Sexy baby?! I THINK NOT!

Today is Tuesday. And I have created a sort of tradition that we do fun things on Tuesdays. Long story as to why…but lets just say that celebrating the mundane/boring/’normal’ is a special thing I want to pass down to my children. So Emma and I went to Baskin Robins to share a scoop pf Cherries Jubulie. I was really looking forward to it since the weather has been heating up.

We walk in and there are a lot of people inside- random I thought since it was around 2pm on a Tuesday, but whatever. (OK, pause. You must also know that I dress Emma as cute as I can every day. I don’t believe she has worn sweatpants or a sweatshirt in public at all. It’s not that I’m a prissy parent or anything. If you were to knock on my door any day of the week in the mornings, you would find Emma and I both in mismatched outfits (according to comfortably) and I usually don’t take my shower till around 11am which is when Emma naps. I just like to show the world what a beautiful baby God gave me. )
All of that to say- as we walked into Baskin Robins, Emma was looking cute. She actually keeps her sunglasses on (which are pink, sparkly and has pink lenses) and also is in love with bracelets. (she also had four on and was jingling them) So I’m the proud parent of how adorable she is and as I’m walking to the ordering place Emma is smiling and waving at everyone (I have a beauty queen on my hands).
This is when it got crazy. The….nice meaning employee (who was roughly around 50 yrs. old and female) yells at Emma and says in a LOUD voice, “Oh! Aren’t you sexy! Sexy baby! You’re just the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen! Hahahaha”
Emma looked at her like she was crazy (thank you Emma) and I just stared at her thinking, ‘what the crap lady! What mom in their right mind would dress their BABY sexy?!!! Yeah- NOBODY. I could not believe it. I should have said something but of course I just smiled and told her my order. I wanted nothing to do with her.
Now at this point I can hear my hubby say that she meant well and blah,blah,blah. All that is totally true and I know she wasn’t wanting me to look at her like she was from another world. But seriously-common lady.
As we left she came over and gave us a wet towel (which was nice) to clean up Emma. She again talked about how sexy Emma was and I wanted to throw up- and in her direction. It wasn’t like Emma was wearing short shorts, or even a dress. Just a polka dot onsie with frills- that’s it. Common people, please don’t call my little BABY sexy!

New background

My camera is not turning on…VERY bad news. So I can’t keep you all up to date with me and my life (as though it’s world altering….) So I was feeling like I wanted to post but couldn’t because of the camera issue.
So I was looking through a site and came across this cook background. I view backgrounds like haircuts- they come and go with the newest popular trend. So since I thought this was cute, here is. I like it. Have a great Friday!


This post is just because I was randomly looking at pictures of when Emma was first born. She was so little (5.5lbs!) and mellow. (hehe, didn’t take her long to grow into her HUGE vocal cords)
She’s napping right now and I’m feeling nostalgic- reminiscing of the days when I was happy to wake up in the middle of the night to hear her little grunts as she ate and snuggle up to her to smell her new baby smell. (even though she wasn’t a snuggle baby…much to my displeasure. But at least she’s grown into it) Now I order food for her off the children’s menu at restaurants! Not OK! At least I have these memories and I can feel happy that I was able to be here to experience them with her. I was there when she said her first word (cat or rather- dat), when she learned to drink out of a sippy cup and the week when she learned to crawl and walk in the same week!
Even though the memories are tinted with sadness because they’re over, I will always consider myself lucky to be a mommy who is able to stay at home and be knee deep in her learning and experiencing. Who cares if she likes to crawl to the cat food and sneak a few kibbles or if she likes to throw her sippy cup just to see me pick it up or ram at the cats with her walker and squeals when they run away from her- it’s all weaved in memories of gold.
She was so little! Even in Preemie clothes…it was her first summer and she was NOT happy that she was in a park. (and me still in prego pants-eek!)
Always ready for the camera-that’s my girl! I think she was around 4 months here
…maybe? She was always great about letting me put things in her hair.
Even today I can put it in a ponytail and she doesn’t take it out.

A friend took this for her one year. Thank you Anthony and Jenny for letting us take over your living room for a couple hours- they turned out perfect! (she still LOVES books-Yes!)

“Mom, will you get that camera out of my face!” -I love her attitude! Well right now at least. I took probably a million of her here because she had her first spaghetti mess and it ended up with me just putting her in the tub. She’s all clean here, but oh that face-priceless.

To now this! A little toddler with bangs…*sniff *sniff
She is ready to tackle the world with her flirtatious personality-she can wrap ANYONE around her shrimpy little finger. I love her so much and am praying that I will be a mommy who will not only be there to smother love on her (that’s the easy part) but that I’ll be a mommy who will show her God gave her wings to fly. And that will mean someday moving away from me… I mean us. And I want to be there to support her and encourage her to be the independent and encouraging person I know she is. I know she will make a mark on the world, my little flirtatious lightening bolt.

Homemade Hummus

I did my first experiment recipe I saw on my computer. (watched an episode online-I love technology) It’s homemade hummus. And it turned out good…Emma even liked dipping it! (although I think she would dip into mud just because she likes dipping) We ate it with whole wheat pita bread, Greece stuffed olives (yummy!) and lettuce. The pictures explain for themselves…although you need to know that once I pulsed everything together so it was chopped, I set it to puree and I then slowly added EVOO until desired consistency. In general hummus is not nice looking anyways, so the picture will look kinda gross, but store bought hummus looks just as nasty. But mine is yummy, healthier and was fun to make.


1 can of garbanzo beans
pinch of salt/pepper
Zest of 1 lemon/juice from half
2 stalks of green beans
Extra virgin olive oil

Don’t worry, I’ll post pictures when I make these…

I am so excited about a silly thing- cooking new recipes. I guess it’s not totally silly, but I have gotten into making the same things and let me just say that the Food Network is AM-AZING! I’m really getting into Everyday Italian. I am going to make this dish and since Travis has to have meat at every meal or he will die- I think I’ll add some kielbasa or the obvious meat filler-chicken. (oohh, but wouldn’t eggplant be good too!)
I am also really excited to make a cold chicken and black bean salad in lettuce cups. It’ll be a little weird for the hubby to eat it but I don’t care and I like making things pretty. I’m going to experiment with the filings…but it should be quick easy and extra bonus: an easy lunch I can pack him. 🙂 Oh yeah. Have a great Friday.

Emma’s Tutu

I did it and it turned out beautiful! The pictures don’t do them justice, but this is a blog and you HAVE to have pictures. 🙂 I mean really…who wants to read a blog without pictures?!….yeah nobody. Emma HATES grass and so she’s not having too much fun outside. But she pushed past it and get inside to her comfort.

It was a good learning lesson. I will definatly want to make more…but maybe with each season or holiday. Who knows 🙂


In our den/study/spare bedroom/creative room, I have a little mound of things I have been collecting. One of them is a pile of tulle. We had a friend who got married and didn’t know what to do with all her tulle- well I stepped up and eagerly accepted her gift. I originally thought of making Emma a tutu. And this week I’m going to do it. I am so excited and the more I look into it- I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner, they’re so simple to make. (or at least the directions seem like they are)
I will hopefully show you my happily finished product. 🙂 The finished tutu will be white and purple. I’m thinking of adding jeweled sequins- I can sew them while Trav is watching a T.V. show. Wish me luck!


Emma has taken her first steps without help! I am so excited and thrilled! She also seems more excited about it than we are. 🙂 I know this is short, but she is starting to get frustrated and get whinny. OK, have a great weekend!

This post is for you Erin…:)

Today is a cooking day. I woke up feeling creative and thought- I will make some new and exciting dishes. So around mid day I looked in my fridge/pantry and made a couple concoctions. The first is just because I have a lot of lentils in the house and they STRETCH like none other.

My first meal is Chicken Asparagus Lentils. I didn’t know what to call it- because it has many bright flavors. It’s made lentils (duh), Asparagus, Roasted Red Peppers (had to open the jar w/ a hammer-that’s a first!), Onions, Chicken and Celery. Nothing too hard and REALLY, REALLY simple. The only thing is to cook the lentils in chicken broth instead of plain old water. The flavor is SO much better.

The second meal is made of practically the same ingredients but I substituted the filler. Instead of the lentils, I did brown rice (whatever rice you want- Travis is used to eating healthier than me and so I’m trying to catch up…). The meal is Thia Peanut Stir fry w/ brown rice. Like I said, it’s the same ingredients Chicken, celery and Onions. I just made the sauce from this recipe here.

One thing I would change is adding almonds on top for a crunch- I don’t have any in my kitchen. 🙁 Eating it now, it’s really a mild dish. Even my Emma likes eating it! You could make it hotter though if you put in more red pepper flakes.
Enjoy your Thursday!

Crazy world

I have been trying to figure out why I haven’t been blogging recently and I think it has boiled down to me feeling overwhelmed. I’m not sure why I’m surprised it all came down to a feeling…not too surprising if you know me. 🙂

When you ask most people how they are doing, they’ll usually say, ‘Good, keeping busy’. This is suppose to appease the person asking making them sound important for ‘keeping busy’. I wonder where being ‘busy’ meant a good thing. Maybe it’s the feeling of productivness and achieving a goal that we Americans idolize. Who knows, I personally have a hypothesis that people who LOVE being super busy also don’t enjoy the silence in a car. They have to have the radio on or talking on the phone. Who knows, just a hypothesis. 🙂

However, I Alexis, am a woman who has no problem with idleness. This is a problem and is of course a downfall and I’m working on it. (husbands are great in this area-happily showing us where we could…improve on. 🙂 ) But our schedule right now is so crazy and ‘busy’ that I’m feeling fuzzy headed. Out of the past two weeks we got 2 nights free to relax (just the three of us), but we did things we had to do; like figuring out our budget, doing laundry and other horrible responsibilities adults must do.

I think we have a lot of plates spinning all around us. Pretty plates though. Small groups we’re leading (well one and the other we’re helping the leaders), Trav and his work, Missions (big HUGE plate), coordinating a wedding, the Forge (young adults group) hanging/mentoring certain people in our lives, me volunteering at church, friends and family.

The horrible part is that we love it all. The areas where we volunteer/work/help/disciple we have talked over and agreed it’s numero uno. It’s just that we have many uno’s. Lol.

I hope that writing this down will help. I don’t have a solution to anything. And I guess that is the frustrating thing. Because I believe in the things we’re doing I’m not wanting to stop…who knows…maybe a vacation to Hawaii to re-group is just the thing. 😉 Aloha!