Greetings! I am so happy that autumn has come. I read a friends blog, Brandon, and he changed his blog due to ‘the season’. “Right on!” I thought. So it inspired me to edit mine as well. I also added a little fun facts about myself. I forgot to mention that I Love pirogi, I am an introvert and have a love hate relationship with toaster struddles- the cherry kind. Yum!

Oh Red save me!

I’m exhausted from laundry and cleaning and stupid cat litter boxes and garbage and phone calls and never ending dirty dishes and stressful e-mails…I need a hot tub and a strawberry lemonade from Red Robin.


I have purposely been avoiding blogging…I’m tired of the story I’ve written about and I know it’s not done yet. OK so I’m going to try and finish it today…
*read previous posts to understand what I’m about to say…
As I called my trusty friend, Chloe the Killer, I lept to one side barely missing a swipe made by a blue cotton shirt. As soon as Chloe pounced onto the bed the action became furious! They remembered Chloe and her secret weapon. She has the ‘special skill’ of making things wet, yellow and smelly all at once. (She had to use it before to save me from a pair of jeans. However Travis had no understanding and wasn’t happy about it)
As she squatted and showed the clothes she wasn’t afraid to ‘use it’ they scattered. Some cramming themselves under the bed, others into our bathroom. And as Chloe and I worked together, I picked them off one by one- folded them like strait jackets and put them into a prison- our cold dark closet. As the bed began to empty the swarming sound, which had echoed in my ears, quieted down. Control was mine and the fight- for today- was finished.
As a reward, I gave Chloe water from a can of tuna.

Happy Birthday to me!

I joined a mom’s group here in Gresham and I’m SO excited!!

oh and today’s my birthday too (27)- thanks Brandon and Becky for the funny video. I loved it.
oh and Cory, i was so surprised to get a happy birthday from you! thanks, you are so thoughtful!
and to everyone else, thanks for taking time out of your day to say hi. 🙂 and of course to my daddy who took time out of his busy day in Porto Rico to say happy birthday…thanks daddy 😉

(that sounded a little like an Oscar speech…)


I apologize that it has taken till today to post part-two of my last battle.

As you read before, I had a suspicion of what could be awaiting me upstairs but I had to investigate to confirm what I believed to be awaiting me. As I neared my bedroom, the flapping noise gradually grew and as I opened the door I was face to face with a battle- a battle for my bed. As the photo shows, they were practically taking over the entire comforter! Who cares if they are clean and not dirty?! They always have the nasty habit of multiplying and thus controlling my entire day. I have to move them, clean them, dry them and then fold them. They are so narcissistic! (I swear it’s a conspiracy to take over every house)

*For those who are rolling their eyes at my deli ma, you can click to another blog and read to your hearts desire- no hurt felt here. If you prefer the drama of CNN or any other news site, this blog is not for you. I only deal with the ‘real’ issues here. No crap or drama, no sir-ree. Continuing…

I had to so something, I couldn’t just stand there and watch as they swarmed closer to me. They were trying to overcome me and pin me to the bed. (happened before and left nasty bruises on my wrists) So I called in my number one defense: Chloe the Killer.

This is for you Travis…

Most people do not know they have a battle daily…a war everyday either in their laundry room or in their bedroom. I have suffered through many fights in my house firsthand and now have documentation to show for all my many battle scars.

It all began when I heard a swishing sound; like thousands of flags flying on top of a castle daring anyone to get in their way and get side swiped…

what could be awaiting me upstairs?…

What a good looking family!

What a good looking family!
(Brandon, a friend, took this after taking our missions picture. For those of you who know the’greater Gresham area’ it was taken at the city park by the bridge)
On a different note than my last dark post, I am fiding myself thinking more and more about our up and coming missions trip to Poland. Doubt is paying me a visit and I have been wondering if we will actualy be going. You see, the money is not coming in and it is strting to make me nervous. The amount is much higher because we have 7 1/2 people coming. (poor Emma, she’s the half :)) And this trip is the one I’m the most excited about too…we will be able to forus on what we’re most passionate about- discipling people.
You can be praying for doubt to leave both Travis and I and for the amount of money to come in.