Random Wednesday Post

Two friends of mine completely surprised me a couple days ago. Robyn and Ferry, they’re from Holland and it’s been far too long since we’ve last seen each other. So I saw them getting out of their car from our bedroom window and screamed! I said something I can’t remember and then I ran downstairs screaming and totally freaking Travis out. He later told me he thought something was wrong with Emma.
So we had a chance to hang out and she even held Emma- and Kerstin, Robyn hopes you’re jealous 😉
We have another couple that are speaking tonight at our church from Turkey, well actually they’re from Oregon but they’re Turkish missionaries. We are all going to hang out after church tonight and have dessert. Yum!
On more good news, the weather has stayed overcast and around 70 degrees F. I love this weather – guess I’m not made for Italy. I need to go check on Emma and see if she’s woken up from her nap.
Papa! (bye bye in Polish)

Frustration on the Floor

Update: Feeling much better. You know when you get a migraine and then the room starts spinning, you feel like you want to throw up and the best medicine is a dark room? Well, add on top of that a screaming baby who is frustrated and wants you to do things ‘her way’. Justy like her mommy, hehehe. Yeah, that’s my Emma.

She has such a personality. If I were to put her on her stomach to strengthen her neck- she will cry bloody murder. And it’s not a hurt cry, or even a pay attention to me cry. It’s a ‘I’m frustrated I’m on my back and you need to move me’ cry. Lol. I actually am happy to have this personality trait.

I remembering praying for her to have an independent personality…and I believe He heard my prayer. Right now she’s in bed and I’m about to join her.

Here’s a picture of her yawning when she was a couple weeks old. Enjoy 🙂

An Ode to Polkadots

Oh Polka dot how I love thee,
your circles ever so perfect.
Does my love leave with the fade of color?
No! Your uniform shape I will love forever.
Big, medium and small; you outrank them all.
I ignore stripes, plaid and all other prints
for the hope of just one glimpse.
A glimpse for me to see you stand
on a sales hanger waiting for just my hand.
Oh Polka dot how I love thee,
your circles ever so perfect.
On a dress for my sweet baby girl,
lucky for you she’s not a frill kinda girl.
or lace and such is not her style,
It is you polka dot, who always makes her smile.
Let’s make a deal now before you get worn.
Start this adventure of wear, wash, dry…
And you promise me you will never tye dye.
For you are the best, the top, the most,
and I’ll promise you I’ll never delete this post.
Oh Polka dot how I love thee,
Your circles ever so…is that a snag?


i must first apologise for the length at which its taken for me to pick this up again. The inspiration is my friend Kerstin who is in South Africa now and although it’s been too long since we’ve seen each other, she has made me excited about staying in contact with friends all around the world. So instead of saying that ‘I’m going to write on here everyday!’ I will say that I will write as often as I can and give you a glimpse into the mind of Alexis…dum, dum, dum, dum DUM!
oh and I have also since had my beautiful Emma Elieen. I believe she is the most perfect baby who is independent and easy going- if that’s possible.