I do not like election season and I believe it is because of the commercials. Well, those and the random people ringing my door bell giving me flyer’s and those cardboard names stuck on the side of the highway. I have to go now but I just wanted to say that I would vote for the person who didn’t back stab their opponent and who actually tells the truth.
* sigh

This Morning

Alright, so the trip over was wonderful. I will always ask to stay an extra night in Frankfurt then fly to Portland- awesome. OK, so as I said before everything went well- we even made friends with a flight attendant. Really nice woman who was 3 months pregnant, so we had some things to talk about. Emma slept and slept. God was so kind to me and all the people on board the plane. After we arrived at the airport, we took the MAX to pick up our car at Eastside Church and then drove home. We did all of nothing. Hung out, I dusted, gave Emma a bath, did 2 loads of laundry (yuck!) and watched a movie. Trav had a shower and was ready for sleep- but it was only 2 pm! None the less, Travis and Emma fell asleep half way into the movie but it was good- Becoming Jane– and then around 5pm I took Emma to her bed, and tucked myself into mine. Travis rolled himself in sometime later. At 9pm Emma woke up- then at 11pm she woke up again- 1am woke up- 2am woke up, and finally at 2:30am I gave up on having her sleep. So I took her downstairs, made some pancakes, lit a few candles and listened to jazz music on the radio. It is 3:50am right now and Emma is happily chewing on a coaster and I have about 7 pancakes for Trav when he gets up.
I think I’m going to do some creative writing after this. I haven’t had the opportunity since not having a laptop. But since my mom got me one- let the creative-ness flow!

Oh and I’m SO looking forward to 4 things this week.
1. Get my hair cut!
2. Find an unbelievably irresistible outfit for Emma for Halloween pictures this year.
3. Go grocery shopping! My cupboards are empty.
4. Decide on a day to go pumpkin picking- I LOVE Autumn.


This is a couple pictures of our adventure for tonight. I was at first, a little nervous about catching a bus to get to Krakow. But now that we missed it, I am ok and having fun at the place where we stayed this past weekend. We are playig UNO, playing on the computer and Emma is sleeping. We are also watching football- the Texans against the Dolphins. Go Texans.

I am smelling popcorn and my eyelids are fast closing. I’m not sure if what I’m going to write will make sense.

We’re needing to take a taxi tomorrow morning, take a bus then to Krakow (at 7am) then take a tram to our school. School starts at 9:30 am. It should be a long day.

No I’m not…

It has come to my attection that some of you think I am pregnant. Let me just clarify this HUGE assumption. I am not. I am sure of this 100% and if you have any questions, please ask me. I don’t need to write why on the very public internet- just trust me. 🙂
I am not pregnant.

thank you.

Scrambled Eggs

We had cereal,scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast yesterday and meat, cheese, tomatoes and tea for breakfast today. It was wonderful. I know some people have this perspective that Poland is grey and dingy. Not true at all. There are flowers everywhere, the countryside is breathtaking and the people are always looking out for you. I am attaching a picture of Emma and I on the airplane and along with Travis ( who is sick right now), Charis and Brandon.
Corey and Jenise are on there way and are in Vienna. It will be wonderful to have them as part of the team here- it will finally be complete. But we are having a great time here and we’re having a great time together. Aris, went to connect/minister with some Germans at a jazz concert. (which is something only Aris can do) And Trav and I are talking and hanging with our hosts (the pastors of a church here in Krakow) and guess what?! The wife- Goshia– took Polish sign language and still has a passion for it ad so her and I went crazy about the differences of ASL and PSL and we decided that when we move to Krakow, we want to take a course at the university. The deaf in Poland are not reached at all and if you let that sink in…it’s unsettling. They are the victim of many abuses because they do not have a voice here. So, that will change in the future. I am SO excited about this and about connecting with another women who has a similar excitement.
You can be praying for our team- nearly everyone has thrown up and Trav is wishing he could right now, just to feel better. 🙁 Oh, however Emma is healthy and such an amazing traveling companion. 🙂


I am sitting in a living room with my friends and we’re eating food and hanging out. It’s awesome. I think the most wonderful part of it is that they’re all in the same room together. Laughter and jokes are everywhere as is the subject of Polish road construction and language grammar.
While I was riding here in the bus, I was really sad to think that we’ll be leaving here. This is the first time that I truly don’t want to leave. Don’t get me wrong- in the past I have been sad before…it’s just different. We drove through random neighborhoods and I began to dream what it will be like for us to live here.
We also went to a young adults group last night and it rocked. There wasn’t that my people there but it was fresh and real The leaders were our age and were leading the people with example. With all our ‘drama’ it has been a fantastic trip here. I love it here and I feel like I will fit in well. I must say that I am frustrated that I didn’t bring my black boots and black jacket…oh well. Right now I’m happy that Emma is sleeping and that we get to sleep in till 8:30. Good-bye 6:30 am wake up call! I’m on the weekend!

from my perspective

There have been many perspectives that you, the reader, should get about our time here so far. It has, for me, been a wirl wind of emotions and also of sleepless nights. But they are not all negative. I will start with our trip over: I was freaked out about the flights and Emma. It is amazing when you travel with your child, how emotionally exhausting it is! (you might be laughing at that but just wait for your own child…) Altogether she did amazing. There was a few times when she let the ENTIRE plane know that she wasn’t happy- but it only happened once or twice. When we arrived at Krakow, we were tired, emotional and a bit grumpy. Altogether the trip only took 19 hours. Not horrible but not fantastic either.
We had to be ready for school the next day. Which included that we all sleep and be rested. For the most part that happened and our time here was showing itself to be friendly. However it all took a turn for the worst when we arrived at the tram. As we were waiting in beautiful autumn weather, I began shaking. I’ve never experienced this before so I wasn’t sure what was happening. I had no control and my hands/arms whatever was shaking crazily. I stuffed them into my pockets not to make a scene, but they didn’t stop when we boarded the tram. ALL of us. Me, Travis, Emma and Charis. The stroller too. So we were a big party and most people were curious about who we were but didn’t want to show they were watching us. Whatever, I’m sure I’ve done it myself. But as I was standing there my head burst in a hot flash and my ears were burning as was the rest of my head. Then my hearing went. I knew I was gong to faint and I imediatly began looking for a soft spot to fall. You know, when you get in those situations, you just go instinctivly and you do what you gotta do. So I drape myself over the baby stroller- which at this time Emma is beginning to cry. I tell Tav that I’m going to pass out and he tries to help me up- bad deciccion. His arm went around my kneck and I couldn’t breath well and I just wished I had passed out- it would have been a whole lot easier. But after that I knew I was gonig to throw up. So I look to what I can throw up in- and really, who brings bags to throw up in? Nobody. So I’m having to improvise and take Emma’s blanket. Oh and she’s really screaming now. As the lovely liquid escapes my mouth I could hear others moaning and hear Trav gasping in shock. I do it three more times. It splattered on the ground of the tram and others move around the yuckiness. Great, so school hasn’t started, Emma’s freaking out, and I’m chucking up breakfast and Trav and Charis are torn between making Emma happy (which never happened) and soothing me. Poor people- they should get something special for what they endured that morning. That was MY experience. It could have been worse…but I’m glad it was over. I think it could have been an anxiety attack (which I’ve never had before).
I used to think that when people start to chake or feel sick because of nerves I thought they were wimps. There I said it. I thought they just needed to suck it up and deal with whatever situation they were afraid of. Well, I change my attitude right here and now. I am here to tell you I had no control over my shaking or wether I would pass out or throw up…it just happened.
On the other hand Charis last night was throwing up every hour, Emma woke up at 3 AM rested and ready for the day and Brandon got lost so many times and walked around Krakow so much that he should be a tour guide here. Trav has started to feel ‘under the weather’ today, I wonder what that will bring up.
Including all these drama like experiences, things have been really good. We love the people who we’re staying with. The weather has been amazing and we’re really falling in love with Krakow in a new way. Man I love the city. Thank you for all the prayers and I ask that they keep coming! School is going well- I feel overwhelmed everyday but I’ve never been more motivated to learn Polish, and it REALLY helps that the teachers there are amazingly patient and kind. I’m taking loads of picts too so I’ll post some on here and facebook. Ok, Emma is asleep and trav is out with some Germans and others at a jazz concert in the main square-lucky duck. Missions has never been so rough. 😉 Aris and Brandon have already prayed for a number of people. And we’re going to a home group tomorrow night. Blessings and smiles from across the world!

ps. the spell check isn’t working right on this computer because it’s still in Polish. So it says evrey word is misspelled. So I’ve just given up with spelling right. Sorry reader, I guess this not only was an update letter but also one that tried your patience. 🙂


Off we go! We’re leaving tomorrow and so far there are a few things left to do. But, all in all, things are coming together well. I still can’t believe that we got almost $2,000 in the past 3 days…yeah. I just shack my head. The poor accounting people that have to deal with our last minute deposits- we’re going to bring something back for them.
I’ve tried children’s Benadril and so far Emma has been asleep for 2 hours. Pretty good so far. I’m going to go check on her when I’m done. I would appreciate all your prayers for the flight over and back- nobody wants to be in a metal tube flying high in the air while a baby is freaking out. But more importantly, I don’t want Emma to be hurting, I feel so helpless then. Well, time to stir my pot of noodles and check on Emma. See you all on the other side of the world…whoa.