Laptop Blues

I just wrote a wonderful posting. Truly awesome. Yet when I decided to reread it and edit what mistakes I know I wrote…this lovely laptop of mine decided to erase it. DON’T YOU HATE THAT! I am very frustrated and will have to wait until tomorrow and I can write something that is not full to the brim with emotion. And don’t get me wrong- emotion is ok… if sprinkled lightly onto your writing plate. Yet I am wanting to douse mine with salt and pepper. Ok, enough of the weird analogies, until my next posting.

Dreams of being a writer

Horrible. I cannot believe it has been MONTHS since my last posting. If I were not to talk to my dad in months he would probaly ask me something like, “What have you learned in these past months you were away?” I love those questions and I love my dad. Chewing on this question, I believe I am amazed to have learned many things. However I think if I were to write them all, you would get tired of reading it and I would get tired writing it. So, I will say only what I have learned in the past week. It is this: dreams are not something you can make up or create. Dreams are birthed in you when you were conceived and could be deemed your destiny.
My dream has been, since elementary school, to be a writer. Now many people in my lifetime (which is all of 25 yrs) have scoffed and shook their heads at my dream. Yet I have learned the lessons of persistence and determination, and when my first children’s book is published and in the stores for sale, I will send them all free copies- autographed of course.