having one to have with tea. Enjoy and happy November- I hope your heat is on, you are drinking tea and all snuggled in a blanket. 🙂



I am not a meat person. Like most females, I could eat veggie for a long time before eating a chunk of steak or something. Nor do I crave chicken or fish. However, since I married a man who thinks ‘if you don’t have meat it’s not a meal’, I had to incorporate meat into my meal plans. *sigh  But it’ so slimy and sometimes bloody. Not something I look forward to preparing. However, it has been a challenge how to cook meat into meals and not have them all tasting the same too. Do you have that problem? Does chicken taste the same no matter how you cook it? No? Oh, I guess it’s just me then.

Well yesterday I made an EASY chili that literally take like no time to make. I added corn and celery to get more veggies into the meal. It’s not the typical chili I make but it’s tasty and different from the norm in our house. Plus, with all this cold weather we’ve been having, it’s perfect on a chili night…hehe get it? chilly? hehe ANYWAYS… here is the recipe. Basically just dump whatever you want in the pot and cook. Chili isn’t chili without sour cream and cheese, cheese and more cheese! I also made cornbread with it.

1 can corn

1 can red beans

1 can stewed tomatoes

1 can white beans

3 stalks of celery

4 cups chicken broth

1 lb ground meat (I usually use turkey meat)

sour cream and cheese to taste

Chili 101

I’ve made this with turkey chunks too- GREAT idea for any left over turkey meat from Thanksgiving. Or you could slide in some tofu- I’ve had it and it’s good. You can’t even tell the difference. Promise. Just sayin’.

Yes it is yummy

Last of Seattle

Finally posting the last pictures of Seattle. (Mom, I hope you like the picts of you and Emma- I think they turned out great)

I went to the beach on our way out of town because a. I miss the smell of the water b. I love watching ferry’s dock and c. it makes me feel dreamy

Enjoy the pictures and I hope you have a great Wednesday. Today is filed with cleaning, organizing, putting things back and also keeping up with our schedule that didn’t slow down just because we were gone for the weekend. Not that I’m complaining, it’s a normal schedule. I guess I’m appreciating the vacation more since coming back. 🙂

Oma and Emma

Awesome picture of ‘mamama’ and Emma. “Mamama” is how Emma pronounces ‘Oma’. Cute huh.

There you are!

Kingston Ferry

I love riding from Edmonds to Kingston and walking around, getting fat free/calorie free ice cream (is there such a thing?) and looking at incredibly ridiculous items that are way too expensive. The shop owners seem to hope that we left our good sense wherever we came from and are willing to spend $20 for a stupid boat wind sock- sorry lady.


Who wouldn’t want to wake up to THAT in the morning?! Amazing.

Ocean view Being silly

Life is too short to not be silly everyday. I think it is what keeps me from being bitter from all the horrible things that happen in the world.


Scuba divers

Not only is Edmonds known for their cutsie-ness and ferry docks, but also for their amazing underwater gardens. Scuba Divers come from around the world to this little town and ALL YEAR LONG you see them diving. Crazy in my opinion, but that’s because I get cold in 70″F weather. So why would I risk dipping my little body into the FREEZING ice water?  (people have unfortunately died from hypothermia from being in the water too long)No special suit will make me do that. I would rather take pictures of them from inside my warm heated car. Thus the picture above.

Seattle Vacation Pictures

It felt weird typing the word ‘vacation’. I guess it is, but family doesn’t constatute a vacation for me. It’s like another home, so yeah. Today was a mello day so the pictures will show. I’m enjoying my time here and will be happy to be home in Portland too. 🙂

Does this mean I'm vintage?!!

Does this mean I’m VINTAGE?!

Aunt Jamie and Emma

Aunt Jamie and Emma trying out Jamie’s new hermonica.

Our day consisted of many BBQ Chips

Our day cincisted of many BQ chips

Snuffy Snuggly shoes

Snuffy Snuggly Shoes


We’re having a great time here and Emma is being spoiled out of her royel head. We’re coming home with a handfull of goodies, and even more to be opened on Christmas Eve. I’m relaly looking forward to Thanksgiving and the days after- Welcome Christmas!

Right now I’m watching Emma in her froggy pj’s being smothered in the face with a lamb. Oma is wonderful. I have to say that both Mielonen girls miss Trav and look forward to seeing him Tuesday. Good night!