I so have to rant and rave about a little thing most LOST addicts have forgotten. What ever happend to the french woman?! She is the key-mark my words. Remember when the survivors were talking about the ‘monster’? And she said it was just security? ok:
A. this security thing kills people.
B. now, they are threatend it’s after all the survivors
C. obviously the french woman knows more than what she’s telling.

conclusion: to save their lives they should track her down again and make her tell them about the security smoke monster. WHY IS NOBODY SAYING THIS? She is the key- I know it.

New Beginnings

I love the rain. Granted it’s freezing outside and the inside of my house feels like it’s 30F, but seriously-I love the rain. I think it came from my dad. I can remember him giving me a children’s book about the fog and how one could travel to the past through its murky layers. (Fog Magic, a great book I recomend) He later showed me how the rain has a romantic side to it. The same way Russia is romantic to some… with its freezing temperatures, bright red beet soup and frowning fur capped people.
I think so many people have a depressed look on rain. Yet, I think it could be viewed from a completly different perspective. A lot of the time I see rain as a washing. So many times a day I have a bad attitude, speak harshly with my husband and overal am selfish. I view rain showers as a time where I get a clean slate. Another chance to start anew. I need reminding of this as well and so am writing to myself as to you, the reader. Thus I challenge both you and I to look at the streets with puddles and drizzle coming down from grey clouds and smile at the thoughts of new starts and clean beginnings.

Walls that don’t allow me to relate

I have been going through a hard time. You know when God tells you a promise or tells you something about who you are, and then the next day something happens to where you totally question if God was right? Well, recently I have been having thoughts that tell me I’m not good with socializing- women in particular. Now I like girl friends, the kind where you could chitchat and be silly. Yet recently I have been having a hard time with groups- like I’m a non-social women hating person. But I know that’s not who I am. God told me last year that I have a ministry talking to women about ‘womanly issues’. Yet now I’m feeling like I have a wall in front of me that doesn’t allow me to relate to them. IT IS SO FRUSTRATING! Especially at my small bible study group…

God, please let me see that the wall in front of me is only smoke. Please give me the courage to get out of my bubble and talk to someone across the room. I know what you called me to and in your name, Jesus; I silence any voice in my head that twists the truth you have planted in my heart. I love you and want, truly, to make ripples in Your kingdom.


A. W. Tozer

I’m reading a book called “The Knowledge of the Holy” and it’s really stretching me. The first chapter is so packed full that it took me 30 min to read 6 pages. The first chapter is all about how you need to have one question answered, as a Christian, it is : What comes to your mind when you think about God? This was a simple question for me at first, but the longer I read the more I understood that the answers I had for that question came from my head- not the deep crevasses of my heart. Tozer explains it this way, “Our idea of God may lie buried under the rubbish of conventional religious notions and may require an intelligent and vigorous search before it is finally unearthed and exposed for what it is.”

What comes to your mind when you think about God?

I didn’t get the job

I didn’t get the job I interviewed for- and I’m so happy! I know this may sound crazy, but after the interview I really realized it was something I didn’t want. And during the past few days, I would tell Travis , “I hope I don’t get the job.” And I didn’t get it! I’m excited. I am also looking into a job working at an elementary school. It might be an after school job tutoring or possibly being an Educational Assistant. Who knows. But one thing is for sure…I can breath better knowing I do not have to turn down a job.

Jobs and Homes

I just got off the phone with a woman at our church who has an interview for me. I’m nervous because I want whatever job I take to be the ‘right one’. I know that if I am to work, then God has an amazing job for me. I just pray I see this opening for what it is and act upon that, instead of jumping at whatever job is waved in my face. On a lighter and more exciting point- Travis and I are moved in! Our house is a mess of boxes and loads of crap, but it’s all ours and FINALY all under one roof. So now, my job as the wife is to put things in their place. Fun, fun, fun. Truly, what woman doesn’t like doing that kind of thing?!

A&B Jewelry

WE DID IT! It is official, Brittany and I finally got our business cards. It took forever because there was a problem with how it was formated, but my husband is a computer genius so he fixed it. What do you think of them?


I was just re-editing late blog entries and felt the tugg on my heart strings as I read. Smiling, I thought I would simply write a small entry to say hi and show you a picture I like. Simple as that.

Dreams of Jewelry

Ok, now I have time. I have found a willing neighbor who allows me to use their connection, how nice. So, as I said before, we got a job and a house. Everything is really great. I want to talk about a passion I have though-Jewelry. I know what all the guys are thinking, and no I am not a the kind of girl who would spend $20 on earrings. But I would sell them for that much, you see I make jewelry. I know it’s something God has given me the ability to do, so I want to run with it and see how far I can go. I have been looking into convention centers, private selling, and ebay. I have realized I am at the same level as the ebay sellers and am excited to see people liking my creations and wanting them. Money is really a secondary or even ‘thirdary’ perk. The fact that other people like what you created is SO affirming.
I you would like to buy any jewelry from me or my other partner conact me through this blog. We are a small company called: A&B Jewelry.

We got a House!

A super quick update for now- we are officially living in Gresham! Travis has a good job and WE GOT A HOUSE! It was completely unbelievable but with God… all things are possible. The bad thing about this is that we don’t have internet at our house. So we have to go the local café and use their internet, we will be hopefully getting internet soon though. I think I would explode otherwise! Have a great and blessed day!