My appologies for not writing so often. I admit I am tired and frustrated. I am tired from the month and a half of traveling around the world. (as much fun as that sounds-believe me, it can get old) And frustrated because I am now stuck at my fathers house without any transportation for three weeks. I am afraid God heard me when I was complaining saying all I wanted was peace and quiet. well, I have it and I am board out of my mind.
I will be going back to school Sept 10th. I am looking forward to it and am excited about school. I know-that’s crazy. But that is my only sense of stabiblity. I also have to face a year so full of stuff I get a headache thinking about it.
student/leadership secretary/teacher/barista/girlfriend/the list goes on…
So, all in all I think I would ask you to pray for me concerning my quiet times. I know without a shadow that I will be dependant on those times this coming year, but I also know I need to start them now if I am to go into school with this pattern. So, I need to start this quiet time and so far all I have done is nod my head and say’oh, yeah that’s important.’
Thanks and I hope to write later saying my quiet time has become a daily habit.