Super Mom? Me? Well OK.

OK so yeah I feel a little smug today.

I cleaned our home from top to bottom.
Packed the car for our trip to Grandma’s
house, laundry (and if you know me-I hate laundry), cleaned up BOTH of Emma’s blow-outs, set up my Etsy account, did e-mails, vacuumed, cleaned the dishes, packed my grandparent’s Christmas presents, dusted and even made a snack for the ride to Seattle tonight. I cleaned the litter box, played with Emma and had a girl-friend over. I did the garbage, took out Emma’s cloth diapers and oh yeah- took a 20-30 min. shower.
*You may applaud now.

Thank You

I thought I would make cards for girlfriends to let
them know how much I appreciate them. Tis the season.
I got inspired by a blog, I can’t find now, and so here is the product.
I stayed up till midnight doing them. I think they
turned out really well. I made them for specific people in
mind too. Friends are the perfect muses.


Thought that I would update this for the 2 of you who visit this. 🙂 I am debating whether or not to also do my devotions on this or to start a new one where all my girl friends can put up their postings. That way, when we’re in Poland- I can still do devo’s with my friends and get their perspective on the same passages.
I am also going to post some creative stuff on this blog too. It’s going to morph into a weird mis-match of topics- but it’ll resemble my likes and dislikes. Hope you like the changes.