My mind is everywhere at the moment. What to write about…
My best friend is moving to South Africa much sooner than thought and we are both kinda stunned. She has so much to do and planning to figure out, but I’m beginning to wish for those nights and moments when we would hang out in the middle of the night or giggle about stupid things. I just found out about the changes, so my mind is swimming.
To add another thing in the mix, another friend of mine wrote to Travis and I am I found myself hanging off her words. *sigh*
I can’t wait to see you again Laura, I’m sure you have many things to tell me about Turkey.
It was so wonderful hearing how she is and how she is fairing with the whole change in the government there. She is such a trooper. I can’t wait to see her again this next year. So I’m feeling sentimental about her…
and also, a group of us are going on a race called “The Amazing Race”. It comes from the show, but it’s so much fun! We are going to California and I can’t wait to start. 🙂
One more thing, and if you’ve read this far-kudos to you, we are having our cats watched over the weekend and since we got our new kitten, I’m sad.
So, recapping: I’m emotional. 🙂

Cats rule!

These are our ‘babies’ at this time. I am seeing a wonderful side of Travis with all these beautiful cats roaming around our house. I know I just posted about Janek, but I wanted to also show what Chloe and Pepper look like. Plus, I get to show another great picture of Janek. 🙂
It is amazing to me that right now I am writing in my creative room and ALL three cats are here together in one room- without killing one another! Don’t get me wrong, but they are still in the adjustment faze. I’m listening to music and these pictures are what they’re doing- sleeping. Man, to be a cat must be great. 🙂 Cats rule!

In order as shown: Chloe, Janek and Pepper.

Chloe, Pepper and Janek!

Chloe, Pepper and our new addition:

I am currently learning how the Holy Spirit is a comforter. Growing up in the church, I heard that always but never put any thought towards it. Well, I am now having a crash course in it and although it is uncomfortable sometimes, I am eager to learn more about who God is.

My last entry I talked about how Travis is getting a new kitten. Well he is here! We got him this last Sunday. He is very cute. At nine weeks old, his name is Janek. The ‘J’ is pronounced like a ‘Y’. We both talked about the name and after many funny ones, we finaly decided on this. It is Polish and comes from the same root as the name ‘John’. – the grace of God. Here are some adorable pictures. We have now 3 cats! It is very full of drama and emotion. 🙂 Funny, the girls aren’t too happy to have a man around…but he is great. Very curious and is forcing the ladies of the house to play with him.

On a sour note, I haven’t slept well for about…well…Sunday. Huh, what a connection. 🙂 But I wouldn’t change it- it’s so wonderful to have Chloe, Janek and Pepper.


I know, I know…I haven’t blogged in a while. But hey, you’re reading this so I must be trying to rekindle the enthusiasm to write here again.

I am reading a book called, Intersession. It is amazing. Really insightful and convicting. Last year at U-turn, I was called to a life of intersession. But I thought, ‘What does that really mean?’ It sounds so ‘churchy‘. However, a friend of mine, Lisa White, lent me this book and it’s really stretching me. (which is what I truly want) Prayer is so important and I am beginning to see how I have a specific way of praying that is important. Don’t get me wrong…this is no ‘pat on the back’, it’s a responsibility I now need to walk through. Tough actually.
On another note, I wrote on an earlier post about friends and how most do not ask deep questions…I hate this. I was reflecting this and decided that it is no better. I might have one friend who wants to know who and how I am…but most just want to hear a pat answer. Frustrating.

Interesting things in my life right now:
-We are getting another cat. It’s Travis’ actually. I have one, but he always calls it, “Your cat” so I guess he wants his own. 🙂 It’s quite cute actually. We’ll get it next Saturday. -It’s a boy.
-American Idol is getting really exciting!
-This new sunny weather has gotten me sunburned!
-I get to keep my 3 wisdom teeth but Travis has to have his out- and he said I was in bad shape! 🙂 haha
-I hate laundry.