We are officially moving! As I said earlier, Travis got two offers. He decided on one and we are moving this weekend- he starts this Monday! His job is working for a consulting company who contracts out to smaller companies. I am also excited because we might have a place to call home too! We have to look at the townhouse but it looks promising. I just finished packing -everything- and we are leaving in the morning. Ah! I’m so excited, Travis and I have a hard time thinking about this week because our heads are already into next week.
Thank you to all who prayed for us. I’m sure God heard our prayers- if there is anything you would like me to pray for, just comment! I would love to pray for you!

two offers!

He got two offers! I can’t talk now but will get a chance to blog more later. Man, God is good. Thank you again for all your prayers!

Job Offered!

Great news! Travis was offered a job and is currently at another interview. Keep praying for us because we want to choose the job God has prepared for us- not the one that pays the most. But the good news for me is this: If Travis does choose this job then I do not have to work many hours and I will be able to focus on making/selling my jewelry. Yeah! Well, I’ll comment later when Travis is back from his second interview. Thank you again for your prayers.


Hello all, I have wonderful news: Travis has two, possibly three intrviews! He has one today, another Friday and possibly one next week. Isn’t it funny how things just pop up out of the blue?! Thank you to all who are praying for us and the whole living situation. Right now I am wonderful. I am in Gresham, OR and sipping a spiced chi latte in a popular café. Some might wonder why we want to leave beautiful Seattle for an organic Portland, well I’ll tell you. Just getting out of our car, on our way to this café, we were stopped by cars honking and people waving at us saying hello.
We love the people here, everyone is so wonderful. My dad asks every year on my birthday what I have learned in my __ years. This is what I have learned: Eventually, it doesn’t matter where you live- it’s all about the people you chose to be around.


It is amazing, the magical and mystical power each letter has to transport you into another world-another story in which you are able to invade. The ability to read is on par with the ability to transfer yourself back in time to when horses were the means of transportation and outhouses were deemed ordinary. For decades, people have made movies about time machines. Even books were published about creating a copper machine, which allows you to bend time. Yet we have had the ability to reach into another realm since the dawn of creation! Books. They take you anywhere you want to be- and visa is not the currency by which you live on. You are actually transported into the authors mind-their imagination and you hold on for dear life as you go up and down on emotional roller coasters as characters grow, mature…anything.
How exciting therefore to enter a library, to see many possible streets each leading to another world to taste the cultures delicacies. To enter Egypt during King Ramses and see the empire through a slaves eyes, or enter the great depths with explorer Jacque Custo and discover new and dangerous mammals living in the black deep.
For the expert reader will find with each turn of the page, a part of themselves is left in the story. The enchantments of words are to be, themselves, a mystery. Yet it is my belief, it is the enchantments themselves to which we are drawn to.

Escaping Through Imagination

In earlier posts, I have written about how I love to write. I have also posted about how frustrating it is to be living with my in-laws. I have found an outlet to escape the emotional rollercoaster I take myself on daily- writing. I can easily ride to another world where I have no roadblocks in front of me. Where I am a young girl exploring a magical forest filled with fairies and trees with purple blossoms or I can be writing of a young woman held in an abusive cycle who escapes to a women’s shelter and finds refuge. I find it wonderful that God would give us the gift of imagination. I love it! Why not pour your whole self into the gifts He gave us.

No Jobs in Sight

Ever feel like you are running for a goal and once you’ve achieved it, a new one is made for you? That is exactly how I am feeling at the moment. Travis and I are finally married(as of July 9th) and as hard as it was we did it. Yet now we are being cornered into living with…his parents. Horrible! Neither one of us like it and are either highly depressed or highly irritable. At the moment Travis has a job but looking for one in Portland. With his experience and qualifications it should be quite easy, but it’s not! We have been made to live with his parents since the beginning of September! So now we face this new and terrifing time where we have to be ok with part of it- or else we will go crazy.
So if you know of any IT computer jobs in Portland, please let me know…we will both really appreciate it.

A New Polish Renaissance

What do you think of when I say Poland? Most people see black/white and think of people who do not smile. Well, I am happy to say that the Polish people are happy, energetic and colorful people. My last trip to Krakow was a wonderful experience-flower boxes out of windows, apartment buildings painted bright orange and yellow and also coffee shops popping all around town. I would like to invite you to taste the flavors of Poland and really see who the Polish see themselves to be. No longer pressed by the soviets, they are finally breaking out of their shell and blossoming into beautiful people. A new Polish Renaissance…