A couple days ago I was able to get some raw and ready to use craft material. Like frames, a huge toy chest for Emma and some lettering…all stripped and beautifully sanded wood. All they’re ready to do is be ‘beautified’. And that is where I come in. Fred Meyer is having a great sale by the way, as is Michales.


Today I am feeling reflective. I have not spent time with friends in a while and I’m feeling it. I will never be as people oriented as Travis, no matter how much I wish I were. But after a couple days of seclusion, I miss the smiles and jokes. I wonder how everyone is with their families or the problems that were poking at their lives. I have filled some calendar dates with ‘dates’ and times when I can catch up and listen. And even today Travis, Emma and I are going to dinner with some friends from small group and I am so excited.
It’s not like it’s been forever, but it’s been about a week. And for Travis and I, a week is a long time! I can remember on our honeymoon we were ready for fellowship after 7 days of ‘us’ time. We had to endure 3 more days of seclusion until we were able to see our friends again.
This was brought on by a feeling (duh) but also a picture. I love trees. This might sounds out of place, but I absolutely adore and am crazy about trees. Weird…probably. However, I found this amazing black and white tree calendar and I HAD to buy it. ($6-Borders!) These pictures really expressed the feelings which are sometimes hard to express.

When you are able to sit back and reflect on your life, dreams, etc. do you feel like you are where God would like you to be? For me, sometimes yes and sometimes no. I must admit I spend too much time dreaming and Travis is my rock keeping me in the present and now.

Well, enjoy the tree picture and I will enjoy hanging out with friends tonight!

3 in 1? I think not.

So I was just watching a show on PBS that showed the similarities of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. And throughout the show I was struck with how the people were showing that although you might be apart of one religion- it is all based off the same fundamentals. I am so glad my friend Brandon wasn’t here, we would have had to cool him off. Yes, I see some similarities, but their points were silly. For example, both Jews and Muslims kiss on both sides of the face for a welcome. This is lightweight to me because I know some French atheists who also kiss hello.
Overall the show was uncomfortable. I think it is extremely important to know and understand other religions. It just means knowing and understanding mine more too.
One interesting point the show made, and I’ll end with this, is that the Islam faith is one of peace. Huh, the middle east is obviously not representing that view point.

Loving vs. Liking

So I was thinking tonight about some reading I did in John 3:8. It says, “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”
The paragraph talks about how God loved us and how we should in turn love those around us. I have no idea where the connection went or how I got to this thought but I was remembering a time when I lived in Lynnwood with my dad and at that time I attended Millcreek Foursquare. (It’s a great church by the way- you should visit) I can remember a time when we were talking about the end of the world and what we would do if we knew it was ending tomorrow. I immediately said that I would go to the Wal-mart across the street, stand on a tall object and ‘bring everyone to Christ’. I now look back and can see my heart- but I can also see that even though I wanted to do what was right…I don’t think I would have done that. And I then thought, ‘Would you do that today?’ And the alarming thing is that I don’t think I would. God is showing me that I constantly feel pressure to fit in and have people like me.
I can remember visiting Poland for the first time and the desire for them to like me was so strong I could taste it. These people that I had heard so much about from Travis, I was finally being able to meet! Granted my first impressions usually aren’t the best- however I was confident to show them I genuinely liked them and really wanted to get to know them. …
Stringing the thought processes together- loving people and having them like you isn’t always connected. Look at Jesus. You know I really have a strong, tender and protective place in my heart for the Polish. I’m not sure it’s love, but I can see it easily growing to become that. And this honesty is really me. I’m not going to delete the last sentence because I’m afraid of what a Polish friend might think after reading that. I say this with hesitance and nerves but also with honesty and real-ness. I can see that my calling to Poland is sure- I know 110% that God has called me there. And so this blog is dedicated to be one that explains the feelings of a ‘missionary’ and that includes the faults. I should not have had the expectation that they would ‘like’ me- it was a doomed mission to start with. Today I help others who might have similar expectations and, with God, show them that to love someone sometimes doesn’t always mean having others like them. However, as with the Poles, people’s appreciation of you grows. But I promise that it won’t come without hours of prayer and quiet time all the while learning about yourself and them.

Snowy and Blustery Day

Why is it that when we experience cold and snowy conditions, we crave comfort food? I am guilty of these desires and am unable to make my favorite foods. 🙁 Maybe I’ll walk to Safeway and get some Mac & Cheese. However, I recently made cranberry muffins and today’s menu is Chicken pot pie, Salad and Hot Apple Tart w/ Ice Cream.

We even have a friend coming over to hang out and stay warm. It somehow seems less like we’re stuck at home when you have friends over. I’m attaching a picture of my cranberry muffins. (Thanks mom for the recipe and the cranberries) On a silly note, we are loving our fireplace so much that our thermometer read 85’F. Wow. We turned off the fire then. 🙂
My plan for today is to start a book while Emma is sleeping her main nap. (2-3hours) I am so fortunate that we are able to have warmth and food. I know there are some who are too old to go grocery shopping or people who can’t afford heat.
Thank you for allowing us to have these plush comforts. When we are surrounded by others who are suffering, I am constantly thankful of what you have given us. For Emma, food and warm clothes. For Travis and I: warmth and friends who remind us of how good You are. I pray that those people who are struggling to keep warm this week would be well taken care of and that You would cloth and comfort them. Let them know it was from You and not from some nice person. I love You and thank You for the snow. I love it so much and think it makes the world around me sparkle.

We have been having a snow storm and it should continued into next week. This is so exciting to me and I am energized to make hot chicken noodle soup and read a good book all snuggled in blankets. There have been some breaks and opportunities for me to take photos. Emma is irresistible and I couldn’t help but take a picture of her.
This is the time of year when friends and family are really highlighted and I get to show them how much they mean to me. Don’t get me wrong- I usually tell/show them throughout the year. However, I am able to go far beyond what I would normally do. I was able for example, yesterday, to show a couple how much they mean to Trav and I. Nothing huge for me, but I think it meant a lot to them. It was a surprise of course. 🙂 Blessings and love to all my friends abroad. You all keep being brought to my mind recently and I wanted to let you all know how much you mean to me and how much I miss you. Till we sit next to each other in a cafe over coffee. Love…

Christmas cookies

Ok, so I chose Emma because she is my little munchkin’. Even though she is not in overalls, I think it still works. (and outshines the cookie) The snow is fantastic! I am so looking forward to all the snow in Poland! That is something that I think some would be frustrated with, but I LOVE snow! And what it brings with it: Hot cocoa, warm blankets, chocolate fondue nights, and last of all- gingerbread. Yum! I’ll post more holiday cookie picts. as well as some Christmas pictures too of around our house.


Here are some fun pictures of some cookies I made with some girls. I am finally in the holiday mood and even though it took forever, I am happy to say that I love this holiday thet most! Merry Christmas!