So much fun- so tired-6 hours long. Emma was so patient, had a blast and called everything ‘Cats’. Enjoy the pictures.

My neck is burned and Travis is nicely tan- *sigh. I guess I always burn and I should just get used to it. Have a nice Saturday.

Los Angeles-part two

The missions training finished today and we are looking forward to sleeping in. We had such a great time meeting wonderful people and making new friends. Travis and I have felt supported and encouraged to follow the call of moving to Poland.
I am finally able to post some pictures I’ve had this week. We were able to go on top of the Foursquare roof and take photos of the surrounding area. Gorgeous.

” Up and Down- that’s what makes the world go round’ “

Awww, ever since we arrived I’ve been hounding Trav for a photo of us with a palm trees in the background. I think this would count- although tomorrow at the zoo, we could still take some. (Have I talked about how excited I am to go there tomorrow?!!!)

This is of Emma and I fooling around. …Man I love her. She’s amazing.

LA Zoo

The weather here today was in the 90’s- no joke. I love it!!!! I think I just about freaked out when the temperature showed it was 83′ at 8pm. I don’t believe it! 🙂
Travis and I went to a church this morning and it rocked. It’s at Angeles Temple and the majority of the people there were my age- twenty something. We loved a musical artist’s music so much that we bought his CD. I’m excited- Jamie be very jealous!!! 🙂
Right now we are sitting in our living room having banana sundaes while Emma is trying to sleep. Travis’ brother was over tonight with his girlfriend and it was cool to catch up with them.

So, as you can imagine- We are going to the Los Angeles Zoo Saturday and I’m so excited! You better believe pictures will be posted. Oh, so excited! Any suggestions on what people like the most? I think Emma will like the cats the most…me? I’m looking forward to them too- and I guess the Elephants.

Long day

You know those days when you don’t feel like doing anything else but look at pretty pictures? I’ve had a couple LONG weeks and I have a couple left to go. Now is not the time to relax- but to focus on what is being taught. It is easy for me to turn the ‘off’ switch in my head and coast the rest of the time- but it would be a disservice to the teachers and I would be missing so many valuable details. I am also touched by their hearts. Sometimes the topic may be dry as toast, but their loving hearts make it so interesting. Funny. A lot is being taught to us and so much of it is answering questions that I have about being sent out as missionaries. I can’t believe I just wrote that!!! Whew. Travis and I are in L.A. doing an intensive missions training and it’s roughly from 8am-6pm. Long day, but fortunately Travis’ parents are watching Emma during the days.
Getting back to the pretty things…sometimes after a long day I like to ‘veg’ roaming Etsy. AMAZING site if you haven’t gone there. But warning: you will spend hours looking around so schedule some time for it.
I’m posting some pictures of this past week. It’s of Emma’s birthday. I took her on some errands on her birthday and ‘made’ her wear the crown…my little princess. 🙂 And why post the jewelry?because…it’s pretty.

We’re in LA!

This week was Easter and it was wonderful. My mom and sister came for Emma’s birthday as well as the Easter program. We are in L.A. right now and Travis and I are about to leave for class. Here are some pictures to tie you over till tonight or tomorrow- I’ll post more pictures then. Have a great day!Awww isn’t she cute!
I made a clipboard for a friend who is a teacher. Here is the before and after. Wasn’t it

granma-ish?! Eeek.
Oooo, how pretty. I am so happy with how it turned out. Her name is Becky, thus the ‘B’.

I made rice crispy treat pops and flower cupcakes. I had such fun making them cute and pretty!

Here are some pictures of Trav and Emma in the airplane when arriving in L.A. Awesome picture. And of course Travis and I in the living room of the place we’re staying in.

Emma is holding her special white kitty she got for her birthday. She snuggled with that and her blankie through all the flight.

Hallelujah! I found my camera!

Yes I found my camera! Hallelujah! I found it yesterday and I can’t tell you how happy I was. I promptly took pictures of what I am doing this morning. My sister is in town and I’m enjoying having someone to do things for. (Travis isn’t always liking me to do grand things for him- kinda weird I guess) So I made my mommy’s recipe called: Po Boy Man Cinnamon Rolls. They are SUPER CHEAP AND EASY! I also take no credit for them- my mother should get all the glory. 🙂 Here are the pictures- enjoy!

I think every grocery store in America has these for super cheap. I bought 4 for $ .90. Take each biscuit and dip in butter.

Then cover with a cinnamon and sugar mixture. Did I mention how simple this is?!

Arrange them in a greased oven safe pan. I like using pie pans because it’s easy to make them look fancy with no effort- isn’t that the point?!
This is two cans of biscuits. Pop them in the oven at 350′ for about 20-25 minutes.

When finished, take out and let them rest for about 10 min. Remember, they will continue to cook while they are cooling. (sounds like an oxymoron huh) Tada! The finished product. The outside is just a little crunchy…*sigh so good.
They are super yummy, and are great re-heated. Have a yummy gooey Wednesday. 🙂


Hey, I apologize for the lack in posting. We were out for the beach for a few days and now my sister is staying with us- along with a friend from Germany. So we have a full house here. Update:
Emma LOVED her first swimming lessons! I think I have a born Mermaid. 🙂
The beach was wonderful and relaxing…gotta love those outlet malls.
Easter practices are getting to be nearly everyday. Great…just in time for me to NOT hang out with me family. *angry face
I am LOVING the sun we are having here. Granted it’s not in the 80’s but hey, the lower 60’s or lower 70’s can’t be beat.
See ya!