Definatly one to look into!!!

I was looking at a new post and I have to show off her genius-ness. Who in their right mind actually likes metal mini blinds?! Nobody that’s who. They are ugly, stiff and crinkle too much. So- this is going out to all of you, but especially you Melissa who gets to design a new condo. (jealousy!) This only involves fabric, scissors, hot glue and cheap blinds. I love it because of how cheap it is, you would be able to splerg on some nice up-to-date fabric. Shall I say Amy Butler?!

Here is a rough idea of her project. Oh, and I’ll post anything with pompoms. I LOVE THEM!

Yellow is such an amazing contraast to the burlap fabric don’t you think…and so funky. Love it.

Oh, and the journal I made and was frustrated with the bubbling effect? It’s gone! It is seriously some sort of magic glue. Now when drinks or whatever spills on it, I just wipe it up! 🙂

Soome pretty Amy Butler fabric…

Make Over Gone Horribly Wrong

I love make-over’s. Houses, people, craft-sy things…whatever. Looking on some blogs, I notice that only pretty re-do’s are posted. Hum…why? I would love to learn ‘What could go wrong if you do this…’ or ‘warning- your result could look like this’. That would be a pretty funny post actually…anyways, this is not a pretty make over- rather a make over gone horribly wrong. Oh and don’t you worry- I have pictures.

I have a few items in my craft room that I have been waiting for to ‘make over’. I had a free 30 min. today so I thought my creative journal would do nicely. Yeah…little did I know that it would end hideous. (a little overly-dramatic?) How frustrating. Here is the before. Yeah, pretty ugly. I will not excuse my earlier attempt at making it pretty. We all have our ‘on’ and ‘off’ days- you can guess which day this was for me. I was going for an eclectic feel.
So here is the after picture:

Can you see why I would be frustrated? It’s not ugly or anything, but the paper BUBBLED! This might be a ‘duh’ to many of you but after I glued the paper down in the place, I put Modge Podge down to seal it- BAD IDEA. That is what made it bubble. I certainly learned from my mistake. I think I’ll keep using it but I’m going to keep it in the ‘make-over’ pile. Does anyone know of a good way to not have it bubble?

Meal Planning

I was looking at a cool blog I like to read, and was reminded of what I was procrastinating- meal planning for the next two weeks. I have done this in the past and have loved it- really cut on the stress when 5 o’clock comes and I freak about what to make.
So, I am biting the bullet- although I have nothing else to do (does laundry count?) and Emma is sleeping, and Travis is out at a meeting. I have to set the record straight too, because as much as I want you to think that I’m ‘helping’ you reader by showing you how planned I am…that’s not true. I am doing this because I know that if I wrote this down on paper, I would lose it among the many pieces in my house.
So, I am going to write down the next 2 weeks worth of meals and then reference it every day. Why? Can’t you remember something so simple- yeah… no! My day is full of many things and if I can make it so I don’t have to remember one thing- I’ll do it. OK, here it goes…*sigh….can I type something else and procrastinate anymore? …*sigh I guess not, OK:

Friday: Taco night with friends
Saturday: Potato bacon soup/ Sandwiches
Sunday: Potluck w/ small group: Chicken Alfredo
Monday: Jambalaya with black bean salad/ tortillas
Tuesday: Chicken Teriyaki with fried rice and fruit salad
Wednesday: Stuffed apple pork chops with stuffing
Thursday: Hot sandwiches with pretzels
Friday: Left over night- yahoo for me!
Saturday: Chicken Carbonara/ Parmesean Cauliflower
Sunday: Lentil soup with shredded chicken
Monday: Taco night
Tuesday: BBQ Kielbasa and corn/salad
Wednesday: Chili in bread bowls & salad
Thursday: Mashed potatoes/steak/green beans
Friday: Left over night- yahoo for me!

There done. It wasn’t that hard- I don’t know why I drag my feet…well maybe. There are so many cool new blogs to read! Obsessive- yes, you can pray for me. Hehe
Can you tell we’re big fans of Chicken? J I’m not sure if we love it or if it’s just the cheapest meat. I like most grocery shoppers want to eat healthy but also not spend tons. Yeah…in closing I would like to share my secret with you. I get organic produce delivered to my home for a reasonable price! Good food at a good price! Check them out: disclaimer- I live in Portland, OR but I’m sure your city has something just as good. J

Check out my new Etsy!

OK, it is much too late- but I wanted to broadcast that I am now apart of Etsy. Along with every other stay at home mom. I’ve had our account for a while but have been too scared to post anything. Well- I can do it! God’s been telling me to not worry about what might happen and just try it. So, I am.

I am in the middle of taking photos of the many things I’ve set aside to sell. It’s been hard though, to post, because Emma has been really sick and I think a couple back teeth are coming in. Great. Well, I just hope she sleeps for 8 straight hours tonight. She probably won’t but a momma can dream.

Names of Items shown in order:
1. Cinderella’s Necklace
2. Arial’s Necklace
3. Sponge Coral Necklace
4. Rose Crystal Bracelet


I just want to show people what a gift God has given me. Her name is Emma Eileen Mielonen and means, Universal (or Healing) Light. She is the brightest star in my life right now and every time I go into her room in the mornings, I am amazed that she was given to me. So perfect. Her headstrong personality is showing through and even though it could be an opportunity for me to worry or make jokes about, I am grateful for it. I remember being pregnant and praying that Emma would be a born leader- not a follower. She is an independent young lady and I am enjoying each day I get to spend it with her. All her quirks and mannerism’s are fascinating to me. Who wouldn’t want to know how much she loves cheese or how much she is in love with our cats?! 🙂 Her life is amazing and I get to spend it with her.
My prayer would be that I would be a mom that would jump on the bed with her. That we would jump and sing in the rain. When she has a worry or concern, that she would feel confortable coming to me to pray about. If she were to write on the walls, ‘I love mommy’ I pray I would have the mind to frame it right there on the wall, then tell her crayons are for paper. (sharpies? yikes!)
Thank you God.

She has her own blog. Check it out! Even more pictures and attitude.

Warning: Long (but colorful!) post

Today is my day off and what do I fill it with? Trying out a new recipe, decorating and of course blogging. I had to do some phone calls and that took up a lot of time-ugh.
As mentioned above, I got a chance to try out a new recipe. A friend over at Mirrored Images did this and it seemed so simple something she must have forgotten an ingredient- like flour! But it worked out great and I’m looking forward to giving them to some friends.

All it is is 1 cup of peanut butter, 1 cup of sugar and 1 egg. That’s it! It was super fast one little suggestion when you make them- remember to flour your fork. I forgot to do that.

The cookies were made in about 20-30 minutes and I’m so impressed with them that I’m thinking about making them for our small group this weekend. The recipe makes about 16 cookies, but you could double it to make more or whatever. This would be a good treat for little kids to help make.
Secondly I decorated! I’ve been into bright red and birds egg blue. This picture shows it a bit, but I was thinking of a more oriental theme, I’ll show pictures of our master bedroom when I’m done. Until then this picture from Country Living will have to do.

I am becoming best friends with my spray paint. I love them more and more each day…*sigh. I forgot to take before pictures (Sorry!) but I wanted to show some accents for red and blue that are being put in our room. I got them all at Goodwill. I was going through a rod iron look a while back and now I’m changing. My eyes have been opened to all the possibilities our house can change with the seasons and I won’t have to buy anything new! Enjoy the pictures.

What color do you think I should paint my little friend?

Yesterday’s project

So after my last entry, I thought I would try to get out of the rut I was in. Did I succeed? Uh, partially I think. I had fun, which is a step forwards. It is so easy to think I have a limited amount of time (before Emma wakes from her nap) and I have a limited amount of supplies (much to my frustration) and so I settle on the typical rather than the artistic-ness I know is being suppressed inside.
I want to learn how to sew on card stock, I love the end result, the look is funky and cool. So how do you like to scrapbook?


I’m having problems. Nothing earth shattering…or maybe it is! My world has stopped and unhappiness has entered my life. I am in a rut. There I said it, now that I’ve even written it down maybe it will lift and my usually exciting life will return. (hehe)
As I wrote earlier, I am wanting to try and be apart of a creative team for a store. Well, as part of the application process I have to submit some work. (why can’t they just tell by my walk that I AM what they need?!) Anyhoo, as I was putting together some pages I was struck with how blah they look to me now. Granted the pictures are kinda dark, but they aren’t fun to look at…kinda empty too. *sigh.
Well, I have maybe 1 hour before Emma wakes up and I’m going to try my darn-dest to make an interesting and lively page.
I’ll post my final product later on tonight.

Wirl-wind week

This week has flown by. It’s been full of parties, headaches, sunshine and even less sleep. I thought I might post some pictures that would make you feel like you were here…
above: My darling Emma, she’s getting so big! Next month she’ll be one! 🙁

These are the Chicken crapes that I talked about in my weekly meal planning. Overall I didn’t like them- they were a little mushy for me. But Travis liked them so that’s all that matters. I had no idea how I should put them together- so I simply layered them up, cooked it and then cut it like a pie. There were layers of spinach, chicken, mushrooms and carrots. Each also had fresh Parmesan cheese. Sounds good and fancy, but I’m a Velveeta Mac and Cheese girl. 🙂

I purposely did not show any embarrassing pictures- you can pay me later for that. 🙂 Lets just say that some thought it would be fun to practice martial arts and show off how high they could kick-they were guys too. 😉 I think I’ll save those pictures for a later time…like when I need something. hehe just kidding, those guys probably wouldn’t care if I did post them.

Travis’ birthday was a success even though I didn’t plan it till the day of. People came to show they cared for him and just that they came really made him feel loved. A friend brought HOMEMADE BLUEBERRY COBBLER! It was as good as the picture shows. And as good cobblers do, it stained my teeth blue. (so there aren’t any pictures of me) Have a good Wednesday!

Birthday Season

Event though today is my ‘day off’. I have a busy day of folding MANY loads of laundry, empty-ing the dishwasher, making errands, preparing for a meeting at our home tonight, working on my Craft Warehouse entries and also playing/snuggling with Emma. So why am I here on blogger? Good question…hmm.
On a side note, tomorrow is Travis’ birthday and this year will be different. In the past I have thrown big parties at our home and sometimes surprise parties. This year is going to be a small get together at our home for dessert only. Spending time with close friends is a big thing to him and just as good as a present. So it should be nice and non-stressful.
Enjoy your Monday-this week should be very busy for me…I was thinking earlier that I will begin to calling these few months, “Birthday Season”. It’s crazy how many friends and family are in the months of March and April.
Well, have to go and give Emma some cheese to eat- her favorite.