Knobb Hill in the Fall

Today is overcast and rain is off and on. Even though we haven’t ventured outside yet, and we will, we’ve had a fun time indoors. A few things stand out.

First: Emma has learned how to open all the drawers. Oh man…I was really hoping she wouldn’t care about that.*sigh. But of course she loves taking ALL the things out and then walk away like it will clean itself up. (my way of thinking too hehe)

Look what I can do mom!

Secondly, we have our local produce delivered to us (go here to see their amazing site) and in our latest produce box were mini kiwi. I have never seen/heard of them but here they are and of course Emma LOVES them. They have no fur or skinning needed. Just pop those little men in your mouth for a sweet tangy kiwi taste. I was amazed really. God is so creative.

eSee the kiwi seeds?

They're about the size of your thumb.

Teeni Kiwi

Lastly, I had a friend come over and she and I worked on a song I’m going to sign. I am SO excited about this because it’s 1 1/2 yrs in the making. I know God will do awesome things and move people’s hearts. It is a bit challenging though. Not just in signing (it’s way hard) but as a viewer, it’s not a nice cutsie song. It will challenge you for sure. She said that she will put it on u-tube so I’ll link to it whenever that is.  I apologize for the handwriting, I was in a hurry and didn’t think anyone else would be reading it.

Song being translated-what a slow process

~ What did you do today? Oh, and be sure to check out my blog on Saturday…I’ll be posting something really cool. No, not a giveaway, but soon I promise.

In my Fall closet

These pieces are hanging or sitting in my closet. I am totally ready for Fall and can’t wait to wear more jackets and hats. I’ve been really into wearing my jean skirt with light colored tights and then my black wedges. We’ll see how long this lasts though. Fads go in and out. Right now? I’m typing this wearing jeans and a fleece pull over. Nothing fancy. I did however, just come back from my first MOPS group. It was nice and comfortable. We had tons of girly food, a craft (which I rocked on) and a couple speakers. It was nice. I think totally worth the $35 for a year. We are also going on outings to pumpkin patches, coffee get together’s, making meals for families with new babies and no one to help them, etc.
~oh, back to fashion. You know when you walk through a mall and you see pieces that you love but would have nowhere to wear them? Here are a few of mine:
Wish List
Wish List by aemielonen featuring Marni
Aren’t they beautiful?! As you can see, I like the bling. The ring, I suppose is do-able…but I wouldn’t wear it to the next MOPS meeting though. 🙂 Even though I have this picture of the things I wish I had an excuse to wear, I am very happy and satisfied with my Zabra printed bag. I can fit everything into it! And when I’m wearing nothing special, my purse and a little lip gloss makes the whole outfit look put together. Now, I just need to go to a place like…Goodwill and look at their rings, maybe I can find something there I like. If not, I could always go to Target. *sigh, but they make their jewelry so…lets just say I fix a lot of Target jewelry for people. They fall apart, tear, become unglued or a link comes out. We’ll see. I’m in no hurry to buy anything. But Christmas is just around the corner…

Shameless Promoting: The Copper Acorn

Shameless promoting, that is what this post is about. I have a website that you can go here and see, that sells jewelry. The Copper Acorn. I know everyone and their grandmother practically makes jewelry, but I thought advertising like this couldn’t hurt. There are some fun eclectic pieces as well as some heavy pricey stone items too. Here are some that I like a lot. I will be sad to see them go. Oh, and if you go to the site, check out their bios. Yes, I made a bio for each of the items as if they were selling themselves. It’s pretty cute. Enjoy!

You want me, you know you do

Cosmo Girl

Pink Blossoms

Italian Gelato

Ariel's Necklace

Cinderella's Necklace

Croatian Love

My American Mindset

Go here for pictures of our adventure yesterday at the Portland Polish Festival. * cute pictures

On a similar note, I was thinking that I would tell you about something that I’ve been thinking about. Last time we were in Poland, Krakow actually, we went to some people’s house for a small group. All the people there were wonderfully nice and funny. They were in the middle of making 2 homemade pizza’s. ( We didn’t know they were having food prepared. It smelled great but we had eaten before we came…awkward) After about 15 min. the hostess asked us if we would like some.

(*Now I need to pause. In America, when we go to someone’s house where we weren’t expecting food and we just ate before we came…the polite thing is to say no thank you. It’s just this unspoken thing. I guess it stems from the mindset that it would be too much trouble for the hostess to double or triple her work just for one/two extra people. I dunno.)

So we were asked if we wanted this yummy smelling pizza and we smiled and said no thank you. ~Now in missionary school 101 you learn to accept food no matter what’s given to you. You smile, take the food and show them that you understand the time put into the meal and accept the gift of the hostess. Whether it’s baby alligator guts or yummy smelling homemade pizza. And year ago I would have said, ‘Of course I would accept anything!’ But now I see a different side to me that I didn’t know was there. Nothing traumatic happened because we didn’t eat the pizza, but what if. What if they made it just because we were visiting their small group. What if the hostess was offended but didn’t say anything, showing ME grace. *sigh. I am really frustrated with myself and can’t believe I didn’t see what I was doing.

I know that as I live there I’ll see more stupid things I do and slowly learn the Polish way of living. But I don’t want to do it at their expense. You know? It’s not fair to them. ….I really hope God has someone who sees my well meaning American mindset and graciously tells me what the heck I’m doing wrong. The less Poles I offend the better.

American and Polish flag

Teddy Bear Parade

This morning Emma and I went to our cute historic downtown Gresham, OR to see the Teddy Bear Parade that happens every September. It’s cute and mainly aimed for children, but I had just as much fun as she did. I petted the dogs, waved at the man in the embarrassing cute bear costume and even had popcorn. (although it seemed too early to eat popcorn…but it was free and people take whatever’s free huh)

On arriving at my car I saw a tow truck get the car next to me and I thought, ‘Oh man. Their car must not be working. That’s too bad’ Really that was my first thought. The driver then gets out of the car and says, ‘You’re lucky you’re here lady your car almost got towed’ !!!!!!! I was shocked. This is how I’m repaid for the nice, caring, thoughtful thoughts?! Oh man I was pissed driving home. And no, there wasn’t a sign saying anything. I was in front of a business, like everyone else, and they were closed. Oh man, I am was so angry. But I’m over it now. *sigh He was just so rude, mean and  overall disagreeable.

The overall time at the parade was nice though. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

Eating animal crackers before the parade started. (*oma, it's the crackers you got her. thanks!)

Nothing special about the people, I just liked the yellow.

My beautiful flowers- everywhere we went I got compliments on them.

These flowers were only $7 and are HUGE. The picture doesn’t do them justice. I bought them at the farmers market. I NEVER do that and since we arrived 1 1/2 hrs early to the parade (yeah it was boring after a while) we looked through the market and picked up a few items.

Emma with her teddy friends watching the parade

cowgirl emma

today was nice, but i’m feeling lazy and so i’m not going to worry about capitalizing my letters. it’s easier that way.

~this morning emma and i were playing in her room and i decided to introduce her to her cowgirl hat. it was actually travis’ when he was a kid (awww) and now she gets to play around in it. doesn’t she look cute…*sigh.  i thought i would just make it a horse themed day- thus the whole outfit. she’s just so cute you want to squeeze her and never let go.

total model cutie cowgirl all wrapped into on little package

Cowgirl Emma

her horse tights

Kittie Photo Shoot

Do you ever have those days where most things seem pretty? Today is that day for me. Maybe it’s the cooler weather. Who knows. I took a photo shoot of my cats and got some pretty beautiful ones…but also some crack up F.U.N.N.Y. pictures. Those of course, I’ll post. 🙂

Let me introduce you to the other man in the house, besides Trav. His name is Janek, pronounced ‘Yanek’. He is the most lovable cat I’ve ever met. He has never hissed at anything and you could pull his tail or whatever and he’ll just take it. He’s crazy. Trav is very proud to call him, ‘My cat’. Whatever. I still think my Chloe is better.

Hansome Janek

Oh yeah...hehehe

Let me introduce you to Chloe. She is annoyed by most everyone and will swat at you if you get into her bubble. She is NOT pregnant, just fat. She was my first baby. And apart from me (her favorite) she adores Emma. (but that could be because she feeds her people food) She is a closet snuggler and an all around perfect cat for me.


*sigh, I love her so much...

Be nice because I also am posting a picture of myself. I feel a little uncomfortable doing that but when I read blogs I always like to see photos of the writer/blogger so here you go. BE NICE TOO. This is with wet hair and no make up. Why? Because I know you can relate to me when you get out of the shower and have like 5 min before needing to rush out of the door. I also am getting in the holiday spirit by buying some bright Autumn colored candies. Because I don’t eat candy, I’m thinking when the little kiddies come Trick and Treatin’ I’m going to let them take 2 handfuls.

Lemon, Apple, Orange and Cherry

Cinnamon and Butterscotch

What can I do with these now?

These cookies turned out to be a complete flop. I told Trav I was making them for his coworkers…but yeah. They turned out to be little disks of weirdness. Not giving those away. No way.

And finally: me.

No make up and wet hair?! Why am I posting this?!!


I’m feeling better, but I’m typing this one handed because I have a sick sleeping little girl in my left arm. Poor thing. This isn’t obviously going to be long because I would rather snuggle with Emma than type to you. No offense.

Sunday night we went bowling with our small group and it was much more fun than I thought it would be. Everyone is so encouraging. Enjoy the pictures 🙂

Bowling Balls

Daddy and Emma

Blurry but cute

My cheesy HUGE smile

I don’t get sick

I don’t get sick. Not really ever. I think I’m the person who spreads colds, flues, etc. I don’t mean to, but it’s just how it is. Travis was complaining about feeling like he was getting a cold. And I actually got a little excited. I thought of the chicken noodle soup I could make and how I could fuss around him. Crazy I know, who gets excited about that?! Sorry Trav. Well, last night as I was driving home from a birthday party I noticed that my throat was feeling scratchy and sore. Weird. But I never get sick so it won’t come to me. Well all through the night I tossed and turned. My throat now really is scratchy my nose is running and all stuffed up and I now have problems saying our last name normally. (Mielonen- because of the ‘M’s’ and the ‘N’s’) My eyes are also watering which makes me think that it could be seasonal? But here is the important questions…Who takes care of the mom when she gets sick?!  Who will make me homemade chicken noodle soup? Who will bring me snacks, medicine, hot tea, lap tops and books in bed?

So I am up, on the day we can sleep in, sitting on the couch blogging- 7 am people! I dragged my sorry sick self out of bed cause I couldn’t sleep anymore. Horrible. Not only can I not sleep anymore, but my nose is starting to get red from the horrible little Kleenex squares. Who knows…all that matters is that Trav gave this to me. It’s his fault. Heck it has to be someone’s fault right? All I have to say is this better not be given to Emma…* PLEASE God!

Cute dog

Magical Rain

It’s raining today in the greater Pacific Northwest. We’ve been having beautiful weather recently, but every once in a while mother nature reminds us Fall is here. It’s maybe 60′ with overcast skies and has been raining all morning. I’m in heaven.

Like most of you, I have friends who are not wanting the rain, cloudy skies or cooler temps. I understand. I like to do outdoor activities too. I like to go shopping, stroll around downtown, visit the zoo and frequent the local parks with Emma. Yet as I looked out my windows today, I saw a dreaminess that also accompanies Autumn. Fog draped on lower trees, rain pattering on the ground and blankets to snuggle in! So, I set out to show you and some friends how beautiful the rain can be. (and isn’t it calming hearing it from a cracked window?!!!)

Magical Knobb Hill (I just named it one day)

Water Droplets on a plant in our front yard area

So, so, so beautiful! I love the rain...

Beautiful water puddles on our deck