For the past couple months, I have had an obsession with Hawaii. Everywhere I look, friends are moving to Hawaii, getting vacations there or movies plots are based there, LOST too…

so I talked to my mom about gong there this yext year sometime. Maybe in the Spring?
I’ve never been. I’ve heard the typical stories and wish so much that I could visit just once. But since we’re moving to Poland this next year…I don’t know the next time we might be able to do it- before we’re 50 yrs old I guess. 🙂
Pleeeease God! Let me visit it! 🙂 thanks, amen.


Sorry, I haven’t blogged in awhile… lets just say we’ve been so super duper busy. But I am happy to report that our family is slowly recovering! We have nothing planned for Friday and it should stay that way. Shoot, I needed to meet with a couple though…it always comes up like that.
Anyways, the weather here is really lifting my spirits. It should be perfect today-75′. Tomorrow though it’s up in the mid 80’s and that’s kinda too warm. The kind of weather to look at from the inside of an air-conditioned room and sip on your ice tea. At least I’m finally getting to wear my skirts.
No point to this blog- just random thoughts on the screen. 🙂 My sister is coming this weekend to go to a concert- it will be so nice to see her. I’m sure we’ll go to the dollar store. 😉 Today we have a BBQ dinner with some friends at their house. Perfect day for it I think. Have a nice Wednesday!

What a cake!!!!

I have a favorite blog that I read, it’s this. Aren’t you glad you looked at her AMAZING blog?!!! She’s kinda famous in the blogging world.

Anyways, I was looking at all her cool pictures like usual and today she made this incredible rainbow cake to celebrate the end of school! Isn’t she a great mom?! I want to make this..maybe i should and then invite all my girlfriends over for a movie night…or I could just keep it for myself. 😉

We’re off to Seattle for Memorial Day weekend. Family, the water, Pike, hanging out with old friends and relaxing. I love going back and seeing all the places where we had great memories, and now we can experience it with Emma! Have a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!

Starbucks Artwork

I was in Starbucks for Mother’s Day and I was struck with their paintings. I always like their artwork. But theirs was cool enough for me to take a couple pictures of it. I’ve asked once if I could buy some art when it gets ‘outdated’ and they said it wasn’t allowed. That they have to store it or throw it away. I couldn’t believe it.
So I asked them to tell me when they throw away their trash. They didn’t think it was funny. Boring Starbucks employees.

Thoughts and insecurities of a Mommy:

Thoughts and insecurities of a mommy:

I was in Winco today buying some groceries and as I was going through the isle’s I was looking for Emma’s new diet. The high fat diet. She is 13 months and weighs 16 lbs. Yeah. So anyways, it was the weirdest thing. Because Travis and I always focused on feeding her healthy organic food. Heck I even made my own baby food just to be sure I knew what she was eating! She still hasn’t tasted juice- Trav doesn’t like the sugar content. 🙂

Anyways, as I was checking out I was noticing the 4 boxes of Mac-n-Cheese, High fat chocolate pudding, buttery Croissants, avocado’s (which I like too) and for a moment I was embarrassed. I was afraid of what other mothers might think of my mothering skills if they saw what I was feeding my little developing girl. But of course nobody was looking at me or the food I was buying. But I was struck with how I might judge others around me without any of their story. They didn’t know my story, about Emma needing to gain weight.
Maybe there is a mom who won’t discipline her children (much to other mother’s frustration) because she grew up in a physical/verbal abusive family and vowed never to do that to her children. That mom is doing the best she can with her kids.
There are too many variables and unknowns to make ANY judgements on anyone. That bum you always see standing on the corner on your way to work? He had a respectable job 2 years ago. He’s not a creep and he has no idea what to do to support his family. (Maybe that’s why he doesn’t look so dirty) There are so many reasons why people do certain things. Like a mom who buys Mac-n-cheese and the fattiest kind of chocolate pudding to fatten her kid up so her body can grow and barely maintain the 1%.
Today was a good reminder for me. People do the best they can with what they have- or at least most do. I really hope Emma bulks up and passes the 20lb mark. She’s getting WAY too long for the car seat she’s in.

Park day

Finally! I tried putting more pictures on about 3 times now and I’m tired of it. So here is my one picture showing what we did today. Park day- fun. Have a great Monday and enjoy the sun if you have any.

What not to Wear

Lately, I have been watching the show, ‘What Not to Wear’. It is so funny seeing how ugly some outfits can be…and the brutal criticism is what I would like to say sometimes. (Hey, I’m being honest here)

However, I have been noticing a pattern in my overall mood with MY wardrobe. I have many outfits and more jackets. But every morning I have had the thought, ‘I have NOTHING nice to wear!’. Not true. I have many things to wear. But when comparing (first wrong mistake) their outfits with my own, I see a huge gap. I just so happen to like Goodwill. I can find some Anne Klein pieces as well as some never-been-worn pieces too. I love a good deal/bargain. I believe I’ve written a post or two about it.

Saying all this…I see the unsatisfied thoughts to be quite kinda…well shall I say shallow? If I had a $5,000 dollar (Yes, that’s how much they get on the show- sign me up!) credit card with my name on it I would be able to look equally as nice. I’m figuring out that I need to be satisfied in my own skin and not some tailor made on I buy.

Does this make any sense? It does to me at least, and I think that just me writing this helps. I have clothes that are great.

Tomorrow morning I will look in my closet and not sigh, roll my eyes or heck, I won’t even wish I can more money to buy new things. I will wear what God has given me and be happy that I have what I have.

This Past Weekend

Yay, the weekend is over. Weird to write, but it was crazy busy and I’m looking forward to routine. Example of items we didn’t get this week: 3 meals a day, Emma had a 30 min. nap for the entire day (crazy!) and sleeping in till 9am (Yeah right, none of us got that). However we did get to do some fun things. Here are some pictures of our adventures this weekend.
We had friends over for dinner and this was the appetizer.
Artichoke and spinach cream cheese on miniature toasts. ‘Cutsie’

The dinner table.

Aww, us hanging out on Mother’s Day at Starbucks on 23rd Street.

She loved that Chocolate Chip cookie- and I loved spoiling her. So it all worked out. 🙂

Emma waving. She was so tired in this photo but she refused to fall asleep. If there are people around then she HAS to be awake or else she’ll miss something. (or so she thinks)

I know it’s fuzzy, but I kinda like it that way. This wedding was also on Mother’s Day.

Corey and Emma

Daddy and Emma

Brittany, Me and Charis

The end of the night. I think we left around 9:30 pm. She is such a trooper, and Daddy was feeding her string cheese. (her favorite)

Showing off

I want to do two things with this post:
1. show off my beautiful daughter.
#2. I wanted to offset all the craziness
in my life right now with a couple nice colorful piece.


Have a great Friday!

So today Emma had a doctors appointment to make sure she was still gaining weight. She has lost some and at 13 months weighs 16 lbs. She has always been a small baby and been in the 5th percentile. So anyways, we’re meeting our doctor, who is wonderful, and she orders that some blood work done for Emma. And she continues to tell me that it could be rough and hard for ‘the mommy’. I’m thinking oh great. I hate seeing my little princess get shots and now they have to stick her with a needle and draw blood?!

Oh yeah, and Emma? Well she was fast asleep in my arms. So, in my mind. Her mommy is going to wake up her sleeping darling baby girl to be strapped down to a table, then get stuck with a needle that stays in her AND I have to act like everything is OK. Whatever.

Needless to say, I was nervous. So I quickly texted my small group and family and prayed many times about finding veins and having it go quickly. Of course my mind was in the opposite corner imagining mean witch like people holding down my precious fair skinned baby and them jabbing her with this huge needle. I have a flair for the dramatics- so what.

All in all it went great- or at least as great as it could go. The whole ordeal took maybe 2 min. and even though they wrapped her in a blanket- it was my decision. I didn’t think I would have been able to watch her being ‘hurt’ and still hold her down. But it went quickly, found the veins, took the blood and then it was over. I actually think she, Emma, freaks out more when she gets shots. Huh. Anyways, she got a little bear which she wouldn’t let go of and wasn’t crying after 1 min. It was awesome, I was so proud of her.

Now I have to plan her diet full of fatty foods. Besides the milkshakes, do you have any ideas?