So I’ve been reading this book called, ” TrueFaced” and it’s rocking my world. Early in the morning this past Friday I wrote my gifts down-in case I freaked out and became insecure in what God put in me. Later that day, I got this book from Kerstin and it’s all about putting on masks and finding out who you truly are. So I’m so glad I had written who I am and who God made me to be down earlier that morning because I would have freaked out for sure and second guess my gifts and who I am.
This book, though is a MUST read for everyone who is breathing. It challenges you and makes you reevaluate your motives behind your actions. Through this book, I have found that I have a mask that matches my clothes. If I am to go to work, I put my ‘professional’ mask on along with my slacks. Or if I want to been seen, then I put on my confident mask. CRAP! Man, I was amazed because I didn’t even know I was doing this. I am thankful however, to come to this realization and am now striving to be me when getting ready in the morning and also throughout the day.


I am stressed. Today is a very busy day for me and I made a point to get up in the morning and do some prep work before we leave to work. However I woke up at 6:50am- 20 minutes late! So i rushed to get ready, keeping in thought that I work at both my jobs today. And then I went to make our lunches – Travis made breakfast! How sweet!- and then Chloe was freaking out because she wanted me to hold her up to the fish tank to drink. Then I couldn’t find my backpack to put my laptop into. Stress. Then I remember we’re having people over to dinner. This means also that I then need to do some necessary prep work. (frozen chicken is not fun to eat-thawing is good.) Asa result, I was driving with Travis to Cafe D and felt the beginning of a headache. That is a big thing because I usually get sick from them and throw up- I don’t have time for that today.
Anyways, I’m at the cafe for another hour before I walk to work. What a good time to breath slowly and understand everything will be fine. I have realized that if I stop worrying then the world still keeps on turning! This was a break through about a year ago. (go Alexis!)
I will do quiet time and relax.
It is possible.
Stress is lame.
I can do this.
Let the stress go.
I once heard that women have a harder time with stress and they are more likely to become physically ill because of stress. What’s up with that?! Do you have problems with stress?

This is going to be a longer post…
Below is what God has been chit chatting to me about:

I have been blessed by the young adults group for the past few weeks. Every time I go, I receive something that is new and convicting. (and I love being convicted) A man spoke about having this next year be the best of your life. There were tons of scripture references (yeah!) and many tangents ( too bad) but through this message my eyes were opened to a new world. Now I know people say that kind of statement a lot, but seriously… you don’t know how impactful that is to you until you experience it for yourself.
During the message, a theme he would often bring up over and over is the power of your words. Now even if you are a Christian or not, you know that’s true. How many times has someone said something that hurts you so deeply…however, I was about to learn a whole new a AMAZING depth to that phrase. He held up a small thin blue book and began to explain that scientists wanted to ‘test’ that belief and so they froze water in bottles with words wrapped around them. Such words were, ‘you fool’, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘Love and gratitude’ and so on. After they were completely frozen, they took out the water and examined the crystals. Do you know what they found? Each crystal was different depending on which word was wrapped around it. For example, the word ‘Love and Gratitude’ was, by the scientists, the most beautiful crystal ever. This crystal is completely different than water left alone-frozen lakes, etc. The words, ‘You fool’ looked like a smashed windshield. There were no beautiful shapes or patterns. It looked like someone seriously took a baseball bat to a car window. Isn’t that amazing? Well, the scientists took it another step…they only spoke to the water different words. And do you know what happened? EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE WRITTEN WORDS! I couldn’t believe it, then they spoke the same word in different languages. For example, the ‘thank you’ crystals in English look different than the crystals formed by ‘Thank You’ in German. And then Japanese, Korean, French- they’re all different crystals for the same word! Isn’t that amazing! If I have that much power without Jesus, just imagine how powerful I am with Jesus in me. I really can say to the mountain- move!
With this knowledge also brings new responsibility. And this part is the convicting part. I know I have too much attitude and need to be more patient and loving. This is my prayer this day, week, and so on…
I want to be the kind of person whom everyone knows good things come out of. Please control my tongue when I am in a hurry and someone slow is in front of me. Please let me give life to others, by the use of my words. Thank you for showing me this power you have given us. It is so amazing! No other creation has this gift, and I pray we all use it for your glory.

This is a crystal which had the words ‘Love and Thankfulness’ spoken to it in German .

This is a crystal which has the word, ‘Love’ spoken to it in English.

This is a crystal which had the word, ‘Devil’ written on it in Japanese.This is a crystal which has the words, ‘Thank You’ spoken in English.

This is a crystal which has the word, “Wisdom” spoken to it in Japanese.

This is a crystal which had no words spoken or written to it- left totally alone.

all the images are from this site

Country’s Traditions

I can remember times this past summer, where we simply wanted to be ‘home’ (wherever that is). And as frustrating as that was…WE WANT TO TRAVEL SO BADLY! You know that itch or desire to see and taste a new culture? We have that to our core- the next ‘exotic’ place we want to explore is Japan, although I have no idea when we’ll get an oppertunity to do that. We are happy and content revisiting and seeing new friends in Europe (we’ll soon be living there). There is just something about finding the wierd silly words or traditions a country has. And you might go up to someone and ask why they do that habit, and I bet you 8 out of 10 times they won’t know-‘it’s our tradition’.

For example: Why is it SO important to Americans (and I know I am one) that their water be ice cold? Where did we get that? Where else in the world is that a thing to be complaining about?! I can remember going to summer camps in europe, and I was around some americans when they found out their water will not be freezing cold. My gosh, such complaining I heard. I got embaressed and frustrated, and told them to be respectful of the country they were in- I mean come on people, your not in America!

It is actualy scientificly researched and shown how luke-warm water is better absorbed into your blood stream and that the temperature of ice cold water has a stunning affect to the body. That is why you can feel it go down your throat – your body is not made for anything that extreme! Where did we get that culture mandate? I have no idea…but when in America, expect ice cold water. In the same way, when in Europe-expect differences!

…I can’t stand it when Americans in Europe complain about how much better everything is in the USA- then people: I think you should stay in the US- FOREVER and never leave. Please.

Random Post

Can I tell you how hard it is to get back into the rutine of working?! Sure, I asked for a job and wanted to get out of the house…it’s just so hard to get out of bed SO early. Today I am working only 6 hours, but I am dreading it too, horrible. I am a weenie in this department, however I pray that as I increase my hours of work my energy and motivation level will increase.
On another note, Travis and I are babysitting for some friends of ours- the Hopkins. Two little girls will be fun, but I think it will be nice to pretend and then give them back. 🙂 It will be interesting seeing how Travis is with the girls when it’s just the two of us, and they’re both screaming. He’s been wonderful everytime…so i’m not expecting any disasters.

Archery lessons…

Details on the new Job

Ok, so my new job…
I went to a local cafe and meet with some people I already know, the Leitners, and we talked about me working for their construction company. I would be all details( woohoo!) and I would eventually be working about 40 hours and be working 20 hrs for the company and then 20hrs more for an intern program which will be started.
I am SO excited to be working for them because this goes with our desire to start an intern program in Poland and start a small company which will provide for the program. PERFECT! This is exactly what this man has in mind-but for Portland. We will be moving, in March, to East side Church and work in a space which will be leased to us. The whole group of employees meet every Wednesday and pray for half an hour and encourage each other. It is too good to be true. 🙂 The only down side is that Travis and I have only one car. So we are going to have to share…and it could get tough at times. I am excited but nervous as well, which I think is normal and healthy. We’ll see how good it all turns out this coming Wednesday at 7:30 am…

Another Job!

Don’t have much time to talk, but wanted to give an announcement:


will give more details later-

Dreams for 07′

What is your dream? Do you have more than one? I hope so, I believe dreams are God given desires in which people strive towards achieving. Some might be silly sounding, while others could be tremendously close to your heart. I believe it is important to recognize these dreams, write them down and look for one or two that you could fulfill this year. At the beginning of a new year, many try to have resolutions and new beginnings…but why not begin something that is being birthed in your heart right now?
I cannot stand people/teachers/parents who lecture about such things, then never do what they say. So, to follow and do what I teach here is a list of dreams I want to do before I die.

1. Author a children’s book.
2. Dance in the snow.
3. Have a Jewelry Business
4. Maintain my black belt in martial arts
5. Speak all throughout Europe
6. Splash in more puddles
7. Take dancing lessons w/ hubby
8. Start archery lessons
9. Learn to play the piano
10. To love people more

These are mine. Well, a few actually-I’m quite a dreamer. What is on your list? I think that this year, 07′, I will work towards dancing in the snow (with my husband) and get into archery. Nothing too daunting, but once I have fulfilled a dream- I will have a party! Why not celebrate a dream being fulfilled?!
So I challenge you to go to a local cafe-maybe Starbucks- and sit with a little notebook and write down all those dreams which were placed down deep inside of you. It is actually fun, and then decide which you will fulfill this year. Some might be life long goals (like me wanting to love people more). The point though is to have fun and see what God put in you. Once you have found that-share it with the world!


Women. I had two women come over today to hang out and chit-chat. That’s not too abnormal unless you know the two women who came. The first was Christina, a young 20 yr old who recently got married. The other, Linda, is a 45 yr old woman who has three kids and runs a business- then there was me, a 25 newly wed. I was excited and nervous because of the different dynamics that we each brought to the table. However, as time past (2 1/2 hrs) , I was struck at how much Linda has to give. She talked about how when she was in her twenties, she was apart of a small bible study group which included older women. One important point she made was how not one of the women talked badly/gossiped of her husband. I love that! It says in Titus that we, as women, are to respect our husbands and never get drunk for then we shame the gospel. And as we talked, I realized that all the gossip I hear so often from wives is actually shaming the message of Christ. HOW HORRIBLE!
If I ever seem to waver and start to drift into the category of gossiping…about anything, then I pray that you correct me. I want to learn this the first time because I sure don’t want to trash someone behind their back and then try to learn the lesson again, is that really learning?

So, as she talked more of the wisdom they had imparted to her, I felt a twinge of wanting.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we, today, were able to sit and talk with older women or men and tell them of our struggles and they in turn would encourage our spirit and impart wisdom into our situation?! Yet we, young people, would also give. We teach and encourage where they are doubing and unsure. I don’t believe it is wishful thinking-but a possibility! This is something I feel so strongly about that I want a group of women to come to my house one day a week in the morning and just talk. But there is one pre-curs er: We must communicate the spiritual lessons/truths God is teaching us.
I don’t want this group to be a shallow talking group of women that only swap recipes cards. How lame would that be. I want to learn new things through other women, I want to see what God is doing in others lives. I want to pray for those and create a safe/connection group that helps each see the wonders of Christ.
…please God, let this happen.