Portland Zoo

I love going to the zoo. Everything about it. Packing a picnic for lunch, looking at exotic animals and being mainly out of our house. But there is one thing I don’t like- all the crazy people (mainly unsupervised children) snuffling their noses against the glass to see a glimpse of a lion. Well today we beat the system and got smarter- we went way early! Like around 9:30 am. We met a friend who has a years membership and got us in free and we strolled our strollers around the empty paths and did whatever we wanted. It was really relaxing actually! (Let’s not get into me getting lost taking many wrong turns/exits on the way there) No it was a great time and even though I did talk yesterday about getting ‘unconventional pictures’  I wasn’t feeling super creative. I was more focused on keeping Emma entertained so she wouldn’t freak out wanting to walk around and snuggle with a lion or leopard. (yes mom, Emma is wearing the jean jumper you got her and it looks freeking adorable on her 🙂 )

I did, obviously, take some photos to post.  ~Amy, thanks for inviting us today, we had a great time. I absolutely LOVE the cheesy smile Rylee gave me. I’ll have to e-mail it to you. Emma slept the entire way home and is now talking in her crib. Crap. Well, lets hope her second nap will be a long one.



Cheesy Smile Rylee

Hungry hungry hippo

Laurel Hurst Park

I know I already posted today, showing you Emma’s cute little purple friend. But today’s outing was too beautiful to keep to myself. There was a yoga class (and I told Trav- ‘just like in the movies!’), people with their dogs, people reading, picnicking and of course the random young couple making out.

Fortunately for you I didn’t take any pictures of them! 🙂 hehe But I did take photos of some amazingly beautiful breathtaking trees. There’s even a picture showing you I’m an real tree hugger. hehe j/k

Enjoy and have a great rest of your night. Tomorrow Emma and I are going to the Zoo with a friend and her daughter. It should be nice and I’ll be looking for unconventional pictures to take. Enjoy!


Family photo

Weeping willow

Tree Huger


A dream

Polish Pottery

There is a whole world out there that collects Polish Pottery. Poland is well known for their amazing techniques and even though I don’t pretend to be in that realm let alone an expert, I do have a couple pieces I’ve picked up.Some in Poland and some here. I’ll probably have a nice collection when we live there. 🙂

The first two boxes are hand carved by hand. So beautiful. I have yet to make anything in the pie dish. The last picture is of a tea cup with ‘Zakopane’ carved in it. That is the city where Travis lived for a year there. Beautiful winter land there. Maybe I’ll learn to snowboard or ski there…we’ll see.


Red box

Treasure box

Tart dish

polish blog 014

Zakopane tea cup

Organics to You

To those of you who know Travis or myself, I am sure you have heard about our fruits and vegetables. Weird, huh. 🙂 Well, we are both very happy customers of a small local company here, in Portland, called ‘Organics to You’. Like most people, there is no way that we could afford buying organic fruits and veggies- it’s just so stinkin’ expensive! That was until I found these people on the Internet and since signing up a year ago, we couldn’t be happier. I think my two favorite parts is that they deliver TO MY DOOR and they cater to my likes/dislikes and fruit allergies. They really are amazing! Of course I have to give their web page: organicstoyou.org

Most every city has something like this. I first found out about this option from a friend who lives in Seattle and does it. I thought- ‘Whoa, I gotta do this’  ~Enjoy the pictures, all the produced shown came in the box along with a recipe that goes with the veggies in it. 🙂  Now to find recipes for them all. Fun stuff. Oh, one last thing I almost forgot:  If you ever buy bunches of herbs, just cut off the bottoms a bit and stick them in water. (just like you do with flowers) They soak up the water and will keep for you way longer. I got Basil and Italian Parsley.


All the Vegetables


Herloom Tomatoes

Herloom Tomatoes-yum.

Wine grapes

Basil and Italian Parsley

Warning: Tons of photos coming your way

I have an obsession with nature. Mainly trees,plants, grass and anything else organic and green. I think all the different shades of green are SO amazingly beautiful. So much so, that I’m seriously thinking about getting another  tattoo. (yes, I already have 2)  I’m thinking an elm tree on my wrist…still on the drawing board though.

So as I was saying, I love anything green. And I’m talking REAL green. Not the fake bright artificial green that turf is made of. Disgusting. Travis is going to be finishing this blog for me with a really cool custom header. One I get to chose and create. I obviously want something green and of nature. That, I thought, would correctly represent myself. After taking a couple (more like 27) pictures, I began taking some of a couple cool trees, branches and sadly, a dying  leaf. (evil insects) Enjoy! I’m planning on taking seasonal pictures and post them with each season as it arrives. I have a couple trees and shrubbery that will turn beautifully bright in Autumn and I’m SO looking forward to that. OK, enough for now. Enjoy your Wednesday as I leave for the dentist. 🙁

~I had to sneak a couple photos of our cats in. hehe

A hill I named: Nobb Hill

Can't see the Forest through all the Trees

Sad Leaf

Pretty Tree Limb



Thanksgiving in August?

I know many who talk about eating a lot during Thanksgiving time. And that’s completely understandable because all the food served is, in my opinion, the best comfort food ever. However, what does it say when you make a pumpkin pie in August wishing it were November?…and the worst part is you eat the ENTIRE pie. (one slim slice was given to Travis)

Pumpkin pie

Empty pie dish

A Beautiful Walk

~A beautiful walk in Duval,WA.  This day was crazy hot and after some super large amounts of ice cream we thought it would be nice to stroll along a popular path. Gorgeous. Breathtaking really. However, about half way Emma started to whine and want to walk herself. So we pushed/ran her stroller to an air conditioned restaurant. Praise the Lord. There, she promptly ate some salsa which was too hot for her and began to not breathe. When she decided to cry screamed so loud- it was really sad to see. She freaked everyone out but thankfully she eventually ate on my lap and with her blanket in her left hand. (which got smothered with re-fried beans)

On the ride home she screamed because we had the nerve to strap her in her car seat. Why would we do that when she CLEARLY did not want to be in the car?! Such horrible parents. She yelled at us for about 1 hr straight as we were going 5 miles per hour when we SHOULD have been at 70.  Yeah, one of those days.

I thought to show you the peaceful part to that day. Enjoy.


Meal Planning

I know, I know- it’s been FOVEREVER since I’ve posted anything about our meals. There seemed to be too many other things to write about, but we all know that’s an excuse. Recently, I’ve been mentally making a list that I go off, but it is WAY easier to blog about it and check it off as each evening arrives.

I just left a friend’s house who wants to, like everyone else, cut the costs at the grocery check -out line. She is like most people and has $200 for 2 weeks. I can save her a $100 for sure. It’s hard though because most of it is pre-planning and making things from scratch and freezing it. And if you’re not used to it, it could seem tedious. Bu, trust me- it’s way worth it when you spend a hundred bucks for 2 weeks for 2 1/2 people. And many of you might be wondering what the heck do we eat?! We eat healthy actually and get organic fruits and vegetables delivered TO OUR HOUSE once every two weeks. Check them out here. That gives me roughly $60 for dry groceries, including meat too. Interested? Comment and let me know who you are- I’ve done meal consulting to many a frantic wife/mother.

Here is my list for the up coming 2 weeks. I stretched our meals an extra week so I get to go grocery shopping twice in 2 weeks! I’m almost giddy! 🙂 (my life is sad I know, but I already know it. Probably no hope too)

Monday: Crepes ( w/blackberry syrup)/Sausages/Fruit Salad

Tuesday: Meatloaf/ Green Salad/ Fruit Kabobs

Wednesday: Tamale Pie/ Cucumber/Tomato/Onion Salad/ Homemade Ice cream Sandwiches

Thursday: Grilled Cheese/Tomato Soup/Milkshakes!

Friday: Left Over Night- Woohoo for me!

Saturday: Taco Night/ Cold Bean Salad/ Iced Sun Tea

Sunday: Chicken Casserole- small group potluck

Monday: Chx Bean Tostadas/Cold Red Rice and Onions and Cilantro

Tuesday: Homemade Pepperoni Pizza/ Garlic Bread sticks/Banana Splits

Wednesday: Cold Chicken Lentil soup/Green Salad/ Crunchy French bread ( bread bowls)

Thursday: Hot open faced sandwiches/Homemade soup/Grilled Peaches w/ Whipped Cream

Friday: Out of town

Saturday: Visiting Seattle

Sunday: Visiting Trav’s parents

Monday: Enchiladas/ Green Salad/Sparkling Pink Lemonade w/ Cranberries

Kitty Whiskers and Paper Parasols

Yes this is the same blog! Crazy change I know. Our family has a blog that uses WordPress and I thought I might as well transfer over since I know it wouldn’t be long till I would eventually switch over. Today I had a movie/family night planned. We’re planning on watching a favorite of mine: Iron Man. I like to pretend before going to bed that I’m a super hero and called on to save the world. While wearing cool outfits and having super powers of course.

Here are a few pictures of our night together. Have a great Sunday!

Threw together what I had. Mixed in lime juice and granulated sugar. Very refreshing!

Travis' favorite. It was really good and fast!

pizza family night 033