U-turn Germany

This is a picture a friend sent me today at work. I love it, and think it captures the moment. Here, the three Poles and I were at the European Camp in Germany. During some free time, the campers were hanging out and it evolved into a mini American Idol. Or should I say ‘Euro Idol’. Anyways, it was amazing to me that the majority of the people ‘performing’ were German and the judges were Polish. (and me)
It was such fun! And when asked some weeks later of my favorite part, I explained this day- thank you Kerstin for giving me a picture to go with that great memory.
From left to right: Sabina, Veronika, Chris, and me.

Russian Blog-read it!

Hello all… all 5 of you.:) I have come across something that I think you would enjoy. I was looking through my wallet today throwing out receipts (don’t tell Travis) and I came across this torn piece of paper with a blog written on it. I then remembered who’s it was- a Russian missionary who is our age (25ish) and as I read her blog…I became excited and impatient for Poland. She talked about living in a shame based culture,eating pickle soup and experiencing harsh winters. All of these made me smile as pictures of southern Poland came back.
I did not feel comfortable visiting the first time I went. But it got better the next time. And the next time. And the next time. Now, where I’m at…I am so hungry for Polish people, (lol, that sounds funny) that I’m go to Polish Catholic church on Saturdays. Ok, no I’m not Catholic but does that mean I can’t hang with them? I enjoy the tradition (even though some is a bit off) and I enjoy who they are. I admire the tough spirit they have and the dedication they have for themselves.
Getting back to this blog I found. She is named Jenni and is from Portland. I met her at a cafe when we were at a missions meeting. Since we were both passionate for Eastern Europe we had a lot to talk about. Her blog is wonderful and has many pictures of orphan kids, who she teaches english to. I linked to her at the bottom right hand side of my blog. Enjoy!


I am thankful to write that I can see a change in my outlook when being around people. I can see a change in how I look at them. For instance, a woman was running in the pouring rain today with designer shoes (elf shoes) and a light jacket which was stylish but very impractical for the weather. I looked at her and smiled thinking how fun those shoes looked and I wondered where she was going and who she was. It’s hard to describe, but I generally liked her and wanted to know her story. Then later, an elderly man got out of his Subaru WRX and ran with a stack of papers into Café D (which was where I was) and I smiled again wondering about who he was and if he knew Jesus. This sounds cliché even writing this, but it’s true. I liked him the moment I saw him. And as I realized my thought process; I looked at the rest of the people in the café and observed that I like everyone in the café. Weird.

I loved it! And I know that I might not always feel like I see with God’s eyes.
But right now, I will roll myself up in this moment and feel the peace that is brought by it. I pray this morning is a crack in my dam of judgment and pride. And I also pray that the dam would be blown away with love for others.
That in the future I am able to see with Gods eyes, but most importantly…I am able to live with God’s heart.

Thoughts from Jesus to me

This is the second time I’m writing this…stupid computer for shutting off whenever you want.
Some things Jesus is showing me are these:

Jesus had such expectations put on him growing up. More than a typical first-born child. Why? Because Mary was told of how privileged he was before he was born. And they lived in such a way that I believe these expectations were expressed in a sometimes forceful way. Take the water to wine instance. Jesus told his mother that it was not the right time, but she still told the servants to follow whatever instruction he gave them. And he did it and everything went well, however this example shows me something I had not realized before. Jesus dealt with the same paternal pressure and expectations as I did. He loved his mother very much; however, I wonder what kind of high standards he had to live up to. Just a thought…

Secondly, I walk home from work. On a normal day it will take me an hour. I know Jesus walked everywhere, but I hadn’t realized that as Jesus walked…he had the knowledge of cars, trains and planes. This might seem elementary to some, but this was huge to me. He didn’t complain about having to walk in sandals, even though he knew about Nike. Jesus knew all of our technological advancements and knew how fast our cars would go. Nonetheless, he was chosen to come to earth during that time. Curious. I wonder that if he would have come now, he might have had more publicity, huh, probably.
It would be so hard for me to know about cars and still be forced to walk everywhere. And see everyone else who know not of trains and planes. I don’t know. This just simply told me of how disciplined Jesus was.
I know I complain more than I need to, and now I have a practical example.


People are important. I’m really learning this, because it is hard for me to stay in the mindset of always caring for people. I am selfish and sometimes really just…not nice. This is the real me sometimes. However, I am really stunned at how patient God is with me and how He is slowly showing me how much He loves others. And the amazing thing is that I am starting to love people more too! This is amazing! So often I would pray for His heart. I want to love others like He loved them. The sacrificial love, I desire that. And slowly I am turning from my selfish ways and I am thanking God everyday.

Thank you God for loving me enough to stick with a selfish not nice person. I thank you Jesus for your example with how to show God’s love to others. Please mold my heart into the shape of yours. Amen.

‘How are you doing?’

Hello all. I have some extra time and i think i shall take advantage of it. Weird. I have this extra time and it feels weird. I wonder why the ‘go, go, go’ mode is so comfortable. I think I can compare it with this:
remember being a child and you wold spin around and around? Faster and faster and faster?! Then you stop because you fall over but your head is still spinning. And the only thing you know that would feel better would be to start spinning again. Remember that? I think that is the perfect analogy. I am taking time, now, to slow down and get used to the speed that’s better for my life.
My jobs are going well. I had a hard time with one, which will remain nameless, and praise God it’s getting better! Through this tough time at the job, I am learning integrity, but really: I am learning how to work without a performance mentality. It’s hard! Yet, I’m doing well.
The walking this is still hard on me. I need to drop it, but it’s so hard int he rainy season. I ask for rides but I do not want to depend on others for rides (codependency). So this is how I’m doing. So if I see you readers out and about, then you do not need to ask that question. It’s kinda a weird question anyways. Ciao!