Time Zones

I have a friend. Unfortunately she lives far away- across the world actually, and we have decided to read the Bible together. The book of Romans is our goal and at first the fact that she is 10 hours ahead, seemed a bit of a challenge. However, the more I thought, the more I decided that we should not let a measly time difference stand between us and ‘sharpening our swords’.
So, she will read at 8am and I will read at 10pm. We will be then writing to each other what God spoke to us. I’m excited and see this being a future encouragement for others.
In the future, I see a group of people (women in my eyes) who read the Bible and eat up what they can and then we would all go to a community blog and we would then wrote what God spoke to them. They would be all reading the same passages, they would be all around the world, and they would be communing with other missionaries around the world. I am so excited to see this. I’m smiling now even thinking about it.
However, I know that I’m jumping way into the future and it will be a while before that happens. For now, I am happy reading through Romans and then talking about it to a girlfriend who sees it through completely different eyes.


For some reason, i seem to be taking life through different eyes recently. I am not sure why, but I think it’s sadder. I am learning a new thing about God and my relationship with Him so I suppose this could have to do with that.
New Thing: I grew up in the church and the ‘normal’ thing on Sunday would be for the pastor/preacher to speak and one would feel convicted about something they have in their heart or whatever. Up till now, 25 years, I have judged preachers on how guilty they make me feel! Instead, God is teaching me that to come to church and simply feel a hug from God is enough. It’s His love and that is enough. It’s a total mind job. Feeling guilty is not what God is about. whoa…
am i glad for that.