And the winner is……..

And the winner of the cards and earrings is………………..
CHARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! yahoo! 🙂
Thank you all for commenting, linking and choosing to following my blog. I can’t wait to get to know you all more through your blogs. (if you have one)
Looking forward to reading your comments in future posts!


It’s Thursday and that means that the contest is over! Sorry for those of you who are coming here today, I’ll give away something bigger next time. But today my sister is going to go through ALL the entries and pick one- a hard job. Tomorrow the winner will be announced! So make sure to come by and see if your name will be in BOLD!

Monday, I was at Safeway buying the only thing that would save me on a hot 107` F Portland day- ice cream. While in the check out lane, there was a chatty man who talked to the whole line about his plans of making yummy chocolate ice cream out of the heavy cream he was buying. My mouth started to water at that point. He also had homemade Ratatouille in the oven AND they had spent all day pressing and filling ravioli’s. OK, people this was ALL FROM SCRATCH! I was impressed to say the least and was almost tempted to think of what I could make from scratch that night. Almost. Stepping out into the heat wall that greeted me was a reminder that all things cold and fast was on our menu for this week.

If I couldn’t be creative in the kitchen at least I could be somewhat creative with my camera. So below are some photos of random things around my house. First because I think you will like them, and secondly because it is a crime to post a blog entry without pictures.

Hot Tamales are my favorite right now
(maybe a representation of our weather recently)

Spaghetti noodle and baby feet. And even cuter, painted baby toe nails

Our last name made cutsie-not too girly with blue and green…I hope

I have a friend who gave me tons of Asian plums from her front yard!
Totally new to me, they are ripe when they turn yellow and are slightly squishy.
A necklace made from all the little extras I had around

my ‘creative studio’ (messiest room in the whole house)

First Give Away!

I can’t believe that I’ve had this blog for about 4 years now! Even though I have never always been steady in my posts, I enjoy the blogging world and love exploring others.

As stated in the title, I am posting my first ever give away! Yes for free!
All you have to do is:
~ comment on my blog

~ Mention my blog on your blog/facebook
(if you want more points, be a follower of me)

*Remember to leave an interesting comment to stand out from the rest! A third party, my sister, will be choosing the winner.
Contest ends Wednesday night.

5 blank Green Organic Dove Cards

Made of Caramel Stones, Gold chain and Champagne Czech beads. One inch in length .

Pizza and Make-up

I have to apologize that I have not been posting the pictures of my meals like I said I would. Some friend had us over for a BBQ on Friday and I made this pizza last night. The dough is my mothers and I love eating it. It is made so fast that it’s a simple homemade dinner for my busy weekday nights.
The pizza was BBQ chicken with red onions.
It was nice, filling and lasts us 2 meals. 🙂

On a different subject, if you know me even a tad bit, you know that I pretty much idolize the Dollar Store. I bring it up in too many conversations to be sure. Among their good deals is make-up. Not the things that you really want to spend good money on (mascara, anti-wrinkle face moisturizer)But they have tons of fun things for eyes and lips. Their eye shadow selection is huge and I think their lip stick/gloss is even larger. It’s always a fun thing to go there and look through what they have. Because it’s not ALL off brand things. Some of my favorites are Maybeline and Loreal. Here is a picture of all the fun make-up I bought at the Dollar Tree recently. My favorite lip glosses are in my purse and are not shown here. Happy Sunday!

My dollar store collection. Fun eye colors mostly

This is my favorite eye shadow at the moment, I bought 4.
Light pink, 2 beige and lastly darker brown.

My make-up collection

Are you up for a challenge?

OK blog readers (and you cheating on facebook), I have a challenge ahead of me and I…’challenge’ you to do it with me. With money being tight, as usually for everyone and our household too, I am faced with making 2 weeks worth of meals with half the money I usually get. (No, this is not normal and there are stupid surprise dentist and doctors visits we have to pay for- things of that nature)

So, I am asking that you would do either two things:
~The first is to do this with me. I challenge you to cut your weekly grocery budget in half and save the other half for…who knows maybe a date with you and a shoe store. I would be more encouraged to know that I am not the only one doing this. 🙂 (please let me know who’s doing this with me!-comment on my blog)

~The second is that I would love it if you would tell me some of your family recipes that stretch. The ingredients must be what a typical person would have in the pantry and feed 3 people. I am taking pictures of all our meals (dinners really) so maybe your meal will be highlighted! I will give you all credit and link to your blog.

Thank you so much for reading, commenting or doing this with me. 🙂

Gift giving…

~I love to give gifts. I just do. Just because.
My friend Melissa, is having her first blog anniversary and it has got me thinking of doing something similar. I have no idea when I started blogging, and yes I know I could look it up…but I didn’t really start writing frequently in the beginning. It was more of a romantic thought and then it went out the window. I think I’m going to look through my ‘creative studio’ (aka messiest room in the house) and see what I have or could make for my possibly first give-away. 🙂 And I promise it will be something you will SO want 😉
Be sure to look at Melissa’s blog and mention my name! 🙂


My sister is coming to town to visit and I’m super excited. We have no plans, like normal, and will probably chill and do random things whenever we feel like it. It’s nice too because she is a built in babysitter! Not having family here is hard and we take advantage of them when they visit. Plus they like it so it works for everyone.

The alligator picture is how I’m feeling and the other kitty ones just makes me laugh. Have a great Tuesday.

Paper parasol

I am helping with a wedding tomorrow. It should be beautiful. Anyways, I’m trying to relax and hang with the family. All the bridesmaids and helping women got lime green parasols. (colors are lime green and bright blue- perfect for a summer wedding). As I’m the coordinator I helped chose them out, I was also able to chose my own parasol out. 🙂

Here are some pictures of it. Have a great weekend.


Sometimes I wish I had a quiet life. Or at least a more low-key one. Sometimes I wish I could just go to the country and spend months there where there doesn’t seem to be so crazy. Probably just my perspective. There is busy-ness everywhere. I have a friend who lives in Seattle and she and her husband live Travis’ and my dream life.
It’s not a rich one with a huge house and expensive things. But they seem to be less stressed out and more…chill. You know those people that are so mellow and ‘whatever’ and life just seems to float by them like a quiet stream? I’m jealous of that. We don’t have waterfalls crashing around us, but we sure feel like we’re in some white rapids.
Even their blog is simple and uncluttered. Maybe that’s it. Their life doesn’t seem so cluttered with things. Then again, our family does know a lot of people and people seem to make life more complicated.
I don’t know if I’m making any sense, and that’s OK. I guess this is just me ranting to myself. Sometimes life makes more sense after writing it out.

Princess Party Picnic

We have 2 parties planned for today. The first is the Princess Party Picnic (yeah, try saying THAT three times fast) and it was such fun. I, of course, made the tutus and headbands. I have many more cute pictures, but I thought that I would post the more grown up ones here.
The YELLOW party which is happening in 1 hour will be posted on Emma’s Blog. In fact, right now I’m beginning to freak out because she woke up around 7:30am and has been in her crib talking. To what? The wall, stuffed friends…who knows. The one thing I DO know, however, is- she must take a nap!!! It wouldn’t be so horrible if the party wasn’t here. But it is so oh, well. It should be an interesting party 🙂

(Adorable Rylee-Emma’s BFF)